Life’s a Dream, the World Our Stage

We have a Virgo stellium (three or more planets in a sign) in the heavens at this time – Juno, Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus. When Mars comes into play emotions heat up making events and interactions passionate, sizzling and quite fiery. We experience flare ups, anger, frustration, criticism, judgments, power issues in relationships. With Virgo, there’s a sense no one is living up to the Virgo standards of order, organization, communication, discernment or discrimination.

This is the situation when considering western astrology (which follows the seasons). Sun/Mars in Virgo – a very “testy” situation indeed!

If we follow Vedic astrology (which follows the actual constellations), the Sun/Mars is in Leo (the “I”) and people may be saying, “I amangry, irritated, fuming mad, cross, furious, outraged, upset disappointed and impatient.”Whichever astrology we follow, Mars and the Sun are making things hot under the collar, temperatures are rising and people are in reactive states that could prove damaging. Couple this with transits of Saturn retro (restriction, restructuring) in Capricorn and Neptune (dreamy, delusional, deluded) in Pisces (under water) and we find everyone doing their best to anchor a reality one can live with and understand.

Even though we have the detail-focus and fact-obsessive Virgo energies all around us, we can still feel surreal, myopic and in a world of make-believe. The practical response to all of this is to day dream, think delightful thoughts, be uplifting, life affirming, letting conversations run deep while we dillydally the days away. We remember… life’s a dream, all the world’s a stage, each of us playing our part. And as we dawdle about, let’s all enjoy the play.

ARIES: Speak carefully and harmoniously to loved ones. Realize you may be more critical, including self-criticism. Allow others the benefit of understanding. Always ask for an explanation and listen carefully. What you know is best and what you feel emotionally (frustration, anger, etc.) may be at odds. Choose the right course of action. Then your consciousness, awareness and love expand. The twelve petals of the heart open.

TAURUS: Health events occur unexpectedly and healing people are contacted, both of which influence your future. Beware of anything you or others do that steps across boundaries where uncontrolled and disrespectful power may be an issue. In all communications bring forth Right Relations within yourself so that the Right Relations of others can be summoned. In all endeavors maintain the highest of ethics, morals, values and intentions. How one begins a project is how it ends.

GEMINI: You find you must change or shift your values and day-to-day ways of being. You find you must reach out to friends and loved ones and speak with them from your heart. You find you must alter your habits and ways of living so that health can be regained. You find that everything must change and all of this is good. Each day many are supporting you on inner levels. There is great love for you from the heavens, too.

CANCER: New ideas are presented, emerging all levels and parts of your life. Learning is occurring at an accelerated pace. It’s as if you’re in a school but the reality is, you’re concentrating on the here and now. Extra energy is also being offered to you from Mars, the planet that initiates and leads us to action. You are strong, resourceful, intuitive, and actually an excellent gardener. You will teach those who are curious.

LEO: Let us spend a few moments in recognition and praise of you. Venus has asked us to honor you a bit more. And so, you’ve become more attractive and at times magnetic. Your heart is flowing with generosity. You offer support when needed, always tending to those more vulnerable than you (you understand vulnerability). You keep secrets, love to work alone, and what is it that I see coming down the road?

VIRGO: The words given to Leo soon apply to you. The Sun is shining on your gifts and creative abilities and all you’ve wanted to do now slowly, here and there, comes into manifestation. You have everything you need in terms of energy, resources and time. Whereas much has been external, notice as you begin to withdraw more and more into yourself. It will be a time of composure, contemplation and peace. For a while.

LIBRA: You feel the need to be more social and find yourself at times in groups where everyone recognizes and loves you. And then there are times when you feel out of place, the odd one, not heard, seen, listened to or understood. During the month you will assess your self-identity, see if you’re the same person from before, and realize new important needs for love, stability and for all things orderly and practical. Tread (act, speak) carefully at work.

SCORPIO: There may be conflict and collisions with other people’s ideas. There may be difficulty communicating and/or being understood. Before speaking, think first about your choice of words, intentions and tone. Dedicate yourself to intentions for Goodwill, always making situations better than they were. These are important values to uphold. Careful with travel, be cautious and take no risks. It’s not a good time to gamble, either.

SAGITTARIUS: During the month traveling about here and there, you consider your base of operation, what your true foundations are, and how your family heritage has given you an identity that propels you forward into unknown territory. Do not be concerned if chaos becomes a companion. Chaos is the first step toward a new harmony. Chaos harbors the seeds of creativity, provides excitement and experiences and shreds outworn ways of being. Gather walking sticks.

CAPRICORN: Subtle shifts and changes will continue in your life, growing ever more present as the days unfold. You are being gently and quietly transformed to become the person you were meant to be. Tend to all things financial. Create a schedule for money earned and spent. You will notice a return to previous realities. Assess them, record them and find that they were always good. Share with the family what you are writing about. True history sustains us.

AQUARIUS: You may feel that all progress is stalled, movements forward take two steps back, and previous roads walked are walked upon again. This is not failure on your part. It’s a review, assessment, revisiting and revision that must occur. It’s also the umbrella under which you will experience the coming autumn season. It will be a time of solitude, retreat and contemplation. Did you recently make a very difficult decision?

PISCES: Something comes to rest and perhaps a completion occurs in the coming weeks. You will then prepare for new actions and activities that define the rest of the year. Notice your thoughts, impressions, ideas and intuitions providing subtle signs concerning your next steps. Before anything new begins, some things come to an end. A farewell may be on your lips. In all things be disciplined, kind, loving yet structured. Eliminate all that’s unnecessary. Soon it will be time to move on.

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