Gemini Festival of Humanity, World Invocation Day & Flag Day

The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) prepare together this week for next Tuesday’s (June 14) full moon festival, the Gemini (23 degrees) solar Festival of Humanity, Goodwill & World Invocation Day. We gather the Ray 2 (love/wisdom) Gemini light, radiating that light to humanity. This is also the light of Sirius, where love originates. The entire earth and her kingdoms are lifted up by the Avatar of Synthesis during this time.

Last month’s Taurus/Wesak Will-to-Good blessings from the Buddha have been held in safekeeping till this Gemini full moon festival. During the Gemini festival these “waters for thirsty humanity” (the Will to Love) are distributed to humanity via the Christ and the New Group of World Servers. As Gemini points out duality in form and matter, this Festival via Venus, harmonizes all dualities and seperations. The Gemini festival is also called the Festival of Right Human Relations. It unifies eastern and western teachings.

“Each year at the Gemini festival, the Christ preaches the last sermon of the Buddha to the assembled Hierarchy and everyone recites the Great Invocation, Mantram of Direction for Humanity. The Gemini festival is a festival of invocation and appeal for cultural, religious and spiritual unity. It represents the combined work of the Buddha (Eastern teachings) and of the Christ (Western teachings) – creating a synthesis. “In the future all three Festivals will be kept throughout the world and through them, a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the Great Approach (Reappearance of the World Teacher), so close at this time, will be stabilized by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet.” (A. Bailey)

Flag Day – Flags, flapping about and waving in the wind, are symbols. They reflect the spirit, visions and aspirations of the state, country, nation and the people the flag flies over. Flags are art forms. Flag Day in the U.S. is a federally-recognized day that dates back to 1870. The U.S. flag was created June 14, 1777. The California flag was also created June 14. The study of flags is called Vexillology (new vocabulary word). Flag Day prepares us for the U.S. July 4th birthday

Darkness to Light. A Change in the Flow, Forces of Reconstruction during Gemini sweeping into our Earth as the storm arrives. Rain falls. Rohini, ancient times, the time of the rain. Rohini is Aldebaran, the heart of Taurus. Uranus is in Taurus.

ARIES: You are known for individuality and freedom of expression. Only Aquarius rivals you in this. In times to come, the urge for individual creativity and freedom becomes more pronounced. Because you must initiate changes in the present culture, events in our world are radicalizing and revolutionizing you. Expect unexpected changes – part of the Divine Plan to “make all things new,” for which you’re partially responsible.

TAURUS: You need to be out and about in the air, in gardens, on long walks, in order to access your natural intuition – the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. Often you find the need to work alone so your investigative gifts can be fully accessed. As usual you avoid anything that feels like an opposition, attempting instead to flow with the accepted reality. Uranus, in Taurus, keeps shattering your calmness. It is not comfortable, yet it’s needed. Keep going. Keep sharing and directing the wind.

GEMINI: Everything you say has importance. All that you do has importance. Your hopes, dreams, wishes, friends, groups and associates are important. Your life goals and ambitions, always changing, unplanned, unpredictable are important. Your mind, even when unsettled, is important. As your life twists and turns, and as you search for the Soul of yourself, you becoming free, liberated and more forward thinking. You thought that could never happen.

CANCER: Flashes of intuition and insight occur continuously. It’s good to create a new Insight Journal. So many Journals are needed for students on the road to discipleship. Retrograde Journal, New & Full Moon Journal, astrological journal, and now an Insight Journal. Insights help us to see behind fogs, miasmas, glamours and illusions. Observation brings change. Begin to explain your thoughts and actions to others so they can understand step by step the source of your knowledge. You will teach them.

LEO: In the coming weeks and months, notice a new and different philosophy of life emerging. You may consider a utopian view of how to live your life, perhaps in community with others. Living with like-minded people, realizing ideas from the past need updating in order to build the new Aquarian culture and civilization. To be successful in the future one must know and live the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. Unanimity, Goodwill, Right Human Relations are a few of them. Leo is the completion of Aquarius.

VIRGO: It’s important to review all resources – money, finances, banking, insurance and investments. Make sure they are safe and secure. The economy may begin to behave erratically, with sudden ups and downs in the future. Attempt to stabilize all resources. Consider investing in gold and silver even when the market shifts and changes. Maintain precious metals in safekeeping (special safes). You are intuitive enough to understand these things. And prepare for the future which no one knows about yet.

LIBRA: Careful with relationships, marriage, partnerships, friends and close intimate connections. They can shift and change, be disrupted by sudden events, can also at times feel wounded or wounding. Be kind in these changes for outcomes can last far into the future. Develop more care through deep listening, asking questions and communicating with love more. These will absorb unexpected upsets when everything turns upside down. Health wise, careful with the liver and pancreas. Eat lightly.

SCORPIO: Nothing routine will occur in your daily life, concerning work or health or communication. The disruptions will, in the long run, prove to be creative for you, helping to develop new abilities that express new and original ideas. Focus your creativity and energy on inventing things. As you upset the apple carts wherever you are, you become the change maker – greatly needed everywhere now. You awaken people. Simultaneously, tend to your health with the utmost care.

SAGITTARIUS: As you continue producing all that is creative, you eventually find the need for more self-control, which would provide you with more self-knowledge. Creativity has the purpose of helping us identify who we are. Self-identity, discipline and creativity are steps. Through discipline you come to know yourself more, your needs, too, and then a new level of creativity arises. Speculation is costly. Instead focus on independent thinking and how to break with all that is no longer useful. You are seeking a new level of liberation.

CAPRICORN: As you attempt each day of your life to bring constancy and calmness to your home, you learn to remain poised when anything upsetting, sudden and unusual occurs. Moments of unexpected freedom occur too. Life for you is in a state of constant creative transformation. You assess present needs with past needs and see that much has changed. As life proceeds, new opportunities arise. A new level of creativity arises, too. Be sure to journal about your discoveries. You will be creating a new tradition.

AQUARIUS: Be aware that your thinking, communicating, processing information and interacting with others is significant and that it changes people. Careful, therefore with the thoughts you think, which become the way you speak. You consider striking out in different directions, going here and there. A liberation occurs, an aspect of advanced and new creative thinking. You become interested in cooperative ways of living. And will begin to think more and more about community. That is where you belong.

PISCES: Often you experience daily life as unsteady and changeable. It’s a Gemini fact. During Earth lives, duality and unpredictability continually appear. We must hold ourselves steady and with poise no matter what occurs. Material things come and go, unforeseen events upset plans. This is not due to anything you have created. All conditions in our world are changing. The new world is being created. It’s not quite here yet. It’s built through our creative visualizations. For now, remain near a pine tree and rest a while and ponder on these things.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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