Autumn’s Circadian Rhythms

Autumn’s Circadian Rhythms

I have mentioned often in my columns, website and FB about circadian rhythms. These are the rhythms of light and dark, Sun and moon, the seasonal rhythms, new and full moon rhythms, etc. We follow and respond to the rhythms of seasonal light. Work on circadian biology, a field of science dedicated to the 24-hour internal clock on which our bodies run, is now accepted. This 24-hour cycle determines and controls everything in our lives, internally & externally. It’s about biological rhythms, synchronized to Earth’s revolutions around the Sun and light from the heavens – from Sun, moon & stars.

Following each season’s rhythms is part of circadian rhythm (following and responding to the Light from the heavens), the foundation for year ‘round health. Each season calls for different types of food for the body’s balance & well-being. Foods for the Autumn season, under the Ayurvedic dosha (energy) of Vata (air, wind, sky, clouds, the energy of Autumn) are to be substantial and nourishing, high in protein and ghee (clarified butter), hot (not cool) foods made with stimulating spices. These keep our inner organs moist (Vata is air) and our minds and emotions anchored in the practical. We reduce summery cool, cold, raw foods.

As the light changes each season, we too change. We are beings of Light. Autumn (Vata energy) calls us to begin consistent daily rhythms and routines, following the changes in Light (circadian rhythms). To have silence, stillness and peace in the early hours of the day. And to use specific fragrances – vetiver, geranium, and citrus essential oils. We wear autumn colors of red, golden yellow, orange. Asleep by 10pm we rise at dawn, stand in the rising morning light of the Sun while listening to bird calls (they help the Sun rise).

ARIES: The season has changed and so must our health regimes, ways of eating, how we exercise and plan our day. As autumn begins it’s good to think along new lines, preparing for the coming changes in light, color, sun, shadows. All of these are reflected in the many religious fall and winter festivals. The seasonal changes are reflected within our bodies, too. Relationships need extra tending so everyone doesn’t feel isolated, cold, alone, withdrawn and left out.

TAURUS: It’s good to begin once again to be out and about, learning new things, observing changes in the weather, in nature, creating an autumn garden, setting up the greenhouse, or, perhaps teaching a class. Always in your life your task has been to illumine the minds of others – a serious and disciplined task. It would be good to also consider what would be playful, bring enjoyment, fun and a calling forth of your lightness and spontaneity? Perhaps you need to swim in a warm natural pool.

GEMINI: What constitutes family to you, whether biological, friend, group (esoteric?), colleagues, etc.? Family matters more and more even if you tend to reject that thought. Something’s not complete with someone. What would that be? With whom? Listening to others until you understand the essential message is an important Gemini goal. All of this brings love forth – your spiritual task. Mercury listens and Venus unifies all that is separate. These starry beings are your guides.

CANCER: Make contact. These two words have a depth most don’t understand. Making contact releases Love. But it must be true, authentic and intentional contact. It must be from the heart, connecting heart to heart, Soul-to-Soul. The results are that Love being released creates liberation for everyone. You are the one to begin this process. Do this ceaselessly, quietly, with heartfelt intention of contact with all kingdoms.

LEO: There’s a sense that you must create a new plan concerning finances and resources. When accomplished, a new state of values issues forth. You may want to communicate more deeply with family and friends, sharing with them your values, asking what values they hold. Seek to know what values are held in common. The questions about values have to do with what your desires & aspirations are for the future. Knowing our values and aspiration gives us a greater sense of self identity.

VIRGO: You will want to come out of the shadows and into a greater light. Standing in shadows, perhaps in the shadow of another is comfortable for you. However, there comes a time when we each must define ourselves, become a sovereign individual, recognize our own self-identity, understand what we initiate, realize that we’re responsible, summon our confidence, and seek a new support system. Am I speaking to Virgo or Pisces? Both. For each is the shadow of the other.

LIBRA: As I prepared the garden for autumn I gathered together a sheaf of wheat, the Virgo symbol of nourishment for humanity. I thought of Libra, and what nourishes them – relationships, beauty, friends, equilibrium, balance, love, sacrifice, art. It’s the art of the wheat sheaf that caught my eye and I thought Librans must get back to their art in whatever form interests them. Some paint, some have galleries, some are collectors. What is your art form? What creative act calms and nurtures you?

SCORPIO: Do you sense a restlessness to discover the group that belongs to you, and yet somehow you can’t find it? As you search for those like-minded who belong to you, assess what gifts you would offer them, and in turn, they to you. And what would you want to offer the world? Your gifts and talents continue to develop. Always have patience and peace. Speak with love to those close to you. Ask for their visions and goals. Help them find their dreams.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn has been working with developing new structure for humanity for several years now. Saturn has called for a perfect execution of your work. With Saturn’s direction, new structures and new dimensions have been given, resulting in new thoughts flowing through your mind. You’re being impressed with ideas that become ideals for humanity. Share your ideas with others who will assist you. Diplomacy is paramount when everything is in a state of disruption and change. Act like King Solomon.

CAPRICORN: What will you do this autumn? How will you reflect the autumn season in your home? Is the world calling to you with new ideas, new creativity? You are being prepared within for something new to emerge in the near future. Perhaps it’s a course of study, something you want (or need) to learn, somewhere to visit, travel to, discover? Perhaps it’s writing a book, planning a new garden. Is there something you want to say to someone far away? Many things you dream of come your way.

AQUARIUS: Take extra care with and tend carefully to your money, valuables and resources. Create a place of safety for your money. Know what is coming in and going out. Use this time to discover what is needed and what is not. Give away what is not and then give more away. Giving provides you with meaning, a true sense of service and a liberation that allows you to move forward in your life. Have gratitude for your life. Gratitude creates the magic you seek.

PISCES: We are to do our best in every place we find ourselves. Many of us are hesitant and uncertain these days, sitting on the fence (uncomfortable), unable to decide where we’re going, what to do when we don’t know what to do, how to provide our gifts when opportunities don’t seem to exist. Again, we (especially Pisces at this time) are to work at our best with whom and wherever we find ourselves. Relationships need compromise, patience and acceptance. Adaptation liberates and frees us.

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