Summer Begins

Summer Begins

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 21 – 27, 2023

Summer Begins

The Sun in Gemini shifts into Cancer Wednesday June 21 and summer 2023 begins. Poised at the Tropic of Cancer, the Sun rests for three days before moving southward, destined for the Tropic of Capricorn at Winter Solstice. Wednesday is the longest day of light for the year. From Summer Solstice onward, light in our northern hemisphere decreases, as light in the southern hemisphere increases. This is the paradox of light and dark on Earth. When the Sun enters Cancer, a seed thought and keynote is heard throughout the cosmos, “I the Soul build a lighted house within the personality, and therein dwell.”

The solstices and the equinoxes (at the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are the four most important spiritual festivals in the yearly cycle of light and dark. “Cardinal” signifies a new teaching, new energies initiated, new light, and new state of being. The cardinal signs point out specific spiritual energies of Light that are present, through which many layers of wisdom can unfold. By attuning to these energies of Light (which contain information) we develop subtle and refined perceptions. The energy of Cancer is a very sensitive energy that nourishes and nurtures the “little ones” (ourselves, all people and environments around us

There are two spiritual Gates in esoteric astrology. The Gate of Cancer (into matter) and the Gate of Capricorn (return to spirit). At Summer solstice Sun is at the Cancer “Gate”. Summer is Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, a play about the devas (nature spirits, builders) completing their building work in the plant kingdom. A marriage festival takes place – sky marries earth. A flash of light occurs in the head at the actual moment of Summer Solstice. New revelations then begin to flood the mind and new tasks are given to disciples. This is the Immaculate Conception for Initiates. A new year of new and full moon festivals commences and we begin to prepare for autumn and the Winter Solstice.

ARIES: You will now feel there is more than enough inner strength and energy to meet all the expectations and demands of work and the demand of the world. These are both self-imposed and from others. You will work ‘til each task is completed (unusual for you). You will work with calmness, tending to detail, order and organization. These you will demand from others as well. Careful. They don’t have your same chart. Be their mentor.

TAURUS: It’s time to come home now. This means from either far away or to simply spend the time where you live to bring in order and organization. It’s been a long long time (years?) since you’ve been able to assess needs in your personal life. Since you’re been focused outwardly, saving the world, things at home could be quite in need. Is your home safe from fires? Do you need help eliminating what is no longer needed? A new life will soon appear. Seeking assistance is practical.

GEMINI: Consider yourself seriously for a while. Allow yourself to think of all the things you need in all aspects of your life, from small to large. Consider the state of your home and family, your relationships and money, your communication and sense of well-being. Are all these as they should be, do you bring to them comfort, calmness and ease? Practice this life assessment quietly over time. Allow anger to be acknowledged should it appear. Then call forth harmony.

CANCER: It is good for you to assess the truth, which can be gleaned from feelings and senses. Once we recognize these, it is best to share with others our thoughts, ideas and feelings concerning everything and everyone. We always speak with Goodwill. When we speak the truth about something, fresh air is able to come into every relationship. When speaking the truth, be neutral, ask questions, be kind and courteous. Truth sets everyone free. Freedom is golden.

LEO: You are being very reliable, responsible, sensible and mature. You are taking your creative endeavors seriously and applying them to daily life situations. That is good. However, I sense you would like to be doing something else in your life that allows you to be out and about in the wild, that serves the animal (or bird or fish) kingdom, offering food, shelter, medicine and comfort. You want to be elsewhere. Over time we are always where we are most needed. The “call” prepares us.

VIRGO: You have a new energy surrounding you, you’re active, and a new sense of self confidence is growing. It becomes you, makes you happy and enthusiastic (filled with God), and busy. There’s no time for relaxation. When you’re not working all hours, you’re assessing resources, and finances. Remember there is no lack. In terms of daily life, a famous teacher said “don’t worry, be happy.” The “happy” brings the resources even closer to you.

LIBRA: A spiritual essence begins to enter your daily life. This is good. It will alleviate any sort of criticisms and judgments you may be carrying since childhood. Know these limit you. Those judgments permeate your present life and although you may think you’re happy, if judgments about others persist, they are eventually projected upon all those around you. Even the best of relationships can’t withstand them. There is such a thing as forgiveness. It releases us in the same way truth does. Forgiveness heals.

SCORPIO: What revelations are occurring? Perhaps a revolution is beginning in your everyday life? What expansion is also simultaneously occurring? What new direction is sought after, taken along with a new sense of self-identity, focus and activities? Everything’s changing for you. It’s not just your perception. A door appears. Things you’ve waited for will eventually appear. Now all you have to do is begin to organize it all without feeling overtaken, overwhelmed and dissolved. Remain poised.

SAGITTARIUS: Remember to do your work and your job with composure, inner poise, exhibiting no pressure toward self or others. You are being watched (scrutinized) as to your ability to create Goodwill and Right Relations, balancing leadership with friendship, keeping the two separate yet connected, with finesse, elegance, grace and skill. This is quite a task! You most likely already display all of this successfully. Now more is called for.

CAPRICORN: Many days, weeks and months of work reach a summit. If you look since July of last year, something occurred out of the ordinary and a new pathway in life began. You entered into a great level of service. You are being seen by others as one who is responsible and stable, one to be relied upon. Be sure to tend and care for yourself. In between, there are perhaps thoughts concerning travel, going far away, experiencing new cultures, foods, people. Yes, go, when you can. There’s a place for you both here and there.

AQUARIUS: Tend to money carefully. Do not let others be in charge of your resources. Always know of any transactions. Put money away for future needs. Always do this second, when money comes in. Tithe, first, to those in need. This assures you a constant supply in terms of your life needs. When we give, so much more is returned to us. Humanity is yet to learn this law…that the new materialism is the sharing society. You are to be leading humanity in this endeavor.

PISCES: You shift between pain and sorrow, safety and insecurity, comfort and discomfort with no ease in between. It’s a difficult time of unrest and unease. Everything can be felt as extremes. While seeking the way in between, all you find is a “razor’s edge. A difficult and dangerous place to be. You are at a crossroads which will continue. Decisions may need to be made. You need sensitive handling. Tend to yourself, your money and resources with great care. Talk with family. Or perhaps to your Soul.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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