Virgo — Temple of Light, Temple of Day

Virgo — Temple of Light, Temple of Day

Under Virgo (Madonna, Divine Mother, Mother of the World) humanity is called to cultivate the virtues of cleanliness and purity. Purity of thought, words and action, Purity of foods and drink. Disciples are aware of this Virgo task, thus guarding their health daily with pure food and water. Virgo is the pregnant Madonna, holding and guarding within herself the holy child, the new reality for the new era, the Fifth (5th) Kingdom, that of the Soul of humanity (the First Initiation, called the Birth). Virgo calls humanity to this recognition. Virgo’s pure body guards & protects the holy child symbolic of the Light of the Soul.

Mercury is the personality-building ruler of Virgo. Mercury builds the Rainbow Bridge, the golden bridge from the personality to the Soul. Mercury is our thoughts, our thinking and ideas. It is also our communication. Virgo calls humanity to be pure in thought, word and actions. Thought is to be golden, filled with intentions for Goodwill. When we entertain golden thoughts we build a temple within our bodies. Golden thoughts of Divinity become Divine. When pondering divine ideas, the mind gains the touch of divinity. A divine mind then conducts the alchemy of change for the body. The body becomes an abode of the Divine & it becomes a temple. We become as Gods.

Unorganized clay, like an unorganized mind is not useful. An unorganized mind can fall prey to confusion, anger, cruelty and violence. The intentional activity of building light-filled thoughtforms with the mind is a constructive activity.

One must have an organized mind in order to build thoughtforms of Light. We can choose to have our personality (body, emotions, lower mind) become divine (or not). When thought is golden the mind transmits light. When light is transmitted, it is symbolically called the Day. Depending upon our thoughts we can build a temple of Light which then transmits divine love which becomes a service to humanity and the kingdoms. This is the task Virgo offers us. When we do not accomplish these tasks, there is no light, no day. We melt into darkness. The choice – light or dark. This is an invitation for some, a temptation for others. It is good to construct the Temple of Light. The Temple melts into the night. Then built into and called “the Day”. Om

ARIES: You become more dignified, more assured, cooperating more with research and investigation into the background of today’s world events. Desire for self-adulation shifts, becoming aspiration for others to be in the spotlight, so their gifts can also be seen and recognized. You will be more and more able to detect and diagnose situations and needs. A mystical and occult (they are different and both are needed) sense appears to pervade your thinking. You blend the two. You enter the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.

TAURUS: You become keen on, passionate and zealous for fairness and justice. You seek ways to communicate, compromise, conciliate and cooperate. You begin to speak the ways of Compassionate Communication (non-violent communication). You attempt to refine and harmonize all desires in order to balance all interactions and relationships. You seek out bold and forceful people. Sometimes you’re impetuous. You wear red more. You’re recognized as a leader.

GEMINI: Usually found reading, writing or talking, your energy now focuses on activities that organize, order and categorize efficiently, effectively and practically. You become logical (and the aspiration to be pure and healthy outweighs usual food desires. I heard the question the other day, “What is comforted by comfort foods?” A good question indeed. Cooking and cleaning energetically become an industrious affair. Careful of cuts, scrapes and burns. And mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and chiggers. Cedar oil works.

CANCER: You seek pleasure and entertainment, make room for children (and childish things), wonder where your childhood playthings went, remember what you left behind and perhaps weep a bit about their loss. Some Cancers speculate (gamble) strongly at this time and with an unusual intensity. The same for Cancer parents. They are known to ferociously protect their children and pets (greatly and especially needed now). There’s lots of drama (crying), playful energies, creative leadership. Happiness is a choice.

LEO: You consider what your true feelings are about and toward your family. They can be extreme or they can be conflicted and perhaps somewhat suppressed. You are very loyal to the family you have chosen, to friends especially. Notice if you are overworked and perhaps how overworked your environments are, too. Set about changing the atmosphere, milieu, all surroundings you find yourself in. You need a bit of liberation, while maintaining what’s traditional. Leos need architectural beauty.

VIRGO: Your mind is stimulated to such a degree that sometimes you feel dizziness, a slight headache or perhaps heart palpitations. At times you could also experience anxiety. Stand in the Sun’s light allowing its rays to penetrate into your shoulders and the back of your neck. The Sun’s radiant light enters the body and goes directly to the spleen, which then distributes that light to all parts of the body, uplifting and vitalizing. Allow no criticism, conflicts or arguments. They diminish the light.

LIBRA: You wake each morning trying to figure out how to gain wealth, success and material resources so you can achieve a certain important envisioned goal. Perhaps to build a home for mother, a compound for the family or a village and community for the “family called humanity.” You battle between using resources for self or for others. You have strong values and have worked passionately for them. You battle for and defend your morals, ethics, choices, principles and beliefs. But wait? Is someone being left out?

SCORPIO: Being a Scorpio, sign of discipleship and also of the underworld, you are always under the influence of Pluto and Mars. These planets belong to you. You are also always experiencing the Nine Tests. Every day you experience and recognize them. Mars and Pluto always testing your endurance, attitudes and beliefs make Scorpios feel like they are both dying and regenerating (internally) each moment of time. This experience allows you to speak free, uncompromised and uncomplicated straight talk. Important now.

SAGITTARIUS: As the days progress notice you becoming more aware, sympathetic, compassionate, receptive, affectionate and even more sensitive. The volume of your particular vibration is turned up. Anything not peaceful you turn away from. When deeply emotional, you study what sacrifice means. Sometimes you’re sorrowful and in grief. You consider reading and writing poetry. The dream world beckons. You walk through that door seeking to help others, unassuming and unrecognized. You become the Adept.

CAPRICORN: You assess the present day-realities in our world, our country, your town or village and how people are being stripped of their freedoms. You begin to consider what living in a sustainable organized intentional community would be like. You wonder where they are or perhaps you ask could you help create one? You know success is achieved through collective cooperative action now. The old ways are no longer working. You use the word, cooperative, at home because you know our first community is family. You teach the family cooperation first. You then turn outward and teach the world.

AQUARIUS: Notice yourself in the days and weeks to come – notice further developments of persistence, perseverance, steadiness, poise, stability and ambition. Along with great practicality and responsibility to carry out actions in a professional and business-like manner. You work hard, over time, to gain position and reputation. Achieving success through long hours, dedication, questioning and overcoming obstacles. All of these are sterling qualities to be recognized, applauded and exalted. Good job. Carry on.

PISCES: Your intelligence along with curiosity become stronger. You seek adventure, something pioneering, a way of life reflecting your principles and beliefs.Publishing, religions, spiritual pursuits, mountaintops, horses, meadows, hills and valleys all expand your consciousness and motivation. You seek resources to see your visions for humanity come true. Seeing the state of the world today, you are inspired to teach and uplift humankind, especially the children. In time that dream will manifest. Be careful never to be critical and/or self-righteous. Love more, instead.

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