…For the End of Woe Must Come!

…For the End of Woe Must Come!

Taurus, Lyrids & the Red or Blue Pill

The Sun has entered Taurus, anchoring the light of Aries, the “search light of the Logos”. Taurus creates the Penetrating Light on the Path, by capturing the beam of light streaming forth from the point in Aries. Within the Light of Taurus is Ray 4 – the Art of Living Harmoniously. Taurus, the sign of the Art of Living asks us questions – what way of life in our country do we want to wake up to? We must ponder this, for we (humanity), as the Age of Aquarius unfolds, is now responsible for creating that reality (one’s new country) together.

More questions.What do we give our allegiance to? What are we faithful to? Many intelligent people who previously questioned many things have now been swept up in fear, exhaustion and illness (the Matrix), having been mentally and emotionally manipulated by the Forces of Materialism. It takes great courage to step out of the Matrix….and choose which of the offered “pills” we will take – the red or blue pills offered to us.

Morpheus says to Neo (in the Matrix film) ….“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

As narrated, the blue pill allows one to remain in the fabricated virtual world of the Matrix (controlled reality); the red serves as a “location device” to locate the subject’s body in the real world and to prepare him or her to be “unplugged” from the Matrix.

Once one chooses, the choice is irrevocable. In the film Total Recall (1990), choosing the red pill is “a symbol of your desire to return to reality.”That point of choice is occurring now. Under Taurus, whatever we choose grows and takes shape.

Lyrid Meteor Showers – around midnight but especially in the few hours before dawn (Wednesday & Thursday), we can see meteor showers radiating from the heaven’s 5thbrightest star, Vega, in the constellation, Lyra the Harp. The light from the meteors will radiate down from the heavens in all directions and onto the Earth. Illuminating, with Taurus, the minds of humanity. May our illumined minds help us choose wisely.

ARIES: Home and work (north & south nodes in the sky), call to you simultaneously. You do your very focused best to accommodate both. Two directions imply a push/pull situation, creating opposition (which to choose first), then resistance, before a synthesis and blending, a sharing and unifying field is created. How can this occur? Your very sign of Aries, the fire that initiates all things, will find a way via intuition. You already know how. Ask yourself, then wait for quiet answers. It’s time to ponder the mysteries.

TAURUS: In these present times, as the reset, retreat, reorientation occurs, when our world as we know it finally slowed to a halt and our regular lives aren’t available, you have been very aware of how to prepare for life on the edge – life with less comforts – while still maintaining the Art of Living. Continue with preparations – storing foods, medicines, daily life necessities that make life more livable. It’s time to build that very large greenhouse.

GEMINI: You wonder about your life, where you are going, how to navigate through this strange liminal time, and what now and into the distant future are your responsibilities. Do you sense a wound, a heaviness, coldness and strictness permeating all interactions? This is temporary. Do something to make things warm and comforting so this distance doesn’t continue. Cultivate trustworthiness and reliability, communication and gratitude every moment.

CANCER: If you’re experiencing inflammation and pain, remember Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. East Indian foods are best. Make dahl using ginger and pinches of cayenne and black pepper for warmth. The spices have health benefits: coriander, also for inflammation, contains magnesium; cumin aids in digestion; chilies have Vitamin C. Bloom the spices by sizzling them in ghee (clarified butter) first. These are nurturing and nourishing north node in Cancer and Juno in Libra health suggestions.

LEO: Share all that you have, know, feel and do with others is this spring season’s task. As you share more of yourself, a new sense of service is created, which then creates an expanded sense of self as valuable and real. Is there contact, communication and emotional support with the outer world? It seems many things hidden and from the past are revealing themselves in daily life. You however can no longer stay hidden. You are Vesta, the light of life for others and the found object of self.

VIRGO: Is your creative self somewhat shrouded in a mist? Can you assess daily needs and priorities in terms of your creativity? Using our creativity become practical and then we see new goals emerging. Relationships too seem to be under a veil. How do these affect your daily life? Do you think about serving others during these isolated times? Serving is a Virgo task. The Tibetan says, “Out of duty, perfectly performed, will emerge those larger duties which we call world work.” Always the world calls to us.

LIBRA: During this time of extreme work and responsibilities, notice your will, prudence, discipline, reliability, industriousness, patience, perseverance and focused attention to all that needed to be accomplished in service to humanity. Assuming in many cases, both the mother and father roles. Nothing stopped you, not Insecurity, inhibitions or extreme exhaustion. We award you a medal of excellence. Everyone sees you as perfect.

SCORPIO: There’s a brilliant new and refined state of creativity available to you. Music, very important now, needs to be wherever you are. It is a constant source of renewal. Study, communication, teaching little ones, sculpting, horse tending and/or riding, seeking your next way of serving the wounded – all are past gifts you can again cultivate. Tend to mundane tasks carefully, recognizing and blessing the details.

SAGITTARIUS: Home, the many of them you’ve inhabited – here, there and everywhere – now assumes a more important reality. It is a place where wounds can be realized, embraced, tended to with care. It’s a place from which you communicate to the world. Home is your sangha, sanctuary and retreat. Tend with constancy, care and authenticity to all the livingness around you. This creates within a sense of empowerment, a joy that heals the deepest of wounds.

CAPRICORN: Any tension and pressure you’re feeling can be useful when tended to creatively. Know that a transformation of identity has slowly come your way. It has expanded your sense of self so that you know of your sterling gifts, your ability to cooperate in the face of extreme struggle. Teaching others to cooperate is your next step. Everyone sees you as resourceful and of great value. You answer to the needs of others. You are their harmony after chaos and conflict.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to secure and safeguard your money and use it wisely. It’s also important to share it, when needed, with care and in service. Your money should be used to safeguard your work and family. Invest in land, think about joining and/or building a community. Assess the world situation and be the first to communicate what you see. A new world coming with new laws & principles. It’s your world. You will play a major part in its creation, stabilization and establishment.

PISCES: Past abilities and gifts, especially strength, emerge in your daily life. There are many gifts and talents and they are good. Wounds go into hiding for a while in order that others can be tended to. Be mindful of the ease with which daily tasks fall into a rhythm and ritual. Responsibilities may increase. Love increases too. Careful with how you invest your money. Be prudent while also constantly sharing. Listen only to your heart’s desires. You may need a new little feline companion.

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