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Male Call

Laundry tips for moving up the business ladder

Q. I just got my first out-of-college job and am hoping to move up the business ladder. I’ll be doing my own laundry and could use some help with that,

Risa's Astrology

Aquarius – Cleansing the Land with the Waters of Life

Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 25 – 31, 2023 Aquarius – Cleansing the Land with the Waters of Life We are in the light of Aquarius now. The

Cover Story

T2’s Morgan Hicks brings directing expertise to Tulsa Project Theatre

“Morgan understands comedy on a cellular level. She knows what works and what doesn’t and how to mine a script for all it’s worth. Beyond that, she knows how to


Short But Sweet – APT announces all-hit 2024 seasonShort But Sweet –

For Arkansas Public Theatre, Season 38 might be subtitled “Go Big Or Go Home.” For the second time in five years, the Victory Theatre is preparing to close down for


Fayetteville’s Erin ‘Dr. Shred’ Detherage takes show to Fort Smith

Erin Detherage has to stop and think when asked how many guitars she has. “I think 10.” She explains that “they all do something different! That’s always my excuse. I


Rogers Historical Museum exhibit a snapshot of photography’s past

“The desire to capture a moment in time has endured to the present. Ultimately, I think that photography has changed the way we look at the world.” That’s Rachel Smith’s

Family Friendly

Cody Walls brings talent from stage to Community School of the Arts

Cody Walls did not imagine himself a teacher. Although he is quick to credit his teachers for his success, he always saw himself on stage, not out front guiding the

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Jan. 26 (Thursday) Open Painting Sessions — With Jeanette Foreman, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Thursdays, Arts on Main in Van Buren. Free. Register at Drop In and Draw — 1-3


LIVE! Music: Ana Popovic, March to August, Brick Fields, Mug Lung and more

Ana Popovic, described as “one helluva guitar player” by Bruce Springsteen, is coming to Bentonville. She is touring in support of her upcoming album, “Power,” due for release on May