Summer 2020 — Building a Lighted House

Summer 2020 — Building a Lighted House

Last Saturday, the Sun entered the sign Cancer and settled for three days in its northern-most position – at the Tropic of Cancer. The solstice ended the light half of the year. Now, gradually we will enter the dark half of the year. Within the light of summer, shadows imperceptibly begin to be seen. This reflects the Cancer’s seed thought on the Soul level….” I build a lighted house (within the darkness & shadows, says the Soul) & therein I dwell.”

Summer consists of three zodiacal signs– Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Each has esoteric significance.

Cancer(the nurturer) – water – Baptism by water (later by fire)– cleansing the emotional body.

Leo(the creative one)– fire – Identification – creativity leading to new spiritual identity.

Virgo(gestating a new reality, holding a sheaf of wheat) – earth – birth of the Holy Child (Soul) at Winter Solstice.

Cancer (zodiac) is the sign of mother, family, home, nourishment, the embryonic waters nurturing new life. Cancer, with Moon as its ruler, nurtures the masses of humanity. In our very earliest incarnations on Earth everyone entered the Earth through the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is concerned with humanity’s food supply. During Cancer we investigate how humanity will be adequately fed in times to come. New natural ways (not false meat or GMO foods) must be found to feed Earth’s population. Assisting in this task is Mars (intention, focus) entering Aries (initiating the new), Mercury in Cancer (communicate, think, study, nurture humanity), and Venus in Gemini (right thinking about resources).

As the month of Cancer unfolds, the light, increasing since winter solstice, now imperceptibly begins to decrease. In the midst of light, the shadows of autumn and winter appears. We are always in paradox. Life as paradox is bittersweet here on Earth.

ARIES: In the months to come, you will experience both opportunities and challenges. You find the courage to meet each one because of your nature – fiery, willing, enthusiastic. This year everyone will experience vast changes, radical shifts, states of impermanence that, in the end, will call upon each of us to bring forth creative endeavors and ways of being based on new archetypes. Keep moving, pausing for rest here and there. You are one of the leaders in this.

TAURUS: It is most important to take care of your health this year. Especially if you seek to have all your wishes come true. Tending to your health will take discipline, research, thinking, studying, detailed planning, circadian rhythms and homeopaths. Your good judgment has others seeking your advice and insights. You need good health to be able to help others. Seek comfort and rest and beauty. And consider an alkaline diet.

GEMINI: Notice if much of the past, including memory, events, ideas, thought and people quietly slip away. This is not good, bad or something to be frightened about. It means you are traveling onward; your life is clearing away hindrances. Healing occurs when old patterns disappear as they are no longer useful. Healing, the Tibetan writes, allows for the Soul to be free. You need to be free.

CANCER: Summer belongs to you. Are you communicating with friends and neighbors? Cancer people like to be somewhat secluded. They also enjoy helping others in need. Do not enter into power struggles with others. When directing others listen carefully to everyone’s communication. This allows for no separation and misunderstandings to occur. You are to be the mentor for Goodwill and Right Human Relations.

LEO: As work comes with more responsibilities, you will notice how capable and responsible a leader you are, able to assume multiple tasks with skill and agility. Many people trust and learn from your constancy, sense of rightness and patience. Simultaneously, you harbor secret thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams. It’s important to take time away from work, seeking quiet and retreat. Step into the shadows. There are messages there.

VIRGO: Take time to consider what you would like for the future. Create a picture/photo journal depicting how you want your life to be. Begin before your birthday so that when it arrives you have clear goals for your new coming year. Don’t be predictable. Be groundbreaking, inventive and original. Use nothing from the past – no beliefs or plans – to create your possible future. The past needs to be transcended completely.

LIBRA: You need to run away to places far away. You need to travel, have an adventure, find new people to communicate with. You need things harmonious, kind, restful and good. You need to think of the impossible. Know that ideas become ideals, then manifest in form and matter. You need a feeling of being submerged in a calming peaceful new reality. What more do you feel you need?

SCORPIO: As daily life changes, and continues to, all relationships begin to change too. Every day something new appears. Daily life becomes different, unexpected and unusual. This will continue through winter solstice. What is unusual eventually becomes the usual over time. Preparing for the new era. The past, showing up on your doorstep, arrives in order to complete itself, then it disappears again. Hopefully for the last time. You show gratitude.

SAGITTARIUS: You need the same things Libra needs, but more so. Something of fantasy and make-believe, something imagined. You may not know what it is. It will have two faces. Don’t be confused. Be spontaneous, curious yet cautious. Careful with money. The usual warning, but more so, again. As the world feels like it’s dissolving away, your creative expression takes on Aquarian tones, work becomes ever more expanded. You interact in the world with poise and equanimity. And joy. Jupiter loves you.

CAPRICORN: Here are the energies for Caps as they enter the summer months. A new sense of self-identity, new creativity, precious sense of a new self being found, communication being refined, a pursuing of the Art of Living, little tasks all summer in many diverse ways, new neighborhoods, Goodwill and a new balance through Right Relations in the world. Having an interlude of just the right kind of rest.

AQUARIUS: Interacting with many different groups of people. This is your spiritual task. To be an acquaintance to everyone, gathering and dispersing information for the future endeavors of humanity. The Hierarchy looks down on Earth seeking those who carry the “light for the world.” You carry that light. Therefore, you’re sent here and there to disperse that light. Rest a while sometimes. Play more. Share. Be kind always.

PISCES: New and different worlds become acquainted with you along with new and different experiences. You’ve had a recent loss. Know that a new unexpected endeavor will be offered. For now, simply do the work needed each day. It will heal hurts and separations. A depth of communication is available at this time. Make contact with all people, kingdoms and events around you. Contact releases love. If someone is separated and far away, visualize you with them, heart to heart. Love happens.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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