…For the End of Woe Must Come!

…For the End of Woe Must Come!

The Great Invocations invoke the appearance of a Divine Intermediary, sacred messenger to guide humanity through our present isolation. Energy, its descent from above, responds to appeal and demand. When reciting the Invocations, we become part of the “precipitation” of invisible energies, the purpose of which is to aid and assist humanity in times of need. These energies wait for humanity to call them forth.

During widespread differences and disputes, the Three Great Invocations create the healing and illumination humanity needs. As I wrote before, these Invocations, when recited create the “thought-form of solution to world problems.”Should we penetrate into the vital meaning of the words, we discover they embody a formula of Livingness created at the founding of the Earth itself.

These stanzas are offered because humanity, in crisis, is now able to comprehend their deep mantric meanings. The Invocations summon a synthesis of Light, Love & Power, Intelligence and Creativity within humanity. All lines of life (above and below) meet in humanity. The New Group of World Servers invites everyone to join the daily recitation of the Three Great Invocations. When we do so our lives become resonant, responsive, useful, purposeful and meaningful. Our Light within then touches all lives everywhere. The world harmonizes. And the Raincloud of Knowable Things appears.

The Great Invocation 2 Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth. Let them bring succour to the sons of men.

Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth. And coming, save. Come forth, O Mighty One. Let the souls of men awaken to the light. And may they stand with massed intent.

Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe must come! Come forth, O Mighty One.

The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.

Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One. Let Light and Love and Power and Death

Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One. The WILL to save is here.

The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.

The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.

Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three.

Construct a great defending wall. The rule of evil NOW must end. Om.

ARIES: Your true calling comes forth. No longer just a burning ground of aspiration, as the world begins to reorient everywhere, your initiating abilities appear, you gather philosophical beliefs and goals. Now at the highest level in terms of world work, you begin to see your career emerging in terms of how you serve the culture, build the new civilization, how you serve humanity so their gifts come forth, too. You’re at the doorstep.

TAURUS: So often you remained in the shadows, didn’t speak up, thought others would do a better job. This gave you time to develop needed strength and stamina, awareness and abilities. Now remaining behind the scenes is no longer advisable. It’s time for you to communicate, teach, lead, facilitate, and make the transition from dark room to lighted world. You offer hope to humanity, illuminate their minds with the “waters of life”.

GEMINI: Much of your life has been about observing the needs of others and stepping into the field of service. This has been good. However, there comes a time when your focus must shift from other to self. That time is now. You need new study, new people, new information. Your inner calls for this. You’re ready to answer the call. However, something within you hesitates. What is it? Have you lost your way?

CANCER: Who you’ve been will no longer be who you are. What you’ve been asked to do is no longer what you can do. All the responsibilities you’ve assumed for so long will begin to annoy and irritate you. You will gradually want fewer tasks and more time for solitude and contemplation. Your creative gifts come forth seeking to be acknowledged. What are they? You need more edible flowers.

LEO: Over and over you’ll review plans, agendas, and rituals in your daily life. And over and over these will continue to change. They concern your work, health and all environments you find yourself in. Old concepts turn to new; discoveries break the mold of previous belief systems; your health needs change. You’ll seek new settings that allow for freedom as well as protection. Later you pursue, people, places and the very things your heart desires.

VIRGO: Three words – creativity, opportunity, options. These will be meaningful in certain areas of life. Gates will open, the sun will shine in your garden, and a new creative impulse appears making you feel not so alone. You’ve made adjustments while living on hope. Soon, new times will come, a new self-expression, too. And a new philosophy takes you on a new journey. You’ll need sturdy shoes.

LIBRA: All that’s important to you, all that formed your beliefs and foundations, will be revised. This is a part of growing up. You took a path into a new world long ago. You learned new understandings, eliminated all that restricted your identity. You seek to build a new path now, based upon a change of values, a sense of self-assurance, and knowing that the coming brave new world will support you. As you change, the world changes. Do turn back to something left behind. Embrace it.

SCORPIO: You will find the need to speak the Truth in many situations. Usually you stand aside, allow others to be the voice of society. However, these times call for your voice of reason, allowing no false information to pass you by. You are aware of the impact of untruthfulness and of speaking in ways hurtful to others. Your work becomes a response to world events. Destiny calls. It’s within your heart, written in the stars. You are the Truth and it sets you free.

SAGITTARIUS: Usually one thinks of Sag as philosophically minded. However, recently you’ve become security minded, wondering, as you age, how to prepare and build a strong system of resources for later times. It feels like destiny has arrived. You sense this and attempt to bring forth purpose, energy and passion to whatever you believe in. And so, the question is what do you believe in? What is most important to you now? The answers, when contemplated, may surprise you.

CAPRICORN: You have stepped into power, a most interesting situation. Authority figures, not understanding the energy of relationship or astrology, may feel you’re challenging them. At times, your presence challenges previous beliefs of those in authority. You bring revolutionary change. And so, what does this mean for you? A call to leadership requiring you to display your ability to lead with both love and will, as you stand within the center of power. You’ll be learning this. It’s not easy. You can do it.

AQUARIUS: As outer world events continue to change, you turn inward, in order to understand events and requirements of the coming new era. It will only be your inner environment that can provide context to the outside world, as only your inner world understands the truth of all matters, including Right Direction and Right Attitude and how to shine a bright new light on all business matters. Life calls you forth into greater humanitarian endeavors. You will understand more of this later.

PISCES: New opportunities and decisions will present themselves concerning your work in the world, your career, and how you’re recognized. You seek an expansion, a greater impact on humanity, so a larger humanitarian picture can unfold. You are affected by the needs of humanity and will call forth new purpose, new endeavors, and the outworking of a dream and vision held for generations. Hold on. It’s almost time.


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