The Days Ahead, Mars & Mercury Direct, Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles

It’s several weeks since Christmas, almost a month since Winter Solstice, when the new light began. Each morning, we have increments of more and more light. The Sun is now on its way northward and right on schedule. Biblically and historically at this time Joseph, Mary and the child, following the instructions of the Angel, are on their way to Egypt in order to protect the holy child from Herod’s dictum of killing all male children. The Holy Family remains in Egypt for protection.

What is this time after Christmas season? For some, Christmas lasts till February 2, Candlemas day. The Bible says on that day the prophesied child was baptized & Mary entered into a purification (mikva) process after giving birth. So for some the Christmas tree is still in our homes & lit each evening. So now what is to come in the days ahead?

After Hanukkah, Christmas & the sign of Capricorn, we have Aquarius, Chinese New Year, Candlemas and Valentine’s day. Then Sun in Pisces, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Lent. Then Aries begins and the Three Spring Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini), including Wesak (preparations began with the NGWS and the Hierarchy at Winter Solstice). In the meantime we have retrograde planets (Mars & Mercury) beginning to move forward, the monthly new & full moon festivals, & all of life and livingness in between.

As the new year began, we had three retrograde planets – Mercury, Mars and Uranus. Until Mercury and Mars are direct, we can feel the new year hasn’t really begun. On January 12, Mars, retrograde in Gemini since October 30, turns direct. And on January 18, Mercury, retrograde since December 29, also turns direct. Mars is our energy and Mercury is our communication. Both have been internal for weeks and months. As Mars and Mercury move forward, we will have more energy, be more active, information comes out of the shadows. It has felt like a long drawn out weeks, months (actually several years) of obstacles, hindrances, impediments, barriers, and obstructions. We call upon the Lord Ganesh, God of the People, to eliminate all the barriers and hindrances. Ganesh is the wise god of new beginnings.

ARIES: Try and try again with all projects and endeavors. Keep trying. However, don’t expect everything to come to fruition until at least the end of January. Some things don’t manifest ‘til March and April. You can have many trial runs, planning and perfecting activities concerning health and well-being. Creativity will be inner focused and not outwardly seen. Recite mantrams, maintain kindness, optimism and a daily rhythm attuned to the Sun.

TAURUS: Everything will be about health. And about the correct foundations being stabilized. One must have patience too. This is an asset. All things may need redoing if at first the work is not completed with the needed harmony and balance. Think about spring now, building a greenhouse both large and small. Give yourself and others working with you more than ample time for rest and gratitude.

GEMINI: Life itself, everyday communication, the mail, correspondence, messages, even people – all could seem a bit confused and disorganized and this leads to misunderstanding until you remember the retrogrades (Mars, Mercury, direct soon). What you must do is small tasks, undemanding and repetitive things including repeating information over and over. You will find your way through these interesting obstructions. You’re clever, a wizard, a trickster, a shaman in disguise.

CANCER: As the retrogrades shift and turn to direct motion, consider the many different projects you would like to participate in, get to know, encounter. Don’t think of just one. Attempt also to not waste time, which is something that could be occurring. Follow up on every endeavor with interest, curiosity, care and your best effort. Monetarily make no changes but when the planets turn direct, do tithe to those in need.

LEO: Remember that the energies have been quite internal and they remain so for a while and so adjustments will have to be made in terms of how other people’s responses and communications are interpreted. Remember to greet everyone with kindness, care and patience. Careful with fire and sharp tools and injuries to your head, hands and face. Don’t push the river, any person or event. Plans come and go. Be the tortoise not the hare. Trim your hair.

VIRGO: Many Virgos have been in contemplation and maybe in retreat and solitude, delving into their subconscious, tending to their inner lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. A study of astrology is a good plan for the new year. When studying astrology one studies archetypes and symbols and this bring an entirely new and different understanding to religion, spirituality and one’s real place in the world.

LIBRA: As the retrogrades happened these past weeks, the world slowed way down and the holidays were different and there was disappointment that things were not as usual. Some felt sad and impatient. Now that the energy is shifting its time for new gatherings, parties and pastimes that dislodge the prevailing blues. Libras are the best implementers of get-togthers, creating abundance, pleasures, happiness and beauty all around for everyone to share.

SCORPIO: In learning about ourselves, especially with Jupiter now in Aries, it’s good to study the lives of those you look up to and admire, those you would mentor, and those whose success reflects your aspirations for success. What we admire is already within us. So recognition is key. Always consider serving others. This takes the focus away from competition, survival, losing or winning. This is a time (year) of redirecting your creative ideals.

SAGITTARIUS: Everyone is on the Path of Hercules, in one or more of the labors. It is possible you may discover the Path this year, devoting yourself to both its trials and triumphs. On the Path you will be called to have courage, wisdom and determination. Mars retro is the inner arrow in the bow of the Archer. Soon you will release that arrow, directing it toward the Capricorn mountaintop, the place of Initiation. Beforehand you will be tested greatly. Stay the course.

CAPRICORN: You have been service to others the past six months. It was unexpected and has taken much of your time. It has created an inner strength, hardiness and flexibility. You rose up phoenix-like meeting all the challenges. At the beginning of this new year, look to yourself. Renew, reawaken, revive, relight and rekindle your deeply held hopes wishes and desire. This will sustain you and set a new foundation for years to come.

AQUARIUS: Be grateful and generous with everyone especially with loved ones. Ask nothing in return. But do ask for what you need. Everyone wants to help but they need to know the needs in order to respond. Working together in close association creates strong bonds that assists everyone in rising above possible frustrations. Realize that success is linked to having goals, visualizations, compromise and bringing forth goodwill. You are a mentor to everyone.

PISCES: It is important, for your well-being, that you create and maintain a regular daily schedule. Tend to work early and do not change anything too quickly. Everything’s transforming itself, realigning to new inner and outer realities all over the world. Think of everything as an experiment, which it is. It’s stated in Ancient Wisdom texts that when one is in an Initiation they feel alone. However, know there are angels all around. Stay poised in this angelic atmosphere. Follow the movements of the stars, moon and Sun.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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