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Advice Goddess

Clone Shark and Gloom With A View

Clone Shark I’m a gay man. I was in a relationship with my ex for about three years. We’re on good terms and hang out as friends. He recently started

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The More The Merrier

Symphony offers all sorts of music in new season BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “If you think of things that are traditional — and tradition is great; it’s church, family gatherings, lots

Risa's Astrology

…For the End of Woe Must Come!

Taurus, Lyrids & the Red or Blue Pill The Sun has entered Taurus, anchoring the light of Aries, the “search light of the Logos”. Taurus creates the Penetrating Light on


How Is Your Habitat?

Artist Kat Wilson inspires covid-19 photographs LARA JO HIGHTOWER The photographs in artist Kat Wilson’s “Habitat” series were an instant phenomenon when she first displayed them in 2004 in

Making Ripples

Head Count

Monitors can help bird populations AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples As of this writing, the season’s first clutch of bluebird eggs has hatched, transforming a tan nest cup filled with sky

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Environmentalism Endures

Earth Day challenges, opportunities push forward JOCELYN MURPHY When environmental educators in Northwest Arkansas realized the 50th anniversary of Earth Day coincided with the fifth anniversary of the official


Digging Up The Facts

Study supports value of arts integration in learning JOCELYN MURPHY “The arts make us more human, make us more compassionate, make us more thoughtful and make us more reflective.

Cover Story

Books In (Virtual) Bloom

Authors share tales of inspiration, hard work, success BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Imagine, if you will, it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday in May. The trees are vivid green, and flowers are

Male Call

Turning a collar can save a favorite shirt

Q. My grandmother told me that she knew how to “turn a collar” on a man’s shirt. Do people still do that? If so, should I let my grandmother turn