Week of Epiphany – Something Revealed to the World

Week of Epiphany – Something Revealed to the World

We completed our journey with the Magi Astrologer Kings this week, our Twelve Days After Christmas, each day organized under a zodiacal sign, preparing us for the new year. The end of the Twelve Days is Epiphany – the day when something new is revealed to the world. It seems this year, the journey was detoured to Washington DC to see the outcome of the United States electoral vote, with the entire world watching. Hopefully for humanity it is a rebirth of our freedoms and liberties under the Rule of Law.

Today, in our world in crisis, as one age ends (Pisces, sign of “love one another”) and the other begins (Aquarius, sign of humanity under the new Aquarian Laws & Principles), Epiphany is ever more relevant. Humanity represents the “Three Magi Kings” at the cusp of the new world, awaiting the Aquarian World Teacher. The Ageless Wisdom says, “He will come in the air.”Aquarius is the ultimate air sign. The New Group of World Servers are His forerunners; the Ageless Wisdom (astrology, its foundation) His Teachings.

Epiphany is Greek for “appearance, new light in the world”. Each sign contributes to the Epiphany, a journey of the Three Magi Astrologer Kings following a bright star (Sirius), discovering the prophesied holy child (born of a Virgin, the sign of Virgo above in the heavens), in a manger (humility), in Bethlehem (City of Bread), intersecting East and West (Messiah for the entire world). The Kings offered Him gifts – gold, frankincense, myrrh – signifying royal birth. Each gift, an aspect of the Holy Child (royal, divine yet mortal) and signaling the mission He was to perform for the world (Pisces “saves” the world). The discovery of this child initiated the beginning of the new age (Pisces). Today, Epiphany this year, signals the new era of Aquarius (sign of freedom and liberty).

ARIES: What are your thoughts and feelings about your work in the world, your profession, the work that you perform? Is it your chosen profession or are you considering a new area of service, new work, or an entirely different field of endeavor? You are climbing the Capricorn mountain, Jacob’s ladder to meet the rising Sun. Remember to take others with you, to assist those below also attempting to rise up. Remember the true warrior is a spiritual disciple. Hurt no one. Help everyone. Remain neutral.

TAURUS: You may want to travel somewhere. You may (most likely) then say to yourself, “No, too many responsibilities at home.”.However, you still must expand your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Like studying esoteric texts, preparing to teach, understanding our justice system (blind still), visit a library, create new artisanal foods (healthy), build an online college (with another), buy a car, cow or horse to ride over the plains toward a mountaintop where the Light is. In the meantime, take careful care of your health.

GEMINI: Actually, what I wrote for Taurus interests you. However, you’re also looking at your resources, those you hold in common with another (or others) trying to create order and organization with investments, insurance, and all finances influencing daily living. You’re also interested more and more in wisdom teachings, thinking perhaps to travel somewhere for learning. You’ll wonder who will accompany you for you need a companion. A loss may recently have occurred. It was a blessing, actually.

CANCER: It is important to ask yourself who are the important people in my life, how am I interacting with them, am I ignoring them, caring for them, resenting them, angry with them, or simply not interested in (or interesting to) them anymore. It is important to remember St. Paul’s words “When I was a child I thought as a child. When an adult I put aside the things of the child.”You are no longer that child. Do not get lost. The Dweller is near.

LEO: Things you have created that are now ritual and/or habitual have begun to break down into bits & pieces and you may feel disrupted by this and this may continue for several months. It is the old passing away, making way for the new. The next revolution is here and it needs leaders so look out your windows, gather loved ones (all kingdoms) and begin to realize that your gifts, talents and abilities, many & varied, can be used in service to the new era and order in the world. There are outer leaders & inner ones. Which are you?

VIRGO: Where in your life do you feel there are shadows, veils, things hidden in the dark and undercover? Where in your life does light need to be radiated? Is there a need for freedom and creativity that liberates your spirit? In what way do you wish those parts of yourself, shy & quiet, could come forth? Everything will be changing in the coming months. You will be one of those changes. For everything has a season.

LIBRA: It’s time to review garden catalogues; plan for summer’s bounty. In a month seeds must be planted. Do you have a greenhouse? If not, consider having one, small at first. Notice your concern with home, food and nurturing things. You could (are, were, will be) be an excellent gardener, especially with edible flowers and medicinal herbs. Your foundations are shifting, past emotions are high. A healing occurs. Rest more.

SCORPIO: It is important at this time of the new year to consider your communication with others. Is it satisfying for you? Do you feel kindness in your interaction with others? And they with you? Do you talk and go out and about with ease? Do people understand you or must you remain hidden? Perhaps you have felt restricted the last several years? How do you feel about the community/town/village/city you live in? Do people know you?

SAGITTARIUS: It’s possible you feel like staying home for a while as you assess your self-identity. Perhaps you wonder who your friends are these days for something about friendship is both expanding yet hidden. You might feel able to chat, but after a few moments, you’ve fallen into a silence and quietude. You have energy, then you don’t. And you feel you’re climbing down the ladder and not up! You’re in a boat. There is no shore. You are not the captain. Yet you are. The stars are your direction.

CAPRICORN: So many things, including the path you are on, seem hidden right now and even communication seems to have gone into hiding. It’s ok, it will re-emerge soon enough. It’s good to remain at home as much as possible, chat with the devas, read food magazines, think of yourself as a hermit in a forest, find wild things to forage and eat, tell yourself you’re preparing for the future that no one really comprehends. You think of things from long ago. You write a book.

AQUARIUS: Are there people (or friends) in a group you need to talk with? Are you preparing for the future in practical ways, which includes chatting with friends or a group? Who and where is your group? Do you sense the great changes occurring? However you don’t quite know what the outcome of those changes will be? There are deep desires and emotions felt internally. Consider all the many alternative ways of living. Do not be afraid. Choose one.

PISCES: You may be sleeping and dreaming more with less daily energy. However, a new strength of purpose is developing within. You sense and feel the unseen ones all around. The past no longer holds you in thrall. As you progress from step to step, task to task, a new direction comes forth. Should you need help financially, pray deeply and imagine it resolving easily and quickly. Someone needs you. You respond with deep care and a healing comes forth.

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