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Male Call

A short sleeved dress shirt? Really?

Q. I received an email from Brooks Brothers showing short sleeve dress shirts. I didn’t think those were dress shirts. When are they right to wear? A. I am tempted


Twenty-Four Hours And Counting

Kids and pros collaborate on ‘Viral Monologues’ LARA JO HIGHTOWER Arts Live Theatre’s new project — the 24 Hour Viral Monologues — was inspired by the work of a

Risa's Astrology

Summer 2020 — Building a Lighted House

Last Saturday, the Sun entered the sign Cancer and settled for three days in its northern-most position – at the Tropic of Cancer. The solstice ended the light half of


The Classics And The Classical

Students put zing in strings and rock in rock ‘n’ roll BECCA MARTIN-BROWN There are the classics — and then, there are THE classics. Right now, young Northwest Arkansas

Family Friendly

Water, Water Everywhere!

Theme park promises to wash your cares away BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “We know there was and continues to be pent-up demand for outdoor fun,” says Gerald Jenkins, general manager of

Cover Story

Missing The Music

Beth Patterson seeks the other side of covid-19 BECCA MARTIN-BROWN New Orleans musician Beth Patterson is no stranger to Northwest Arkansas. She headlined the Celtic festival in Eureka Springs


Waste Not, Want Not

Shiloh Museum ‘makes do’ with online exhibit BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Northwest Arkansas might not be in the middle of a Great Depression, but an adage from the 1930s rings true

Advice Goddess

Doom Raider And Undercover Smother

Doom Raider I think the guy I recently started dating might run in the same circles as my ex. (He’s said a few things that led me to think that.)

In The News

Cozy Spaces, Creative Minds

Writers’ Colony honors the local and the legendary BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “In addition to providing a retreat for writers, the Writers’ Colony benefits countless numbers of the reading public who