Uranus – Awakening Humanity from Slumber

Uranus – Awakening Humanity from Slumber

Looking Up! In the night skies, look for Venus, a golden starry light along with bright Jupiter (beginning August 20th). Both are visible through December 31st. The sky is brilliant these summer nights, alive with stars, their different colors and hues intriguing.

Uranus in Taurus retrogrades this week (Thursday, August 19th), joining retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus guides humanity into the new Aquarian era of freedom, cooperation and community, under the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. Uranus retrograde kindles in humanity an inner revolution, new inventiveness in the cause for freedom and liberty.

Uranus is a liberating energy and when retrograde, can build internally until it explodes! Careful everyone! In Taurus, Uranus is potent, practical, with illuminating revelations occurring at the speed of light. The need for freedom is re-awakened (think 1960s which our present times reflect). Realizing what confines and hinders us, we begin to radicalize, rebelling against limits to our self-determination and independence.

Uranus awakens us from our deep slumber created by the glamour and thralldom of materiality (excessive). Uranus calls us to stand between revelation and revolution and tells us to be strong and courageous in our present struggle and crisis. We can do this, Uranus tells us.

At dawn on Sunday (August 22nd), the second full moon, the Sirius festival under Leo occurs. Sirius energy flows through Regulus, the heart of Leo. Sirius calls humanity to safeguard its freedom and maintain its liberty. Sirius is the Star of Freedom.

Sun enters Virgo Sunday afternoon. From creative self-identity (Leo), humanity moves into the sign of purification and daily life service (Virgo). The Virgin (matter) holds a secret. She (matter, mater) is pregnant with child (signifying the Soul of humanity), and preparing for birth at Winter Solstice. Everything under Virgo becomes a mystery. Everything becomes sacred, holy, healing and magical. For those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

ARIES: Things unconscious, hidden and habitual come to awareness in order to be recognized and released. All things private are reviewed, especially thoughts about religion, spirituality, helping others, how you feel when anonymous and behind the scenes instead of being front and center initiating world realities. Anything secret, already somewhat exposed, seeks to have more light shed upon it. Nothing’s private anymore. The past comes to light for review and evaluation. Everything needs shaken up. Future realities can appear.

TAURUS: Your circle of family, friends and like-minded groups that surround and love you, often learning from you, listening intently to your carefully researched facts and information. They begin to study and create plans for the future. They are, like you, devoted to creating all things new. Always before moving forward, a review of the past is necessary. It is important that past successes provide a firm foundation for the new era’s needs. Envision and discuss together the needs and requirements of the new Aquarian Age.

GEMINI: Deep and transformative changes occurring in our country and our world are now accelerating. Each of us must make a serious review of our lives, values, present needs, future needs, as well as identify what our choices and bottom lines are to keep ourselves safe. Note how you relate to authority and how, as an authority, you relate to others. More of your talents, how to identify and approach your work in the world with a dedicated and fully conscious sense of serving all need more self-discovery. When you appear, everyone feels liberated. Why would that be?

CANCER: Travels may have been planned for this year. However, with the present unknown situation, those plans may be cancelled. Knowing something unexpected may occur provides you with alternative planning, a sense of freedom, liberation from difficult feelings, beliefs, and an ongoing sense of limitation. You can think of alternatives. As we begin to think differently, everything around us changes. Tradition is cast to the winds as you begin to cherish and welcome the unconventional. It’s time to study something (unusual).

LEO: It’s a good idea to tend to money and resources with extra care as something could occur that’s unexpected (again?) especially with banking, finances, the dollar and shared resources. Have lots of cash on hand. Keep up with all legal deadlines – taxes, loans, debt. If these are not taken care of pleasure and ease could be limited and expenditures multiply. Something experimental and unusual is taking place. Expect this and maintain balance each day. Maintain privacy and stay healthy. Calling all Lions to awaken and stand together.

VIRGO: If interactions or relationships seem confusing or difficult, you’ll quickly assess what the best choice is. At times you may walk away thinking the situation too hard to bear. Cooperation is needed to understand what actions are appropriate and how to respond if everything feels hindered and limiting. Explore with those you love ways that bring about wonder instead of weariness and ennui. Explore the impossible, impractical, the unattainable and the unachievable. The outcome is thought provoking and worthy of note.

LIBRA: The regular, normal, consistent, orderly, habitual and routine with work, daily life and in relationships unexpectedly change. Anything confining will be liberated, including people, places, things, ideas and beliefs, especially whatever creates separations, blocking love, in your life. You might feel restless, and so new rhythms must be found. Unusual methods of healing – therapeutics, laser light, energy medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture – will be needed in our new era. Eventually only the unconventional and Aquarian will be useful.

SCORPIO: More and more you find yourself thinking, considering pondering upon unconventional thoughts and ideas, creating unusual plans, executing out of the ordinary activities and these actually begin to describe who you are becoming. Notice how they provide you with greater freedom of expression. It would be good to tell close friends and family that you’re moving into an unusual, original, perhaps eccentric period of creative livingness, greater playfulness and lightheartedness. Unusual attractions may occur, too.

SAGITTARIUS: During these unusual times, you may return to an earlier interest, work, theme, topic, idea, thesis or premise concerning family and home seeing how your history and early life interface with and influence your present. Don’t be surprised if home life is somehow disrupted, if time speeds up then slows down (like the tides), if routines keep changing, if decisions are quickly called for while patience dwindles. Hold all these things within a spirit of patience and understanding that there’s no more normal soon – anywhere or anymore. For all of us, this is preparation.

CAPRICORN: A return to a previous place with people previously known has, is, was or will be happening. You may also find yourself in new territory. If someone close to you is leaving, be sure to have Ignatia Amara (grief homeopath) close by. You may return to a group of people or neighborhood from long ago or think about it to better understand that time in your life. New realities, ideas, fields of study, concepts that expose you to the future arrive. Seeking new routines, you might dress, think, relate and express yourself differently. A new life-pattern comes forth. Read Christopher Alexander’s books. Immerse yourself in an art form.

AQUARIUS: You are awakening to the fact that you are important, skillful, talented, interesting and of great value. You have not realized these things before to such depth. Do not allow yourself to think less of yourself. Let good thoughts of self as valuable grow, all that you value will change and you will be needed to create the new world. Often you have felt you didn’t have the right skills for the times we live in. Your skills belong to and in the future. Stand with strength and self-confidence. Watch finances. Always ask if your choice and actions are practical. Be kind with yourself.

PISCES: In the next several months you’ll break from the past and all things (people, ideas, beliefs, fears) that have hindered your freedom, self-identity, creativity and self-expression. You trusted others to have your interests at heart. At times, you found that wasn’t real. There’s a call for you to be strong and patient and make decisions about and for yourself, and to change your image to that of successful, no matter what the outer world tells you. Pisces are world saviors. Listen in silence for that “call.”

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