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Risa's Astrology

Mercury Retrograde & Heartbeat of the Future

Libra and soon Scorpio are moving humanity swiftly towards the election (held in Scorpio, Nov. 3, with multiple retrogrades occurring!). Libra’s task each year is to help humanity choose between

Advice Goddess

Coddle Herder

My boyfriend’s enabling of his failure-to-launch 26-year-old son is seeming like a deal breaker. Though his son’s very likable, he’s been fired from every job he’s had, including a well-paying

Cover Story

Ain’t That Right?

Gridiron takes its shot at pandemic, politics JOCELYN MURPHY “We decided that we would decide whether we wanted to do a video thing,” Katherine Shurlds begins of this year’s

Making Ripples

Evicting The BMSB

Stink bugs a nuisance every autumn AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Do you smell a skunk inside your house, or suddenly catch a whiff of burning tires or, perhaps pleasantly, detect


Intermission Is Over!

T2 returns with hybrid theater plan BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Like every arts organization in every community, when TheatreSquared made its updated season announcement last week, it had good news and


Quite The ‘Que

Bluesman brings comfort, down-home sound JOCELYN MURPHY When Fayetteville bluesman Buddy Shute was pondering a name for the new album from Buddy Shute & The Motivators, he was searching


4×4: Four Minutes, Four Questions David Gomez

LARA JO HIGHTOWER The Downtown Rogers’ celebration of local artists known as Art on the Bricks has persevered despite the threat of covid-19 by re-imagining the event online: Art

Family Friendly

‘Murder, Mischief And Mayhem’

Things go bump online for RHM Ghost Walk BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Ask Serena Barnett, director of the Rogers Historical Museum, her favorite ghost story, and you’ll get an unusual answer:

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Oct. 9 (Friday) Vintage Market Days — “Spruced,” 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 9-10, until 4 p.m. Oct. 11, Benton County Fairgrounds, 7640 S.W. Regional Airport Blvd. Bentonville. $5-$10. Happy

'Tis the Season

A’Haunting We Will Go

Ghosts survive pandemic problems BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Masks are nothing new to Halloween, right? But this is the first year that the proprietors of haunted attractions have to make sure