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Risa's Astrology

Week of Epiphany – Something Revealed to the World

We completed our journey with the Magi Astrologer Kings this week, our Twelve Days After Christmas, each day organized under a zodiacal sign, preparing us for the new year. The

Advice Goddess

Emily Postal

Bright red lipstick is my trademark. It makes me feel attractive and confident: ready to take on the world. A female friend criticizes me at parties about my leaving a


2020 In Review: The Fighters

Arts venues make live or online choices to survive BECCA MARTIN-BROWN All Broadway shows have been canceled through May 30, 2021. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra just canceled all programming


2020 In Review: The Funders

Financing the arts more important than ever this year JOCELYN MURPHY As much as we here at What’s Up! prefer to stay focused on the arts and the creative


2020 In Review: The Helpers

Arts organizations step up to serve communities in need LARA JO HIGHTOWER We couldn’t have made it through 2020 without the good will and hard work of a number

Cover Story

People With A Plan

In 2020, individuals kept communities strong At this time of year, we at The Free Weekly usually suggest folks you might want to watch in the coming year — people we think

In The News

Fort Smith Regional Art Museum Closed

Pandemic concerns triggered temporary shutdown BECCA MARTIN-BROWN A Facebook post on Jan. 4 reported that “due to covid-19, and the concern for our guests, the Fort Smith Regional Art

Making Ripples

Choosing The ‘Right’ Path

Thought required before creating a new trail AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples There are many paths in life that could be considered the “right” path. Everyone has the right to create

8 Days a Week

8 Days a Week

Jan. 8 (Friday) Virtual Story Break – With Mrs. Tiffany, 10 a.m., Fort Smith Public Library via Facebook and YouTube. Free. 646-3945. Virtual Gallery Tour — 11:30 a.m., Crystal Bridges

Male Call

Look hot with a collar

Q. I know you like traditional clothes and neckties, but today there are fewer and fewer times when I wear a tie. Still, I do like to look good and