Aquarius – Cleansing the Land with the Waters of Life

<em><strong>Aquarius – Cleansing the Land with the Waters of Life</strong></em>

Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 25 – 31, 2023

Aquarius – Cleansing the Land with the Waters of Life

We are in the light of Aquarius now. The eleventh sign, the sign of humanity. Aquarius is also the sign of the present/future – our hopes, wishes and dreams. On the fixed cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – fixed air) of the Soul, Aquarius is the man holding a water pot, pouring forth the “waters (electrical) of life for thirsty humanity”.

When Aquarius begins, the eleventh task is given to Hercules (who is humanity itself) as the eleventh Temple Gate opens. The task is to cleanse the land (Augean stables) that have become destroyed, tainted and spoiled by misuse and corruption. In other words, to “clear the swamp”. In the story (Labors of Hercules), Hercules is told by the Teacher to cleanse the land from death and destruction, for humanity is dying in that land.

And so, after reaching the unclean and devastated town and after much thought as to how to accomplish this task, a revelation occurred to Hercules. Alongside the town ran two rivers. Hercules set about diverting the direction of the rivers so their waters, flowing through the town, could cleanse and purifying the land.

This task of cleaning and purifying is now given to humanity. The task is to purify humanity’s emotional states so that the flow of energy to the intuition can be clear and unobstructed.

Aquarian energy (with its rulers Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter) is fast, revelatory, revolutionary energy that reshapes the world. All world events are being colored by the nature and qualities of Aquarius. Aquarius calls for freedom of the individual, for benevolence and for the Rule of Law. Aquarius breaks with conventions, seeks new solutions to old problems (social, economic, religious, political). Everything that restricts humanity’s moving forward and evolving is shaken up by Aquarius.

The color of Aquarius is violet blue. The symbol is the man carrying a water jar. Electrical waters that touch the minds of humanity. These “waters” are prana, life force. It is as if out of nothing, magic happens. We breathe in air, which we cannot see, and life continues. It’s as if life and all that is around us, all that is within us is magic. Kingdoms of magic & beauty!

ARIES: What is occurring in your home, with family and loved ones? Something from the past needs tending, a new structure perhaps, new disciplines. Accomplished with love, of course. How does your biological family influence your life now? Each of us, as we are born into our families, assumes the spiritual task of healing our family’s wounds (generations of them). This is a Soul contact. It is our love (the heart of sacrifice) that understands this.

TAURUS: You are the focus, the speaker, the leader, the one who “knows” what to do within the community/village you live within. You understand everyone, have patience with their vicissitudes, understand the different rays and thus behavior patterns & structures. You have the capacity to see the whole picture which contains the smaller. Your abilities bring the individuals together, help them identify as a group, and eventually form true community. Their minds are made ‘new.’

GEMINI: The impulse, the message, the Hierarchical impressions being placed on you to travel to a community (not anyone, a specific one) is becoming greater and greater. What is needed by you to follow this impress? Many of us are being “impressed” these days, by greater intelligences who, observing us, know what it is we need, know what others need, know who can fulfill those needs. You could perhaps consider that you are needed elsewhere. Ponder this. Do you have the book?

CANCER: You are participating in something with family, something personal? You continue to return to a place that either needs your expertise or you need its energy and light. Perhaps, and most likely, it’s both. You feel serious about a family situation, try to make plans that bring more discipline. The next six months you will consider the needed changes to be made. You will consider all things new, along with the meaning & purpose of your life. A new direction is taken.

LEO: Have you found your thoughts are more resolute, determined, serious, more concerned with rules & regulations? Are you feeling restricted by someone or a certain relationship? Do you feel the need to run away to far-off lands? Is someone or something waiting for you here, there, somewhere? Is work more and more serious and is a change, renovation, makeover needed there? Do you seek a sense of community which would fulfill relationship needs? Something new will happen soon. Friends seek you out. Accommodate them with love.

VIRGO: Take seriously the idea that you are of deep and meaningful value. Review how your money & resources are used. Is there enough to continue with your present/past lifestyle? If not, what needs to be changed, pulled back, revitalized, added to? And how can these be accomplished? Each day is filled with tasks. Each day changes, no matter how you plan. At the end of each day, review your day. From night to morning. Then you see that each day is good. No matter what occurs, the day is good.

LIBRA: Soon you will feel as if you’ve turned inward towards interior realities. This will last for several months, as you assess responsibilities, review your self-identity & self-image. Beliefs and foundations that have held you for so long are changing. Also, how you interact with others. Rest more, allow nature and the plants you grow to heal your restless mind. Be the artist you really are. Begin your garden; herbs, medicinals, flowers (edible) & vegetables. Include fruit trees. All of this will be your creativity. Create a garden journal. Make your kingdom colorful.

SCORPIO: It’s a good time, as the new era unfolds, to ask yourself Scorpio’s most potent questions. Always you seek the truth, delving deeply where only the courageous (or angels) go. Your truth creates your philosophy of life. As you search into yourself, realigning beliefs & values, consider hopes, wishes, dreams and goals. What are they? Sometimes, due to disappointments, we don’t consider hopes, wishes and dreams. However, they create our future. Here is a morning prayer/mantra for you…“Let reality govern my every thought. And truth be the master of my life.”

SAGITTARIUS: Is your mind internalized, filled with future ideas & possibilities? Is there a bit of recriminatory thinking, of things you failed to do in the recent past? Shafts of both darkness and light appear. Shadows too. Creativity is the most important element calling to you, presenting you with a new identity, initiating new thoughts in your mind. Creativity is what we are made of. Here is a line of poetry by John Donne reminding me of you. “I am cunningly made, a universe of elements.” As a teacher, you hold not only your own creativity but you influence other’s as well. This new year will be a surprise.

CAPRICORN: Called to serve the world, and responding to these calls, your sense of self and ability to communicate expands. Be aware that Mercury is in your sign at this time, slowly moving forward. Mercury in Capricorn can initiate the thought of being a writer. Mercury in Capricorn makes one feel responsible. Voices can sound harsh. Astrologers know it’s not harshness, but the sound of practicality. Most aren’t astrology-wise or practical (yet). I caution you. Don’t be self-critical. It’s destructive & separates you from life. Turn any criticism to praise for you are of great value. In a world now in great need, you are the Server who is called.

AQUARIUS: You are looking around the community, sensing, feeling, discovering the values & resources to see if they are useful for you in terms of your daily life & needs. There is a quiet transformation taking place within. You are asking deep questions, the answers of which will alter the patterns of daily life. There are special friends around that you trust and care for. They in turn care for you. You influence the lives of others. As friends offer their care and assistance, hearts grow stronger and a community is formed. Everyone shares and gives and then gives some more. You are the magnet and the heart. It all begins with you.

PISCES: A spiritual presence is making itself known to you, through your studies, teachings, interactions, wishes and dreams. Also in your acts of kindness & care, sacrifice & love. Often this occurs in the very early morning, just before dawn. It is good to share with others your spiritual tasks. Each day commit yourself to the Will to Good and the Will to Love. These summon in everyone around acts of Goodwill and Right Relations and all the kingdoms benefit. By living within this standard of values, your worth, authority, abilities, service, and your happiness increase. Life then follows in harmony and in beauty (the hidden path to God).

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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