Beginnings Are Fragile Things

Beginnings Are Fragile Things

Welcome to our strange and brave new world, 2021, everyone. We have a dreamy start to the new year as Mercury joins Neptune on the first day of 2021. Many of us as the new year dawns will be wondering what we actually believe in that’s real and not false or fleeting, mesmerized as we have been by so much intrigue, deception and fantasy. Leo moon shines on the first day, too, telling us the new year’s focus will be on the recognition of and contact with the Soul as well as gathering and cultivating our talents, gifts and abilities, until they’re as shiny and bright as stars. Why? Because we’ll be asked in the coming year, to offer them to humanity, deeply questioning and in need.

Each January, as if to herald the new year, the Quadrantids meteor showers appear, radiating from near the North Star. The showers’ radiance (from Jan 1 – 5) can be seen, brief yet splendid, between the Big Dipper and Boötes on the right and Polaris (North Star) and Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) on the left. The showers, many hued, begin after midnight and peak before dawn, January 4th.

Always, as a new year dawns, we are to be very careful of its beginnings. We remember the quote from Dune, “Beginnings are fragile things. A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”― Frank Herbert, Dune 1. And so today, at the beginning of a new year, we “take the most delicate care”that everything is in balance, that we have gratitude and Right Relations with all of life, that we are poised and calm, and that we bring kindness forth in all that we do.

Let us set a template for the new year together. Here is a mantram recited by Disciples. We can all recite it together as the new year begins. We can recite it each morning as we face the surprise and magic of each new day in our brave new world. “Let reality govern my every thought.And truth be the master of my life.And so let it be. And help me to know and to do my part in the world.”

ARIES: Deep and long-lasting changes will affect your work in the world. If you are not focused upon serving others, you will be soon. You’ll have no choice. Your ambitions are so large and deep only someone with a powerful will can handle them. This includes yourself and all those encountering your energies. Inner strength will have to be drawn upon and this will increase month by month. New realities within your profession will continue to unfold. Be sure to center your intentions upon serving others. Then your success is guaranteed.

TAURUS: You will push yourself into the sphere of work that life has planned for you. It is rigorous, it will call you to a depth and height of knowledge, preparation, perseverance, planning and manifestation like never before. You will need other to assist you. Who are they? Do tend to caution a bit. Apply everything practically and with a focus on serving the whole. This will be a challenge. Your work, as always, is to prepare form and matter so that it survives and is sustainable into the seventh generation. Stand up straight. Drink alkaline water. Rest when you can.

GEMINI: During the year you will meet with power – within yourself and as others demonstrate it. Learn to step aside if power is directed incorrectly at you. You can overwhelm others with your power, too. Great strength and endurance will grow month by month. All that you’ve done and/or hoped for will gather itself and be the foundation for future world work. Think now on what it is you truly want to accomplish and what goals will you set before yourself? Maintain an attitude of love and goodwill. These will protect you and the future you envision.

CANCER: You’ll want to leave whatever feels like home and send yourself out in search of adventure. Perhaps it will be travel or a new level of education. Studying martial arts, attending an inter-faith religious seminary, deep sea diving…these are some archetypal projects calling you. Do be careful with knees and thighs, tending to them with natural anti-inflammatory herbs cayenne and turmeric. Relationships will teach you many things – one is how to speak and act with more Goodwill, which creates Right Speech and Right Relations. And love, too.

LEO: This year, the next and for many years, work will increase, become more in depth and at times profound. Keep your shoulders up and back as you carry the heavy burden of serving others. Maintain joy at all time. Remember, joy is a choice. You will be experiencing many complexities and different levels of responsibility (your keynote). Use the fire within your heart to guide your actions, and your high intelligence to discern what’s real and what’s not. Ask others you trust for help. You will be changed by the new world Aquarian experience.

VIRGO: Should relationships become more complex, which they will over time, know that the true warrior’s stance is not anger but poise, stamina and communication that’s heartfelt, intelligent and compassionate. Read Thich Nat Hahn when in confusion. Or the Tibetan’s (Alice Bailey) blue books. New levels of creativity will emerge. Follow them for their expression will provide new self-identity, strength, and courage that you seek. Maintain a seasonal garden, study, and through these create your community.

LIBRA: You would do well to consider what your limitations are, and then have the intention to respect them. In the meantime, deep emotional barriers and beliefs held since childhood need to fall away so your life can move forward. The level of security you seek is in direct relation to how much you can forgive, which brings understanding. This may be uncomfortable. Your psychology of self is being restructured so you can see what truly kind and good things came from your childhood. Simultaneously, rest more, don’t over work and tend to your health with loving care.

SCORPIO: The ways you think, what you believe and what you were taught will change over the course of the next year, beginning now. Observe and note the changes. A journal of observation would be good. New impressions and ideas will be offered. You will ponder them deeply and find they are needed for new thinking to come about. Your thoughts will be potent. Allow no self-criticism to exist, nor criticism toward others. Everyone’s on their own developmental stage and yours will grow in leaps and bounds. Mental and emotional regeneration is occurring as the past disappears. You’re grateful.

SAGITTARIUS: This year and the next – the way you handle your finances and resources will be restructured. You will build new ways of working with your money. It is important to be schooled and to study what these new ways are. I suggest again that you follow Catherine Austin Fitts – Locate local groups whose main goal is keeping money and resources local. There will be new currencies attempting to come forth – along with bartering and sharing. Gain knowledge about these and grow a garden even if in small or large pots. Whatever challenges you will also eventually be of great benefit to you.

CAPRICORN: Pluto has been in your sign of Capricorn for many years now. Has your life changed in ways great or small? Have you experienced a metamorphosis of new things built upon the old? Pluto is most powerful. Sometimes people show up who act out the Pluto for you. They can be cruel and cold and unforgiving. Don’t allow them to hurt you. Hold on and keep moving forward. There will be others walking with you as your life shifts and rebalances. Keep your love intact, intentions for helping others continually on your mind, and you, in turn, will be safe. A new world is being built. You’ll be called to build it.

AQUARIUS: Although I know you are powerful and building toward great success, it could be that some others cannot see this. Pay them no mind. We both know that something internally is shifting and a new sense of authority, power and strength are subtly yet profoundly coming into your awareness. Allow challenges with others to be times wherein you are strengthened in your self-awareness and resolve that you are good, you are successful and you are deserving of recognition, applause, praise, acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude. And you, when appropriate, offer the same. You’re the future come to earth. A bright twinkling star.

PISCES: Through your work in the world, a new network is being created. You’ve had to begin anew recently and you’ve done it courageously. We applaud your stamina and bravery. In the times to come, what you envisioned and aspired to will build until it becomes, no longer simply an idea within your heart, but real in time and space, form and matter. Then you will assume new leadership within your envisioned environment and form a magnetic core around which others will be attracted to. We see you are doing your work. The Hierarchy stands close by.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute—a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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