Let Isolation & Despair Do Its Work

Let Isolation & Despair Do Its Work

Each sign of the zodiac has two keynotes – that of the personality and that of the Soul. Keynotes are a tone, a note, a central theme expressing the essence of the subject. With study of the esoteric zodiacal keynotes, revelations appear. We are presently receiving the light from the sign Cancer.

What are the keynotes? The first keynote expresses experiences when building the personality (ego structure consisting of the physical body, emotions and lower mind). The words are, “Let isolation be the rule, yet the crowd exists.” These words describe the first level of development for everyone – the building of a strong personality. Strength is needed by the personality because later it will encounter the force and direction of the Soul.

When building the personality, our entire focus is upon the self. This developmental stage is of great necessity, building an inner ego structure to harbor the Soul. When the personality is strong and sturdy, something more is needed. We experience isolation and desolation that nothing can pierce. And so in loneliness, the personality calls out for succor and help. And it is at this moment when the awaiting Soul within each of us appears and, with great compassion, offers the personality comfort, care and direction. Then we know despair has done its purifying work.

Cancer is called the “dark light of matter (our bodies, the world), awaiting the Light of the Soul.” Our bodies are like the world. When humanity as a collective (the “little ones seeking nourishment”) experiences the depth of despair a call is sent out into the world, a world also awaiting the Light of the Soul. The New Group of World Servers hears the cry of humanity and, like the Soul, it is their (our) task to be (provide) that “light of the world, in order to nourisher of the little ones’”

Individuals, groups, towns, cities, states, countries, the entire world awaits this Light. Under Friday’s new moon of Cancer, we can, as humanity and as the New Group of World Servers, reciting the Great Invocation for the world, call in this Light for distribution into the Earth, the world and into the hearts and minds of humanity. Building a lighted house for humanity.

ARIES: Usually a fast talker, quick thinker and speed driver, often becoming impatient with others (everyone, actually) so much slower than you, allow in the next weeks your mind and communication to slow down a bit, allow words to be pondered upon so ideas and choice can flow more smoothly. Don’t speculate or gamble, interpret or be of any sort of opinions and don’t have expectations of others. Everyone’s always doing the best they can. Focus inward on what new creative identity you want and actually need to develop.

TAURUS: Ponder upon and plan for important family, group and domestic decisions. Careful with family communications. Should there be misunderstandings, ask what you can do to help with clarification. Should anyone be in a state of difficulty, don’t walk away. Stay with them. Speak clearly; ask those you are speaking with to articulate what they heard you say. Consider career decisions. Re-thinking all aspects of home and work life. Kindness is needed with everyone. The whole world is in a critical state. Remember, for yourself, health is first!

GEMINI: Many opportunities may come your way unexpectedly and out of the blue. Handle them with poise and clarity. Be very observant of your thoughts, words and responses. You are the “communicator” of the zodiac. Notice and acknowledge this humbly and with equanimity. When you speak people realize you have taught them something. Everything in your life must be tinged with love. When you sense life has stopped for whatever reason, look around. Something’s needing to be seen. Something’s beckoning to you.

CANCER: You may feel the need for communication concerning your values and what you may never have said before. Perhaps you’re looking into investments or changes in financial arrangements. Things you hoped would occur in terms of long-range financial situations come to light. Simply ponder upon all this, budget wisely, and re-examine (ask yourself) what is most important to you? A new sense of self identity may suddenly appear. It compliments who you already are and have been. People notice.

LEO: How you are seen in the world by others may change. And you too may sense the need for a change in what you are doing in and for the world. Looking in the mirror you make decisions that your sense of self needs an upgrade. It’s important to consider what impact you have on the world. Do you want this to continue or are you seeking a change? As you’ve been told, “You are kind, you are smart, you are creative.” Now offer those same words to the world.

VIRGO: You need to see your present self-image in a new light. Old business, old ideas along with your old identity may arise. This allows you to create and express something new about yourself. You will want to communicate this, but allow it first to gestate within so flashes of insight can occur, gathering a body of information about who you really want to be. You can begin with what historic and creative writers and artists can you identify with?

LIBRA: Are there children in your life? Perhaps friends with children or who act like children (not a judgment, a playfulness)? Perhaps you need to be childlike for a while. The new moon in Cancer, about family and childhood, provides insights into your childhood and early years. Reminding you there was a time of great creative expression, playfulness and a free and natural way of life – even if you don’t think so. Love is always the answer no matter the difficulties or limitations.

SCORPIO: There’s something changing in your public appearance and how you’re seen in the world. No longer hiding even though a retreat now and then is good. This means it’s time to tend to things untended to. Has a creative work been neglected or pushed aside? Take extra care with all that’s undone. Both new and old business should be your focus along with evaluating relationships and what it is you have to offer. You need pleasure, play, fun in the sun and romance.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be wanting to travel, see and renew old friends, return to places you’ve lived before, see how everything has changed. Truth is your signature and it always guides your heart and mind, helping you cultivate virtues, morality, ethics, your philosophy of life. Truth needs to guide your choices about health. Always seeking justice you wonder about the past. Don’t worry about communication problems. You always know what to say from the “arrow of truth” within.

CAPRICORN: Something from the past that seems lost, hidden or it has moved away or changed, something or someone of value that deeply affected you, returns to your consciousness and you ponder upon it again. Allow yourself to see it with new eyes. Ask your heart what that would be. Review all monetary situations with partner and family. Review what is of value for you and your significant other and evaluate if your present use of money is working efficiently under the Law of Right Use of Resources.

AQUARIUS: Your entire self-identity is changing. This can feel difficult. You are in a state of transformation, a deep and significant one. Let friends and family help, keep them aware of your feelings and any situations that hurt you. Know that you are loved by many. Letting others know of your needs creates greater understanding and love. Present relationships (intimates, friends, partners) at this time need unrevealed parts of you to be revealed so new insights can be gathered. Seek newer ways to communicate. Say “I love you”more.

PISCES: A previous health concern may arise and a purification begins to take place. Tend to health very attentively, using this as an opportunity for healing. During this time, organize herbs and vitamins, create a new health regime, uncover new information, investigate how to build a pool and where to swim. Great sorrow for past aspects of your life may arise. Create a manifesting-of-needs and dreams wall or journal. Write, paint and draw everything that’s needed. This is the first anchoring of dreams into form and matter.

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