Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox niú (牛) & Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox niú (牛) & Valentine’s Day

It is also the year of all bovine cattle – the Cow, Bull, Yak, Water Buffalo. The terrestrial earthly branch symbol chǒu (丑). The Chinese system of the zodiac (circle of small animals), was built from the observation of Jupiter, which remains in one sign for twelve months. Twelve animals were selected for each month and year. The zodiac (ancient Greek word) was divided into twelve sections (mansions in daily life, the hours of the ox are from 1 – 3am. Chinese seasons are based on observations of the sun and moon.

The Chinese calendar begins its new year at the 2nd new moon after winter solstice. Their system of marking time is very Taoist. Chinese astrology is as old as the stars, and connected to an ordering/counting system, days of the week, twelve direction, Chinese kings and the five elements ( Fire (火 huǒ), Water (水 shuǐ), Wood (木 mù), Metal (金 jīn), and Earth (土 tǔ). It’s good to draw the Chinese calligraphy for the elements. The Year of the Ox ends January 21, 2022.

Ox was once a god, compassionately helping people in need. In an ancient love story called the “Seventh Night, about a family of four, mother (Weaver Girl), father (Cow herd) and their two children. The mother became separated from her family and she was found on the far side of the river, in the Milky Way. Ox, seeing the sadness in the children, became a boat to ferry the children to their mother. One day a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month, Ox becomes a boat and magpies make a bridge so the father and mother can be together again. This is a major festival and known as Chinese Valentine’s day.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Mercury retro/Jupiter/Mars aligned in the sky tell us, “be of love a little more careful than of everything…guard her.” Especially this year.

ARIES: Everything concerning daily life is re-evaluated. Review all plans each day, assess the condition of all people, places and environments around you. Consider what ways you want to change and adapt to make life more orderly and pleasant. You realize you must think differently now on how to bring forth more beauty and perfection. Careful communication is needed with coworkers. Also assess the state of your health, diet, exercise and how you awaken bright and early each day.

TAURUS; Interesting situations and communication may occur with lovers, children, and your own sense of creativity. Tend carefully and with great detail to your health. Issues not yet resolved in relationships will reappear. Try to listen to the core message of all communications. Don’t react or defend. These destroy. Unresolved issues must be dealt with or there will be a dissolving and dissolution of important connections in the future. Respond to everything and everyone with care.

GEMINI: Everything about home, family, early life, mother, real estate, things domestic, comes into focus and will need careful evaluation and reconsideration. Make no important decisions unless an emergency occurs. Remember everyone everywhere is experiencing the present astrological transits. And everyone is experiencing them differently. Use your Gemini mind and heart to observe and discern the differences. You remember to be non-judgmental, non-critical and loving (your purpose).

CANCER: Cancer (sign of the crab) always circles a situation, entering the center from every direction. They do not walk a direct line to anything for they are always wary of prey. Thus, they have a very developed intuition. In the next three weeks that intuition will take on a different tone and focus. Care needs to be taken with communication, thinking, writing and driving. Something from the past reappears. Be aware of forgetfulness. In the meantime, make home beautiful, as if it’s a secret garden.

LEO: Do not create any shifts or waves in your financial picture. No loans (given or applied for), for example. Take this time to review finances, create new budgets (to be applied after three weeks), assess the flow of money (what’s coming in, what’s going out, its usefulness), the hows and whys of these transactions and review if everything monetary is proceeding as planned. Include a review of precious metals, your values. And tithe.

VIRGO: Are you feeling somewhat distant and unable to communicate feelings? Are others saying you’re difficult and distant? During this time, you’re very internally focused, assessing all aspects of yourself – who you are, why you are, what your values are, your everyday actions, whom you’re with and why. You review previous choices, asking if they reflect your present wants, hopes, wishes and needs. Hold on. Things change within the month.

LIBRA: Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions and issues not tended to for a long time appear in the present, seeking attention and needing re-assessment. Much of your communication may not be heard or understood by others. Therefore, try to be very clear when communicating, speak slowly, and most of all listen well. Listen with the heart. Be non-judgmental, call forth compassion, retreat for a while. This retrograde for you is a time of deep quiet, prayer and understanding forgiveness. Be a new era person, a “loving understanding.”

SCORPIO: With friends and in groups, all plans may be delayed, changed or not happen at all. Those close to you may seem distant (remember everyone’s internal during retrogrades), quiet or confused. Some though, may talk endlessly. Friends, places, ideas from the past make contact and you consider returning somewhere, to a place, a group, an idea, ideal or to friendships from long ago. Allow no heartache or anguish from the past to remain in your heart. Visualize, instead, swimming under stars and in warm tropical waters

SAGITTARIUS: Notice if there is sensitivity (extra) around these subjects: money, partnerships, joint resources/finances (something from the past, hurts, wounds, relationships), speaking with superiors, thinking about career choices, communicating with co-workers, being misunderstood while in public, your life path, your future. It seems like every subject is sensitive. During these critical times of change, we stand in the burning grounds, being tested. Say over and over, “Don’t worry. Be happy.” And know that life’s perfect.

CAPRICORN: Rest a bit for the next four weeks, make no promises or important decisions, refrain from the major decisions, large purchases, making travel plans, traveling long distances. Realize most thinking, communications, interactions and people (watch them with interest) are internally focused. So all outer orderly realities may be quite disorderly and not making sense. It will be a mixed up, topsy-turvy time. Only you will know why. Life as we know it is changing. If feeling stress remember to do the Alan Watts meditation….laughing all the time.

AQUARIUS: You want to be practical with money and resources. After the retrograde travel would be good. For now, consider new goals concerning money and resources, reaffirm what is of value to you. Eliminate what is no longer useful or what you haven’t used, touched or looked at in the past several months. Use this retrograde time of Mercury to research, order, organize and visualize new ways of living, building community and finding your like-minded companions. Consider all dreams as practical.

PISCES: Maintain clear communication with partners, intimates, friends and those close to you. All relationships may enter into a phase of mis-understanding,, criticisms, over-reactions, mixed messages and perhaps the need to call upon grace, prayer, retreat or even mediation for understanding to occur. Pisces also at this time must begin to assess the value of their own thoughts, decisions and needs and discriminate between the self and their beloved’s. A difficult task, but necessary. A new home in a different place altogether may be considered.

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