Humanity as word servers & saviors

Humanity as word servers & saviors

We are seeing in our world today a “withering of the law”, the old ways falling away, having completed their usefulness. As this is occurring great retrogressive forces are at play (Ray 6, old regime of power, corruption, greed, money & politics), attempting, with great cleverness and cunning, to hinder humanity’s forward movement into a new evolutionary field (Aquarius).

During this time on Earth, as we experience the Kali Yuga Age when the darkness is prevalent, and as we shift from one age (Pisces) to the next (Aquarius, each one of us has a level of service to bring forth so the forward movement into our future can be accomplished. We each have a “note” of Divinity within that “sounds”our highest values, and their activation brings about transformation. The Tibetan, in his blue books, tells us we (humanity as a kingdom) must realize our identity as Divine, as World Servers and World Saviors.

During the month of Leo, the star Regulus, Leo’s heart, shines in the heavens. As does Sirius, where love originates. Humanity was created from the very heart of God. On the first day of Creation the Leo Lords, Lords of Flame offered their hearts of love to us. This love is a force in Sirius, streaming through Regulus, the starry heart of Leo, into the heart of the Sun and into our hearts. It contains the Will-to-Love, the substance of creative leadership. In these darkened times, it calls humanity to awaken, step forward and assist in the creation of the new lands, the new era, the new world. Many forces are willing to help us at this time. The Great Awakening, the Great Shift, the Great Turning of the Ages have arrived.

As the dark forces continue the attempted control of our freedoms, through illness, untruths, fear and entrainment, as our wealth is being extracted, the Forces of Light inform us they also are here waiting to assist us. We just need to ask. Our references (beliefs) must shift now toward that Light. We must step into a new thought-form which demands freedom and liberation (Leo) for all. Let us therefore consciously re-identify ourselves.

In Leo, seeking to recognize our talents and gifts, we discover reservoirs of courage, strength, love and willingness. Safeguarding our individual creative gifts, we turn and offer them to the group called humanity. Together, in the pentagram, we stand in the Eastern Light, radiate that Light and, having Right Orientation, we take control to keep the door of freedom open, attempting once again to seal the door to evil…our Aquarian tasks together.

ARIES: Many things are being revealed to you concerning your gifts, talents and goodness. Revelations about your true self will occur as you go about your daily work. You will notice compassionate intentions, aspirations to serve others with care and dedication. You realize that care of self is important and must come before tending to others. Then you can uplift those in need and your spiritual self is uplifted too. You’re climbing Jacob’s Ladder.

TAURUS: Your mind, which always seeks illumination (its spiritual task) has opened to new thoughts, ideas, terminology, spiritual sciences and the arts. You are becoming a mediator within groups as well as an artist. You continually question the root cause of everything and you’re very aware when people break the rules. You know the study of astrology and the wisdom teachings are our present-day guides. Contact everyone through the stars in the night sky.

GEMINI: Sometimes through your humor you become the star of the show. The presence you project to the world now needs to be that of the teacher. Call upon your opposite sign of Sagittarius (the professor) for assistance. Whereas you could be hidden and silent (well, sometimes), your intelligence and creativity are being called out. You realize it’s good to pursue pleasure, to be gifted, and to be ahead of everyone else. It takes several planets and stars to get us to this place.

CANCER: You have the stamina and strength, courage and fortitude to be with people who offer you kindness and care. When these are offered to you in adequate measure, you then offer the same to others. It’s time to recognize your deepest hopes and wishes and to be consciously aware that new values and priorities are forming within you. Later you will be called to demonstrate these new values. The powerful people you meet reflect the power within.

LEO: Usually you’re attempting to understand yourself in terms of talents, gifts and creativity. Silently you want and need to be recognized and praised. The more praise you receive, the quicker you evolve and grow. In coming times you’ll seek beyond yourself into the heavens, the cosmic mysteries, and even the Diamond Sutras. Realizing much of what we’re attached to is transitory, you will establish yourself in ways quite different than before. You’re developing courage, the heart of the Lion. Look for Regulus.

VIRGO: Does it feel as if your finances and resources are at a standstill? Is some resource important and valuable to you seemingly too far away? What I suggest is an accounting and filing of all your monies in a folder or book. Set it next to your Gratitude Journal. Perhaps you’re already organized in this way. Virgos are so good at organization. The important question is one of values. In what way do you value yourself and others? Value of self brings forth personal, spiritual and financial freedom.

LIBRA: The routines and schedules you thought important, both at work and in relationships, are sometimes the ones you want to walk away from. You know that freedom to choose your own way is most important but for a long time you tried to compromise and accommodate. Now you are able to exhibit the uniqueness of self which was hidden away for so long. Tradition for you has its place only if beauty accompanies it. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, beauty follows you.

SCORPIO: The next stage of your development is emerging. No longer can you be the quiet one. What must you begin to do? Looking at your chart, Uranus (in Taurus, your opposite sign) says the study of the Ageless wisdom teachings explains all the world’s secrets and mysteries. They will deepen your already religious inclinations. In your group of people you become a leader. And so it’s important to communicate real information to those listening. The real information is in the mysteries.

SAGITTARIUS: New archetypes stream through your mind, creating a new sense of identity. All old patterns are being shaken up, torn down, set aside. Thought forms, beliefs, what you previously depended upon, are dropping away from you, not looking back. Perhaps a bit of tears are shed, sometimes a heavy heart. Then sadness emerges and grief. Then after a time, a sense of happiness and joy appear. A sense of freedom is felt, a new direction is sensed. It’s a journey toward self-awareness. We are all in Noah’s Ark.

CAPRICORN: The time to come will allow you the recognition you seek. You experience life differently than others. Sometimes your presence and leadership, your creativity and service to the world create controversy and agitation in others. Know that Capricorn is a leadership sign, a sign of structure and rule of law. In our times now these virtues are being rebelled against. When disharmony occurs, the chaos that ensues will summon and brings forth a new harmony. Continue to lead.

AQUARIUS: Your mind is experiencing original insights, thoughts flashing at the speed of light, and ideas that only Aquarians understand. Your sense of humor has expanded too. With these gifts, you may introduce new ethics, concepts, educational ideas, and information to the world beginning in your personal day to day life. Be aware that it’s risky to do this. Aquarians come from the future, a golden age. Your entire life is a service.

PISCES: You realize you’re different than most. Although you attempt to walk the straight line of tradition, it simply doesn’t work. Those lines disappear. You’re greatly talented though others may not recognize this. You are unpredictable and curious, having the ability for leadership. (Pluto as Soul ruler). So much change has occurred the past five years, you feel disorganized and deconstructed. Yes, it’s a preparation for the breakdown then the new order to come.

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