Goals, Festivals, Revolution, Eclipse – Something Essential Falls Away

Goals, Festivals, Revolution, Eclipse – Something Essential Falls Away

Monday is Sagittarius new moon, solar eclipse, 23 degrees. Eclipses, a six-month event (three months before, three months after), signify something essential falls away; it is complete, and something new takes its place. During the day disciples recite the Great Invocation* and contemplate the Soul’s meditative seed thought for Sagittarius, “I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another.”We ponder upon this seed thought each morning as we awaken, reviewing our daily goals. During the day we visualize and then accomplish our goals. The next morning new goals appear. This is the life of the Disciple.

Thursday evening the first night of Hanukkah, eight-day candle-lighting Jewish festival of lights, begins. Sundayis both the 3rdSunday in Advent and the festival of Santa Lucia. Hanukkah, Advent, Santa Lucia – all festivals of preparation for the new light of Winter Solstice. As we light our candles, we rekindle the hope and promise that within the darkness of matter (Kali Yuga) a promising new light will soon appear.

Looking at the United States chart, it’s important to note transiting (in the sky) Jupiter and Saturn (in the sky) are on the natal U.S. Pluto (transformations occurring). We see the effects all around us in every town and city. Saturn mean strictness, discipline, solitude, hard work, separation and an elimination of what is no longer useful. Jupiter means expansion of all that’s needed to bring forth the new culture and civilization. Transparency, although uncomfortable, is needed for the new culture and civilization to emerge. Saturn is both teacher and Dweller on the Threshold. The Dweller shows us past mis-steps and the Teacher helps us learn lessons.

Everyone, everything (even nations) is always in a developmental (learning) stage. Jupiter tells us “love underlies all the happenings of the times.” It takes an expanded mind & heart to understand this last statement. Jupiter and Saturn are moving together these days, on their way to Winter Solstice, where they will inaugurate the new era at 0 degrees Aquarius. The revolution, all around us, has already begun. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is the revolution. Revolutions come forth after much suppression, calling humanity to sacrifice for an idea (in this case, liberty and freedom). Truth and transparency are major factors needed for the new emerging era.

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ARIES: Your public, professional and business interests will accelerate and be emphasized. This will begin slowly and progress successfully as new ideas are formulated and new contacts are made in the world. Do stay in touch with family, siblings, neighbors and friends, especially now. What you seek to achieve brings both ups and down. Success is assured. Balance achieved. You eventually become a Capricorn.

TAURUS: You know to be very careful with resources and spending. For a bit of time there may be a limited amount of money but since you know about money more than any other sign (except Capricorn) you know how to reverse all limitations. Do not worry should you encounter greater expenses in the coming weeks. Your determination will change the outflow to inflow and create financial stability.

GEMINI: Life becomes more serious as you ponder upon both small and great philosophical questions. First tend to all finances, including preparing for taxes, paying insurance and/or bills. The serious thoughts you may have will be about resources shared with another, seeking (or freeing yourself from) deeper intimacy, and the appropriate use of your energy in order to have optimum health. Discipline seems to be following you. Structure your day with it.

CANCER: Soon you will begin to ask yourself how to interact with others differently so that communications and interactions are more effective, productive and caring. You are noticing your interactions are not bringing you the satisfaction needed. You will also notice greater compassion and kindness when confronted by another’s pain. You will explain your pain. Comfort and healing will then begin.

LEO: In the coming months, notice yourself developing greater efficiency with time, managing detailed tasks, making decisions with greater fluency, and organizing not only your reality but also the reality of others. You will recognize more efficient structures are needed at the workplace. It’s possible you will seek other job situations and environments that are more oriented to healing modalities than to simply business. Take care of your health.

VIRGO: During these unusual days, we are given time to refine ideas that have appeared in the last many months. Everyone is being called to prepare for the new era bringing us into the light of day. Notice your creative abilities are assuming new forms. This will continue. You may think about your child within. All of us are really just children seeking daily comfort. Soon you’ll learn things never learned before. It’s a good, deeply transforming creative time for you.

LIBRA: Your foundations (psychological, home, relationships, etc.) are shifting. Home is your refuge, the place where art, harmony and beauty happen. Coming home from work in the world profoundly effects on you need for comfort and safety. Deep psychological changes and insights occur when you are creative. You are determined to have beauty everywhere. You will ask yourself where your security and safety are reassured and what brings you contentment and solace.

SCORPIO: You will seek what you want and need through the use of your will power. The wisdom teachings tell us those who have developed their Will to Good, accelerate their path to heaven. But one must be very careful using the divine gift of will. Make sure your will is used harmoniously for everyone, that is serves the greater good by always helping others. You will learn the secrets of creation. You will seek a community. You will be called to teach, write, publish and speak. If you are “willing.”

SAGITTARIUS: Now you begin a newer and better understanding of money, resources, what you value, and what you’re worth (not the same as self-esteem). Security and safety, unexplored till now, will appear allowing an understanding of your true and present needs. You will recognize in greater measure your abilities and gifts and where they are best used. You will spend, invest, lend, and use your money in ways that create prosperity. Slowly and assuredly you come home again.

CAPRICORN: You will become more aware of how you appear to the public, what you look like in terms of behavioral characteristics. Although you will identify that none of these are who you truly are, you will want to be seen in the world as professional, at ease, attractive, magnetic, and assured. You listen to what others say about you and if they are very perceptive you understand they offered a gift to you that transforms you and your enthusiasm and self-confidence grow and glow.

AQUARIUS: The idea that a new economy is about to come forth will be very apparent and you realize it would be good to pay attention to the economic ups and downs occurring in the world. The past year has been different, strange, unusual and at times difficult. A sense of beneficence begins though you may not know why. Spend more time daydreaming, resting, contemplating and being in retreat. From these comes your future ways and means. Solutions will be highly original. Call forth your true home to appear.

PISCES: As the coming months and years unfold you will find yourself shifting priorities and direction. Your values are continuing to expand, including more and more intuitional knowing. What you thought you could never do, you now consider as real possibilities. A dream comes forth. What is it? You begin to set goals, knowing you can work to achieve them. You have developed over the years a strong and centered focus. Continue to review and assess priorities and needs. These will inform you of your direction. A golden heart deva pays a visit.

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