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Advice Goddess

I Second That Emoticon and Pretender Mercies

I Second That Emoticon I know some men refuse to use emojis because they think they’re silly or cheesy. But I have to say, when men use emojis, they make

Risa's Astrology

Life’s a Dream, the World Our Stage

We have a Virgo stellium (three or more planets in a sign) in the heavens at this time – Juno, Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus. When Mars comes into play



Sept. 6 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band — 7:30 p.m., The Auditorium, Eureka Springs. $45-$85. Poolside at the Flamingo — 7 p.m., with Serpentine, Izuna, and Tel Anorath. Backspace, Fayetteville. $6.

Male Call

Proper wedding attire

Q. We’re planning our wedding next June, and my fiancee is trying to decide whether to go with a tuxedo or a suit. Depending upon the store, all the salesmen