Gemini Festival of Goodwill, Festival of Humanity

Gemini Festival of Goodwill, Festival of Humanity

This Friday’s full moon lunar eclipse is the Gemini Festival of Goodwill and Festival of Humanity. The Gemini Festival is the third Spring Festival, following Aries and Taurus festivals. Gemini is the sign of the interplay, of light beams (our world is coalesced light) that carry messages of Goodwill to humanity. The Gemini Festival follows last month’s Wesak Buddha Full Moon Festival. During the Gemini Festival the Light of the Buddha (wisdom), generated at Wesak, is offered to humanity, who, when awakened, can identify as the “World Server.”

The Gemini Festival tells humanity there is an esoteric equation for peace. One begins with intentions for Goodwill, which create within us Right Human Relations which in turn creates Peace and Harmony in our world. This Gemini festival has many names – Festival of Humanity, Festival of the Christ, Festival of Unification and World Invocation Day(the prayer called the Great Invocationis the Mantram of Direction for Humanity).

“Each year at the Gemini festival, the Christ preaches the last sermon of the Buddha to the assembled Hierarchy and everyone recites the Great Invocation. The Gemini festival is a festival of invocation and appeal for cultural, religious and spiritual unity, needed especially at this time. Gemini’s festival represents the combined work of the Buddha (Eastern teachings) and of the Christ (Western teachings) – creating a synthesis of understanding.

“In the future all three Festivals will be kept throughout the world by all peoples and a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the Great Approach (Reappearance of the World Teacher), so close at this time, will be stabilized by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet.” (A. Bailey)

Note that this is the time of many human celebrations – graduations, wedding, vacations, rituals that stimulate Goodwill within humanity, and unity. On this holy Gemini Festival day, we recite the words the Angel spoke at the stable in Bethlehem …” Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.”

ARIES: This month Venus helps us focused on values, resources, possessions and a stable state of security. There’s a possibility of identifying only with what you physically possess. But consider more deeply your worth and value. That you are valuable. This identity is a first step. Then focus on creating a secure and sustainable foundation, built to last, that supports all of life with sensitivity and comfort. Share, too.

TAURUS: You must begin to identify as a calm and innovative leader who offers important information to the world. Everyone learning from you acquires a new level of curiosity and depth of intelligence. Through stability, research and discipline you provide needed direction for others. You are a “light bearer” and mentor to many. It’s important to focus more on health now. On rest, nature, pure waters and foods that alkaline the body.

GEMINI: You are radiant when you serve others. Your love opens the hearts of everyone, especially those who, through hurt and trauma, have closed hearts. Because of this healing gift, you require times of quiet, reflection, seclusion and rest. Your understanding and compassion are like a healing balm to those suffering and in need. Do not allow yourself to feel lonely. You are not alone. Your Soul, your angel and all of us stand with you.

CANCER: You have very high hopes and goals, sometimes unknown and oftentimes unexpressed. It would be good for you to communicate matters of the heart. Sometimes you have a tolerance of others. Sometimes not. More and more you’re called to unify your heart and mind. This calls for a focus not on emotional choices but on true knowledge. Your close friendships are most important. Keep them close.

LEO: What goals, successes, aspirations and accomplishments are you seeking? It’s important to realize ambitions hold a secret purpose. When we recognize our aspirations, our energy becomes concentrated and focused. All levels of leadership are important for you. True leadership unlocks creativity. Some Leos are shy and quiet yet powerful leaders. Allow ambition to become aspiration, which becomes identity and purpose.

VIRGO: Virgos turn their focus to the environments around them, especially to gardens and the well-being of the kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, humans). Virgo’s have very high ideals. They learn to control restlessness, use their state of organized knowledge to become quite curious and adventurous. Virgos realize, while being amidst humanity, that we are all related. We are all brothers and sisters in one family.

LIBRA: Desires for experiences have become more intense and concentrated. The usual way of life is not enough. You want to go deeper, wider and higher. Everything unexplored becomes magical and fascinating. Like Gemini and like the Hierarchy (inner world government), you move in two directions – inner & outer realities; diving into deep waters, rising up to heaven itself – creating the Cross of Life. Libra balances all levels and personifies harmony.

SCORPIO: For the next month or so you will take pride in creating harmony with all interactions and relationships. You will need to be close to loved ones, perhaps one in particular. You drop one or more of your veils of protection, know you’re safe when vulnerable and begin to share what you truly deep down want and need. Social skills become easier. Peace results. This is a rare time for you. Observe carefully.

SAGITTARIUS: All that you do concerning your work and profession relates to your sense of identity. Each day it’s most important to have activities planned and to produce work that is your very best. It is also important to create Right Relations with all the kingdoms. If these are not practiced each day, you somehow feel less than and loneliness follows. Upon waking each morning plan your day with intention to be a good steward to all you contact. The results are surprising.

CAPRICORN: You have special and unique qualities combined with a deep level of creativity. Life offers you opportunities to express yourself each day. Often you communicate with a dry sense of humor, a bit of drama and lots of fun. Eventually those who need to, notice you and this leads to new work and new adventures. Recognition (and compensation) calms your sense of restlessness. Life changes daily. Change in the retrogrades is magical.

AQUARIUS: You are private and protective about your personal life, home and family. You seek to find a deeper sense of security and a foundation from which you can work. You want to integrate all life endeavors under one roof. This is most practical and allows for creativity. You seek emotional attachments so that your heart is not lonely. Fill your home with all that you love. Plant a garden, even a small one. And trees. Friends come by. They love you. Protect the family.

PISCES: You take walks each day because you need a change of scenery, you need to touch life in all its forms, but especially you need nature, air, the sky, plants, soil, trees and garden devas. You adapt well, but only to a point. You are a teacher needing to teach. You are curious about others, always asking questions. Many don’t understand this. You understand sharing. Sometimes you’re sad. You need music all the time. Kirtan. Jazz. Mantrams.

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