Autumn & Libra — Let Choice Begin

Early Monday morning the Sun entered Libra, sign of balance and poise. Libra, a cardinal sign, “initiates” autumn in the northern hemisphere. Autumn begins the “dark half of the year.” It also signals the Soul half of the year. From now till Winter Solstice, the amount of light available each day lessens. The days become shorter and darker. There is a part of us that will long for the light – rituals (Ray 7) of light to protect us during the darkening months. We look towards the Festivals of Lights soon to begin.

Autumn Equinox, a moment in time when there is balance of light and dark, expansion and contraction, between summer and winter, can feel bittersweet. Autumn holds a different sort of promise. That hidden within darkness is Light – the Soul (light) hidden within the darkness of matter. A light to be birthed at Winter Solstice.

In Libra, humanity is given a choice. Libra is called the “sign wherein humanity chooses” which path to follow. Back to Virgo or moving forward to Scorpio. Do we choose to continue with material (Virgo) experiences or are we strong enough to enter into the tests and trials of Discipleship (Scorpio)? Libra allows us an “interlude” in which to ponder these choices, and then, as one of the signs of crisis, Libra forces us to choose. We stumble about within this crisis until the right choice is made.

In Libra we enter into the Arjuna/Krishna story. Arjuna awoke one morning to the sounds of battle. Krishna, the Teacher, told Arjuna (aspirant/student), he would need to choose a side to fight on (support, identify with). Arjuna declined to choose until a crisis ensued. Libra (our choice) is a “crisis point” for each of us.

ARIES: You think about loving your work and those you work with and communication is good with everyone (though you must battle against critical thoughts) and you seek to help others more, which inspires them and then work is even better and more fulfilling and loyalty toward you emerges and then new goals are considered and workflow increases and so does success. It’s like a river flowing harmoniously for everyone. It begins with you, the leader.

TAURUS: You may not be romantic outwardly because of so much work to be done to insure humanity and the future’s sustainability. But this doesn’t mean you feel less love. It’s just that you’re focused and determined and disciplined and must follow your own instincts and intuition and not let relationship concerns get in the way. You have been tending to others non-stop for weeks. You must rest now. The world goes on. And new challenges are ahead.

GEMINI: Mental, emotional and physical stability are concerns now and so you must assess, tend to, ask for, create and call forth what is not only safe but also what comforts and creates security. We are in an era of destruction, of darkness (Kali Yuga), of change, disruption, hope, anticipation, choice and opportunity. Soon it will be time to make plans. Unusual plans. Something is ending. And something new begins. Watch for both.

CANCER: You feel the need to communicate with everyone. You realize everyone has a gift and if they ask enough questions that gift emerges and then you learn more and more about those in your environments. You, too, have gifts and when you come out from under your shell, communicate and share, then we see your gifts too and we learn from them. You are very perceptive now, more than usual. However, something saddens you, something obstructs your happiness. What is it?

LEO: There’s an inner and outer reality concerning interactions with individuals and groups and also your creativity and leadership and others. Something is in opposition. You think you have to choose one over the other. Do you? Oppositions are actually only different sides of the same golden coin. Eventually they integrate, unify and synthesize. What is occurring that seems in opposition? Is it spiritual, emotional or material factors, needs of self or others, or a feeling of being worthy or unworthy?

VIRGO: You want to talk about issues, values and ideas important to you – things not often communicated, including your beliefs, how you want to serve, your new emerging identity and all the things you hope, wish and plan for. You’re practical, orderly and organized in your approach. These are important assets especially when you look deep within. Gradually a new sense of self-identity emerges.

LIBRA: It’s your birthday month. What do you wish for this year? Plans created long ago are slowly being implemented. I hope all your dreams and aspirations come true. I hope for you solitude that leads to revelations and kindness that leads to forgiveness. Some issues, hidden, are not quite ready for the light of day. For now, you’re organizing inner things so you can later order and organize outer relationships and environments.

SCORPIO: Plan to have a social get-together of friends and acquaintances you care about. Include local sustainable and seasonal foods and biodynamic wines. Scatter several controversial books around, select some Satie, Chopin or Liszt (salon music). Consider an afternoon high tea. Suggest a subject to discuss, like how to create communities (the steps), the focus and purpose of community, who would be attracted and how community would prepare everyone for the Aquarian Era to come. Criticism isn’t invited.

SAGITTARIUS: Do all that you can to create compromise between you and those you work with. Things small can escalate into things quite large. This includes good things, so give those around you what they want and need (as well and as much as you can) and this will be reflected back to you in terms of recognition and rewards. Be dashing as you perform these acts of kindness. You’ll become even more attractive and radiant. You’ve done this before. You’re honing your skills of charm and intelligence.

CAPRICORN: You could feel overwhelmed by too many events flooding your reality, not eating adequately and in a timely matter, or simply because you’ve been “on” for so long. The work you are doing has much to do with what you’ve done before. It seems perhaps you’re completing a long cycle of this type of work. You create pleasant king and intelligent environments wherever you are. Many look to you for vital information, ideas, beauty, engagement and love. Know you are valuable in many ways.

AQUARIUS: Soon (or now), you may want to discuss finances, daily events, schedules, relationships, etc. with someone, perhaps a parent, partner, family or close friend. Speak with candor, ease and a neutral tone. Do not be frightened to discuss anything. Sharing eases your heart. When we speak the truth, truth holds us. When needed, ask for teamwork, understanding and consideration. In your daily life things change and then change some more. You too bring change.

PISCES: The focus is on relationships, close and intimate. You find yourself of many minds – one seeks to create harmony and Goodwill. Another seeks to increase discipline and efficiency and another, to forge ahead with personal ideas and plans. It seems they are all in opposition. Ponder deeply on them; visualize working together, and eventually a synthesis (unity) comes forth. It may be difficult at first. The time is not quite yet. Patience.

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