Mercury Retrograde & Heartbeat of the Future

Mercury Retrograde & Heartbeat of the Future

Libra and soon Scorpio are moving humanity swiftly towards the election (held in Scorpio, Nov. 3, with multiple retrogrades occurring!). Libra’s task each year is to help humanity choose between two realities – the past, previous beliefs, habits and desires, or the new values, structures, archetypes of the future. This includes at this time knowledge of and adaption of the new Aquarius Laws and Principles.

What direction will we choose? Humanity rarely has free will and very little choice. Not until our mental & intuitive minds are developed do we have free choice. Then we have right seeing, right perspective (above, below, side to side). Until then we are led entirely by desires, habits and instincts (the past). But in Libra, once a year, humanity is given a choice. We are assisted in our choices by the retrogrades, where we assess realities, realign ourselves and come into a harmonious balance of Right Thinking. In Libra, a balance in all things must come forth.

On Tuesday, October 13th, Mercury retrogrades (from 11 degrees Scorpio to 26 Libra) and will station direct on election day (with Mars also retrograde). It is a most unusual astrological retrograde situation! Our choices, made with clarity & the Will to Good, are therefore most important during the election this year. They will define the life or death of our country and people. This is a most critical time for humanity. Should we contact the “Love that underlies the happenings of the times”, we will “hear” the heartbeat of the future and make Right Choices.

ARIES: So many changes are occurring that you must be more aware than ever before concerning beliefs, behaviors, and responses in all interactions. Be also mindful of your use of money & resources. Call in your capacity to discern and discriminate and your competence in sharing and giving (and then giving some more). Relationships are of prime importance and of great value to you at this time. Of what value are you in relationships?

TAURUS: The ways we are in relationships originate (in most cases) from what we observed & experienced as children with our families and adults around us. Although you seem to hide yourself away in relationships, at least to the world, you’re dedicated to those you love, hardly even think of leaving. This dedication allows others to progress forward into transformational places that help them grow. We thank you. Are you loved enough in return?

GEMINI: An uh-oh is resounding in my mind as I look at your chart. I want to tell you that no matter how compelling it is to return to a previous situation, you cannot remain there. The purpose of the return is to learn what occurred, find the goodness, offer gratitude & forgiveness (your hand and heart, unobstructed), and then go forward to meet your future. Which means you will enter into the Nine Tests and with intention, pass those tests. In the meantime, nourish yourself is all ways you know how.

CANCER: Are you feeling restricted by family or is family helping you restructure your life? Is there a need for a rebalancing within the family or wherever you call home? Is communication coming forth that speaks of these things – balance, choices, rest, interlude? Is there a need for more Goodwill? A specific creativity is needed by you. Does it have to do with your home and garden? Are you planting? You must, even if it’s one small pot of seeds.

LEO: Remember a long time ago when you cooked, baked, picked fruit and made fires outside? Remember the long walks at daybreak and evening time as the stars appeared? Remember the sense of community, as well as the loneliness, isolation and death? And the ways a healing of family wounds occurred? Remember that as adults we release all things sorrowful through forgiveness? Remember who loved you? What/whom do you love now?

VIRGO: You want freedom – especially financial. Perhaps that’s what has been bothering you in the past months. Let’s ponder upon many different ways you are a resrouce, for both yourself and others. Or maybe you want to bring in more money. How you can encourage more coming in. The most important way of receiving money is tithing to those in need. When we give things away, we experience freedom. And even though the issue may seem like money, what you are truly seeking is liberty.

LIBRA: Your entire future is coming forth in great transformative ways. Can you feel it? It’s recreating and reorganizing your self-identity, how you see yourself, your professional and personal lives and how you interact with the world. There’s a lot of thinking and communication happening professionally. Listen carefully. It’s about balance, choice, rest and the future. You’ll want to participate in that future with a new state of beauty and harmony. Forgiveness helps.

SCORPIO: There will be something given in the coming weeks, a discovery, a new learning affecting your life and how you see yourself. It will begin with you helping another. Helping others reconciles us to our own humanity. When we fully embrace the needs of the times, seen through the needs of others, we begin to build the new culture & civilization, the core of which is a sharing society. You are a resource behind this idea, which becomes an ideal.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you able to respond to others without feeling self-protective? This very important question concerns your well-being in present and future relationships. In Non-violent (Compassionate) Communication classes and techniques, a core message is understanding the needs of self & others. Being able to discern deep needs then becomes a creative act, deeply internal, yet profoundly affecting all outer experiences. Cooperation begins in earnest with everyone.

CAPRICORN: Profound changes continue, especially in your self-identity and life direction. Group work is of great importance now. But before you progress forward, let’s review how things have been previously between you and others in groups by asking what were those groups, who were the people and how were you perceived? In groups people see you as the one who transform them. Some like this, many don’t. However, this is your task in groups. Understanding this helps you maintain confidence. You manifest the group’s spiritual work.

AQUARIUS: Your resources are not only your future but also your state of mind at present. It’s most important to downsize so you can move forward quickly into a new state of where you’re to be. This may prove to be quite traumatic. However, it’s possible, especially if you think of giving lots away, leaving you with less dependence upon physical things and more focus upon freedom, which you seek in order to discover other parts of yourself. Balance is in less. If seeking a new home, write it all down every day. In a Home Journal.

PISCES: The state of Pisces & the world. “Amidst whirling forces we stood confused, we were swept up and down the lands, blinded, nowhere to rest. Finally, we said, “Here I stand and will not move till I know the law governing this very moment. I face many ways and soon I will determine for myself which way to go. I will travel no longer up and down the land. I will no longer be blinded. I will only upward move.” (Words from the Old Commentary for Pisces, representing humanity)

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