Water Rabbit – Hop Hop Hopping into the Chinese New Year

<em><strong>Water Rabbit – Hop Hop Hopping into the Chinese New Year</strong></em>

Water Rabbit – Hop Hop Hopping into the Chinese New Year

We have an astrologically auspicious week ahead, Mercury stations direct, Wednesday, January 18 (8 degrees Capricorn). Friday, January 20, the Sun enters the sign of humanity and the new era (Aquarius). The new moon in Aquarius (1.33 degrees) is Saturday. And Sunday, always occurring at the new moon of the new year, Chinese New Year begins. Venus joins Saturn (a restructuring of values, laws and monetary system) on Sunday. And Sunday evening, most importantly, Uranus (revelations, revolution, anchoring new rhythms on Earth, etc.) turns stationary direct. All that remained in the shadow world, comes into the light. It is a very promising week for humanity, our country and the truth. In the sky, till the 21st of April, when Mercury again retrogrades, we ae relatively free of retrogrades. Humanity charges forward.

Chinese New Year of 2023 is the Black Water Rabbit. Black signifies the water element. It is the feminine (yin) water (black) rabbit year. Yin signifying rain, cold water, ponds, rivers, streams, brooks (possibly overflowing). In Chinese astrology, there are twelve animals and five elements for each animal. That means there are five types of rabbits (or every animal) based on the element. The five elements (metal, water, wood, fire, earth) are given colors (white, black, green, red, and brown). A person’s (and year’s) characteristics are determined by the birth year’s animal and element.

Black Water rabbit years – 1903, 1963, 2023. Other elements/rabbit years – 1915 (my father), 1927, 1949, 1951, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2035. Einstein, 1879, was an earth rabbit.

Those born in rabbit years are vigilant, witty, quick-minded and ingenious. Rabbits are harmonious, gentle, quiet, elegant, and alert. They are also quick, skillful, kind, patient, and very responsible. Often reluctant to reveal thoughts and feeling to others, they are trustworthy and faithful to those around them. Female rabbits have pure hearts.

The last black water rabbit year was 1963, the year Kennedy was killed (60 years ago and I remember that day). This year (2023, also a black water rabbit year), we can understand the significance of Dylan’s words “Don’t worry, Mr. President…help’s on the way”. (in the song Murder Most Foul, 2020). What goes around, comes around in astrological timing.

ARIES: Below that risky and sometimes precarious behavior, there’s a very generous spirit within that emerges more and more in the coming year. It’s the spirit of comforting others, loving and nurturing them. This is different for you. You will sense the undercurrents of need in everyone and in the world. You will understand vulnerability more. You begin to heal others. You remember.

TAURUS: More and more ideas and information are impressed upon your mind. You find yourself for hours and hours studying and absorbing data needed for health and well-being of self and others. You store it away for future use; possibly consider attending homeopathic, naturopathic and herbal schools of healing. You reshape the information; you write and teach to those in need. You become the Messenger.

GEMINI: You are always Mercury, the swift-footed Hermes, the courier. There’s a sense of being expanded mentally with Jupiter now in Aries. Your senses, too, feel finally on solid ground, backed with the knowledge of the truth. Now you need natural settings (nature, the most balanced of kingdoms). You need more comfort than usual, things artistic, too, informing you that spirit is within matter…everywhere, always, all the time. Introduce yourself to the Devas.

CANCER: Many people admire your courage. Perhaps you don’t think you have any. But truly you do. After circling tentatively to see if it’s safe, you often quietly reach out to the edges of new experience. You are curious about all things new; yet seek all that’s traditional to surround all that’s new. Sometimes you’re a trailblazer. You don’t think so? Cancer is a cardinal sign and cardinal energy initiates new realities, bringing knowledge forth that changes life itself. You are more than you realize.

LEO: Some important questions. Do you know the definition of empathy? Do you sometimes feel compassion for others? Do you use your innate creative abilities in daily work? In the months to come you will feel a greater depth of faith. What is faith? Esoterically defined, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Many people have faith in you and in your leadership. Cultivate heart felt leadership.

VIRGO: You have an inner calling that focuses, instructs and directs your life. You know there are many paths to God. You respect them all. You never allow your beliefs to shine brighter than others’. Stepping out into unknown lands (realities, ideas, etc.) allows you to disengage from acceptable patterns into that which is new, exciting and innovative. That which is new is needed for the new culture and civilization. The new world gestates within you. You are to bring order and organization to humanity, along with the reality of the Soul.

LIBRA: You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You work hard, are wise, constant, practical and resourceful. You seem to be creating permanent structures in your life. What are your choices based upon? What principles? Do you know the definition of the word “principle”? Principles and Laws are important words for the new Aquarian era. It will have both useful tradition along with many alternatives. In all your realized successes, seek to be understanding above all.

SCORPIO: You will want to place yourself where you gain knowledge of deep spiritual concepts and philosophies. You will study step by step and then in an instant, leap into a new reality! In the meantime, it’s important to travel to places with new foods, languages, depths of color and many of the arts. Study mountain climbing, horses, religions, archeology, endurance sports. Begin a spiritual journey across mountains and countries. New states of possibility then appear.

SAGITTARIUS: You will begin to perceive more deeply into all things hidden, seeing the inner essence of life. This is a gift & must be used for the good, the beautiful and to cultivate deeper compassion. Realize you will need to handle, in the upcoming year, extreme energies, intense and forceful. Call upon wisdom to handle these forces. Do not misuse them. You seek mysteries, things sacred, mystical and occult. Your original faith returns. You understand it now. Extend help to others.

CAPRICORN: You seek all things stable and steady, moving toward restoring health, balancing life, friends, partnership, responsibilities. You weigh all options, poised within multiple realities. You create harmony and beauty, turning your gifts into ways that help others. You seek to right wrongs. You are an artist. Art is one of the paths of yoga. Do you know the original definition of yoga? And its many paths? You are “yoga” itself. And beauty is a hidden path to God.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to maintain daily, weekly, monthly routines and rhythms, so that you strengthen yourself and feel efficient, effective and productive. Rhythm becomes an important value and life standard. It stabilizes us. Aquarius is a friend to all of humanity, forgetting themselves, always looking at what humanity needs. Your heart always asks, “How can I help?” Aquarius offers deep insights into already accepted systems. However you add the more spiritual approach. You are a Server.

PISCES: You seek to understand the purpose of royalty, past and in the future. You recognize royalty’s responsibilities, the hope they must instill into humanity who looks to and relies on them. Royalty’s responsibility is to lead. You realize the need for Right Leadership, the cultivation of right knowledge and thought, having compassion and confidence. You also know how to renew one’s spirit, Through play, celebrations, interactions, dance, theater and the arts. These renew the spirit. You see many paths ahead. You choose the highest and brightest.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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