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Advice Goddess

Meet Joe Backup

The guy I’m seeing is super attentive and affectionate when we’re together, but then he always falls off the grid. He’ll wait weeks before texting me to make plans again,

Male Call

Style for the first impression

Q. My husband thinks that he should show his individual style in interviews – which includes boot shoes rather than dress shoes and (now, with current needs) a bandanna for


Rallying The Bikers

Franklin County ‘Hideout’ offers music, barbecue BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Northwest Arkansas has some of the best riding in the country, and I knew that bikers would still show up regardless


What’s Next For ACO?

Theater troupe seeks new home, way forward BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The sale of the building at 214 S. Main St. in Springdale was announced Sept. 3 to “open the physical

Cover Story

A Gift From Beyond

UA Press releases new Donald Harington novel BECCA MARTIN-BROWN If there’s anybody who knows — and loves — the Ozark village of Stay More as much as Donald Harington


A Moment To Reflect

Nick Cave exhibit makes space for contemplation JOCELYN MURPHY Nick Cave has had a relationship with the Momentary in Bentonville since well before the arts venue even opened. The

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Sept. 18 Member Preview — “Ansel Adams In Our Time,” 10 a.m.-9 p.m., live at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. Free. Register at 418-5728 or LIVE! in NWA —

Family Friendly

Secret Splendor

Cosmic Cavern celebrates 175th birthday BECCA MARTIN-BROWN When you order a birthday cake for a 175th celebration, don’t expect it to turn out quite right, says Randy Langhover, the

Risa's Astrology

New Moon, Days of Awe & Peace as Autumn Begins

We have multiple festivals this week. All festivals, from ancient religions to our spiritual practices today, are astrologically based. The heavens – Sun, Moon, stars & planets – are God’s