The New Bethlehem Star – Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius

The New Bethlehem Star – Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius

Everyone’s talking and writing about it. The Aquarian Age. The great star event. The Jupiter/Saturn Great conjunction in Aquarius. The Christmas Star. The Bethlehem Star. The Aquarian Age, the new era (finally!). On Winter Solstice, Monday, December 21, 2020, at 1:21pm (east coast), Jupiter (planet of beneficence, love and wisdom) and Saturn (teacher of new structures and new realities), come together at 0-point Aquarius. Jupiter is knowledge & wisdom. Saturn is time and discipline. The two are great pals working together to heralding the new era of Aquarian freedom and liberty, balancing humanity’s social endeavors. They are also the planets of Justice and the Law.

The Jupiter/Saturn Grand conjunction (two planets coming together, same sign and degree in the heavens) is a profound move forward for humanity. It is actually epochal. It will reorganize the existing structures, and bring forth “all things unique and new, bright, shiny and liberated”for humanity. Aquarius is the present/future, it’s the sign of humanity setting forth into new lands with a new sense of freedom. A great awakening will begin to occur within humanity, the awakening of love and wisdom within humanity’s hearts and minds.

Aquarius callsforth all the talents andgifts (Leo) of humanity, asking us to create the future we have dreamed about, a future of freedom and liberty and built of beauty where community andthe livingness around us becomes pivotal andparamount. Jupiter tells us, Love underlies all the happenings of the times.”

On Winter Solstice this year we can look to the heavens and see the combined sacred light of Jupiter and Saturn and know a new spiritual light is beginning to shine in the world and that it symbolizes that something is coming, something new and bright is about to precipitate and awaken all the people’s and nations of the world. Looking up we see the new Bethlehem Star. A new holy golden age is about to begin. (Note: I have written much more about the Jupiter/Saturn alignment, more than can be contained here. Read more on my daily FB page & under Daily Studies on my website –

ARIES: Your professional life will become very focused, as you become more and more hardworking. You will seek success, for both self and others around you and for the world. You will magnetize people who share your same unique views, groups who hold the same ideals about the new world. You will become more committed to projects with social purpose. You will develop leadership qualities which is your destiny. Know that you are always good enough.

TAURUS: You will assess your life’s goals, the efforts you’ve previously put forth constructing and bringing forth a sense of fairness and justice. Now you will consider what new long-term projects are needed, defining your abilities, ambitions into all you hope to achieve. You have known about these times and now you are prepared. Others will look to you for direction. All your efforts of assisting the many will not be in vain. You are a wisdom keeper.

GEMINI: Every sign is built around a certain core principle. Your’s is intelligent love. The signs work through planets. Gemini works through Mercury, so you’re the messenger. Then through Venus, planet of intelligent love. In the coming times, Jupiter will offer you new knowledge, asking you to leave the past beliefs behind, and come to a new sense of reality. Saturn will provide the system of restructuring your mind. Know that all you thought to be true, isn’t. Have courage. A new narrative is about to begin.

CANCER: A new life direction of commitment begins for you. What will you be committed to? So often you lived like a monk wondering about spiritual philosophies. You were committed to a spiritual path, always seeking to know what the real truth was. A new social identity will appear and new projects. Something ends, as something new begins. A culmination of the past presents itself. You reach out to others, form new relationships. You have been lovely these past years.

LEO: Jupiter and Saturn together helps establish new loving boundaries and structures in all relationships, interactions and partnerships. Jupiter brings a new expression of love in your life. Saturn asks that you assess the boundaries within relationships and partnerships. Jupiter, with great wisdom, will ease all difficulties. There may be a decision to marry or separate. You will find close kindred spirits, a new social circle, and people who recognize and admire you for your kindness and compassion. We see you, Leo.

VIRGO: You will seek a healthy well-balanced harmony in your mental, emotions and physical life You will demand simplicity so you can strengthen all your core ideals and values. Wanting to gain control of the present, you recognize areas where you can be more responsible, where you can improve yourself. You decide for one year to create Goodwill in all areas of life. This is a new discipline for you. It will bring you the deepest richest good fortune.

LIBRA: You find that you value practical accomplishments along with the arts. You have a vision that empowers your daily life. You work hard each day helping humanity and friendships and the arts; youreset your vitality and your ability to build anew. Your creativity is broadened, expanded during this time and well into the future. You learn from others and help others learn from you. You innovate with childlike wonder. Your love of others sets everyone (you, others) free.

SCORPIO: Home and family, things nurturing and nourishing are the focus for your health and well-being. You will ask what makes me happy? What does family life mean to me? You will begin dedicating yourself to creating a new foundation, while also preserving traditions, keepsakes, photos, memories and history. All the while creating new traditions. You may begin to plant trees this coming new Aquarian year. The ‘roots’ of your chart are showing. This is the house of early childhood. You will remember those early times. And come to cherish them.

SAGITTARIUS: It will be important to you to get to know everyone around you in more depth, attempt to connect to people, see howtheir minds work and look at their lives as fascinating. Your curiosity will stimulate you to new creative endeavors and your heart will become more intelligent, more loving. You have lots to say to yourself and to everyone. Walk the neighborhoods of where you live, seek out siblings, create a family newsletter, relearn how to write letters by hand. Learn the art of calligraphy. It focuses the mind.

CAPRICORN: A new sense of self-worth comes about, a new seeking for comfort and security. You understand the true value of things. And beautiful things attract you. You honor all elders, knowing they hold within themselves valuable information. You want all assets to be stable so you can feel safe. You may not need much materially, but you do need comfort. You’re grounded, easy to be with, serene and poised. You like chocolates, books, things familiar, gold and crystals. We like you a lot.

AQUARIUS: The world becomes your home and the times of change have a strong effect on your life. These are the times you have been waiting for. You are more able to identify with your sign of Aquarius. All things beneficent will expand in your life along with new structures and needed disciplines. Aquarian innovative energies will flow through you into the world. You are courageous, a free thinker with a strong body that needs and enjoys lots of movement. Many can’t keep up with you. You’re independent. You’re from the future. Make sure to have lots of mirrors around.

PISCES: The Aquarian era will be one of dreams, visions and everything one can bring forth from the imagination. Music and art will play their part in your life. You become more and more private, standing behind veils, hiding a bit. Other worlds and dimensions will be sensed. Mysteries will yield themselves up to you. You will need more solitude to regenerate and untangle yourself from the fabric of the world. Things will dissolve and then appear, as past livesappear. You are curious, at ease in these worlds. Your kingdom is colorful.

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