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No One Knows: Covid-19 complications lead to 26-year-old’s death

MARY HENNIGAN Special to The Free Weekly After fighting for four months, 26-year-old Alejandra Arevalo ultimately lost her life to covid-19 on Oct. 23. While diagnosed with the virus, she

Advice Goddess

Morose-Colored Glasses

I’m a woman in my 20s. Some stuff in my life was going really wrong, and I got depressed. I didn’t tell people, but it had to be obvious. I


Mendelssohn To Chaplin: Fort Smith Symphony plays weekend of music

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Music lovers fast enough to grab up the limited seats at the ArcBest Performing Arts Center will enjoy a smorgasbord this weekend presented by the Fort Smith

Male Call

Small investments for your dress shoes in winter weather pay dividends

Q. There is a lot more snow this winter than I have experienced for a while. I’m not comfortable putting on galoshes. Is there any kind of shoe that’s appropriate

Male Call

Week of Festivals — Purim, Full Moon & Lantern Festival

Our upcoming week is filled with celebrations, which lightens our somber Lenten season. Friday is Purim, the Jewish Festival of Queen Esther who saves her people by telling the truth.

Making Ripples

Pioneer Adventures: Winter storm wasn’t easy off the grid

AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Whether we get our electricity, heat and other utilities from a grid system maintained by a city or off the grid maintained by ourselves, winter storms

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Out And About: New series beckons patrons back to WAC

JOCELYN MURPHY As the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville continues to navigate the stymied performing arts world, programming staff members continue to search for ways to bring arts experiences


Come For The Cocktails: Stay to help keep arts venues alive and well

JOCELYN MURPHY Dixie Longate will tell you freely she wouldn’t have made it through 2020 without alcohol. “I was stuck at home with the kids, which is so gross!

Cover Story

Spectre Of War: Rockhill Studios film breaks barriers and hearts

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN World War II is over, and Charlie Evans, a paratrooper who jumped into Normandy on D-Day, is coming home to Arkansas. It’s a sweet moment full of