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Risa's Astrology

Heliacal (before dawn & near the Sun) Rising of Sirius

In ancient Egypt the annual flooding of the Nile occurred as Sirius, the blue-white star left of Orion, became visible just before sunrise. A star seen rising before sunrise is

Advice Goddess

Liar Drill

I’m a guy, and a female friend asked me to objectively rate her looks on a scale of 1 to 10. She has a very high opinion of her looks,

Cover Story

‘More Than A Live Orchestra’: SoNA announces season filled with ‘renewed vigor’

The year of the pandemic might have been a blessing in disguise for the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas, says Music Director Paul Haas. “During this past season, we had to

In The News

Arkansas Public Theatre cancels final week of shows

Cast member tests positive for covid-19 Arkansas Public Theatre has canceled the last four performances of its summer repertory shows, “Inherit the Wind” and “Our Town.” A cast member was


Family, Music, Life: ‘American Mariachi’ balances dark and light

The rehearsal room for TheatreSquared’s latest show, “American Mariachi,” was crackling with talent a week before opening: Mariachi band members tuned up instruments, actors ran lines, and music and laughter


Stopping Time: Photographer shares ‘quiet’ images in T2 exhibit

Photographer Wesley Hitt calls himself an introvert. That’s OK — his work speaks plenty loud enough for him. Since he was 22 years old, the prolific Hitt has been making

Family Friendly

Thousands Of Children’s Books For Sale At Bentonville Library

Educators of all stripes and affiliations will want to shop the next Bentonville Friends of the Library book sale, says that organization’s membership co-chairman Marianne Losapio. The sale will feature

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Aug. 6 (Friday) Yards & Yards of Yard Sales — Aug. 6-7, all over Eureka Springs. Maps at Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, 44 Kingshighway. 253-8737. Bentonville Film Festival

Wisdom of Wicca

The Dark Goddesses: Evil can be in the eye of the storyteller

This week I am touching on the subject of misogyny in ancient mythology. Throughout centuries, in many different cultures, women were seen as lesser in comparison to men. That being

Male Call

Having a packing panic attack? Follow these steps

Q. I have recently begun to travel more for my job. Can you give me some packing tips to insure that my clothes will still look professional when I reach