From the battle we emerge triumphant

From the battle we emerge triumphant

Every year at this time, around Halloween, the veils between the worlds become transparent and spirits return to Earth for a visit. This occurs during Scorpio, sign of all things mysterious, secret, clandestine, furtive and covert. This Scorpio 2020 month is a most unusual month. It begins and ends with two full moons and a lunar eclipse (the past falls away). And it’s an election year, the outcome determining the future of our country, people and our world.

Scorpio is the sign of readjusting ourselves from “darkness to light, the unknown to the known, chaos to beauty.”During November, a battle, waged against the American people since the 1930s, comes to the forefront. It is a battle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Materialism; a conflict in plain sight, focused in the USA government.

Scorpio, where we all become warriors, is where the battle for the Soul of humanity occurs. Scorpio is also the sign of the Nine Tests – physical, emotional and mental tests, for which we must be prepared. Tests strengthen us.

We are coming to the end of a long dark cycle where the Forces of Materialism have taken hold of the minds of humanity. By Winter Solstice, December 21st, the social institutions that have hindered humanity’s moving forward are to be eliminated for the new Aquarian era to begin.

But until then, all hidden secrets, barriers and hindrances must be torn down. It requires a great battle to remove this darkness. It is important that we remain poised and calm. Let us observe the results of both Mercury and Mars retrograde occurring during the election. It will be interesting. No matter the outcome, if we are aligned with the Forces of Light (which docontrol the Forces of Darkness), we can say calmly together, “Warriors are we and from the battle we emerge triumphant.”

ARIES: Be prepared for a feeling of being tested, a continual sense of being watched, graded, guided and being prepared for further responsibility, especially in terms of tending to others’ finances and resources. Intimacy may be an issue, either you seek or reject it. You need to study the Ancient Mysteries (the foundations being astrology). Your questions are answered there.

TAURUS: You seek more than usual contact, communication and depth in relationship. Or you become silent and secretive, seeking your own counsel, seeking intimacy of spirit. At time you follow your own needs without considering the other. It’s best though to communicate more with loved ones, informing them of your inner thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams, so you can work together more effectively. You think there’s no money. What you need is all around you.

GEMINI: As your mind works overtime, you realize lots of work, at first not obvious, must be accomplished. If you look in corners, closets, under, over and above, in garages, storage units, your car(s), you’ll discover what needs eliminated so transformation and regeneration can come about. There’s special work to do with relationships, children, small animals and gardens, all needing play, color, communication, new intentions, and a re-commitment (from you).

CANCER: You feel worried and anxious about family members, concerned about their choices, abilities, resources and lives. There may be a family member in a state of transition. You worry about someone female, perhaps a daughter, mother, sister. You know at a moment’s notice you’ll travel anywhere to help. In the meantime, bake sugar cookies, pies, breads, dumplings and casseroles. You need soothing and gardening. And others do too.

LEO: You need to head over to Cancer’s home and share a meal with them. You need a certain care and nurturance. Then you need respite from the extreme amounts of work you’re encountering. Sometimes you don’t know why you’re doing this work. It seems you need more art, whether it’s yours or another’s. Relationships are either nebulous or too strict for words. Something hidden at home is discovered. An idea becomes illuminated.

VIRGO: With Mercury, your personal messenger, in its state of retrograde, and traveling through two signs (Scorpio & Libra), your mind must be extremely active, focusing first on resources, loved ones and things quite hidden. Notice how you are in relationships and, a question – is there one that needs tenderness and care? Words in Mercury retrograde times become very inner focused, very serious, almost mysterious. Allow all parts of yourself to cooperate, ruminate and become intimate with the truth of what matters

LIBRA: In the days ahead, you will focus on what is of value to you. Notice how you value yourself. How your values have changed over the years. As you become more and more self-aware, it’s best to focus on your health and well-being. It’s important to drink alkalized water and consume alkaline foods. Make yourself Bielers broth (green soup) and Kitcheree. These foods will physically and emotionally support your new healthy way of life. Appreciate all that you have, all people and things small and large. One can be healed through gratitude.

SCORPIO: The veils are dropping between realities. The purpose is for humanity to see more expanded realities. In the meantime, you/we are to be anthropologists, keenly observing life and people quietly and with curiosity. This allows us to understand two polarities; what’s real and what’s staged (unreal). It is best to stand with intention with the Forces of Light, building the new reality as the old passes away. Use your keen discerning perceptions. Notice what is clothed in a false light.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve been on a retreat from your usual daily life, plans, agendas and responsibilities. Did you eat well, take it easy, do personal research, work on private projects, ponder upon needs and the values that emerge from a true self-assessment? A distance was created giving you more perspective about how truthfully you’re living life, what pleases you, and how to be more mindful in relationships. All of life changes soon. Gather your arrows.

CAPRICORN: You assess goals, hopes, wishes, dreams and priorities in terms of what you offer others and how you’re perceived and given to in return. You are valuable, often exhibiting the qualities of an artist and a scholar. Sometimes you’re hidden away. Others respect you even if unable to admit it. Often when greatness enters a group, there can be resistance. Why? People cannot absorb the bright light streaming through the minds of great people. Focus on fun, less responsibility and less work for a while.

AQUARIUS: Your creativity is vital at this time and apparent to the world. Notice how well you’re completing tasks, being curious and displaying special abilities. For the next month ponder upon what you want and need in your life in terms of self-care. This is a time of assessing personal needs on inner levels. If you must move, ponder upon what your daily domestic needs are, what type of home you want to live in. Manifest it by writing down daily every tiny detail. Draw it. Then wait for it to appear.

PISCES: Making contact so love and understanding are released is important to you. May times you experience that others don’t often think like you. Compassion rules the life of Pisces. Everyone is not a Pisces. You must stand alone this month and next. Focus upon study, reading, art, music, ideas becoming ideals within you. Create on paper (color, ink, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) your next endeavor. Include several geodesic domes and the idea of the Commons. Draw your garden gate. Gather seeds.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute—-a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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