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Making Ripples

‘There Is Always Hope’

Ripple-makers team up to spread their message AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Some ripple-makers work quietly in our own homes, while others bravely take to the streets to perform their service.


Four Minutes, Four Questions Erika Wilhite, ALT

LARA JO HIGHTOWER The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre isn’t letting covid-19 stop its actors from bringing their own particular brand of community-based, site-specific theater to Northwest Arkansas. The project they’ve


Handmade In Eureka Springs

Pop-up gallery offers local art for the holidays BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The biggest reason there’s a EurekaMade pop-up market at 67 Spring St. sounds like a lyric from a Broadway

Risa's Astrology

The New Bethlehem Star – Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius

Everyone’s talking and writing about it. The Aquarian Age. The great star event. The Jupiter/Saturn Great conjunction in Aquarius. The Christmas Star. The Bethlehem Star. The Aquarian Age, the new

Advice Goddess

Drop Dud, Gorgeous and Fate Club

Drop Dud, Gorgeous I typically avoid conflict to keep from having ugly conversations. I’m in an unhappy relationship, and it’s clearly not fixable. I always rely on the other person

Cover Story

Broadway Comes Home

NYC stars host Pilot Arts’ holiday spectacular BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Before covid-19 changed everything, Chad Burris had just finished a run playing Olaf in the Broadway hit “Frozen,” and he

Male Call

Why the necktie?

Q. Why do I need to wear a necktie? This seems like an idea that was born and should have died last century! A. A necktie adds a certain seriousness

In The News

Gallery Moves Up Hill

Zarks finds new home in Eureka Springs BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Back in April, Timm Hilty, proprietor of Zarks Gallery in Eureka Springs, was disappointed. “We didn’t see a run on

'Tis the Season

‘Tis The Season: Lights aglow throughout Northwest Arkansas

Skating in Bentonville, trees in Eureka Springs add to fun JOCELYN MURPHY Santa is down to that last check of his list, and we’ve got the last-minute holiday experiences