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My Mule Can Jump Higher! Pea Ridge Mule Jump is Oct. 9

ANNETTE BEARD NWA DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE “My mule can jump higher than your mule.” And so began the Pea Ridge Mule Jump, now in its fourth decade of delighting crowds. The 32nd


The Fastidious And The Furious

I’m a divorced guy in my 40s. I was at a bar with friends and went over to talk with a woman I found really attractive. Though she wasn’t the

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Let Isolation & Despair Do Its Work

Each sign of the zodiac has two keynotes – that of the personality and that of the Soul. Keynotes are a tone, a note, a central theme expressing the essence


Signs & Festivals, Eclipses & Retrogrades

The last half of May, under mutable Gemini Sun, is busy – two festivals, two retrogrades, a lunar eclipse and a full moon (Festival of Humanity & of Goodwill, when

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Festivals: Cinco de Mayo, White Lotus Day, Mother’s Day & Taurus New Moon

In this second week of May we have multiple festivals and celebrations encompassing history, culture, the spiritual and the personal. Cinco de Mayocelebrates Mexico’s defeat of the French army during


Four Festivals, Seeds of the New World Religion

Four spiritual festivals converge this weekend – Passover, Palm Sunday, Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival and the Aries solar Festival (full moon). The Tibetan in the Alice Bailey blue books,


The Candidates, the Election & Our Choice (a Test)

I am writing this particular column two weeks before the election as many people are voting ahead of time. This election 2020 is different than all previous elections. It determines

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The Real Wild West

Foley film the definitive story of ‘Hangin’ Judge’ BECCA MARTIN-BROWN bmartin@nwadg.com Filmmaker Larry Foley admits that the story of “Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin’ Judge” has largely been a

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The More The Merrier

Symphony offers all sorts of music in new season BECCA MARTIN-BROWN bmartin@nwadg.com “If you think of things that are traditional — and tradition is great; it’s church, family gatherings, lots