Honoring Mother

Sunday is Mother’s Day. The moon is in Virgo – ultimate sign of the perfect organized mother. It’s also the sign ruled by Mercury – so communication with mother is most important on Mother’s Day. Communication with one’s own mother, whether here or in heaven. Wherever they are their hearts are open, alive, well and listening. It’s good to offer in whatever ways we can words of kindness, recognition, gratitude and to also offer nurturance to our mothers. Although my mother is in heaven, I tell her every day, “You did a good job, Mother. A great job, in fact.”

All mothers, an assignment, a spiritual undertaking and a job description, are constantly learning howto be mothers. The task of mothering is demanding, arduous, daunting, difficult, confusing, filled with suffering and paradox. Mothering is an Initiation, actually. Some (adult) children are estranged from their mothers. Such sadness! It’s good in this case to remember the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, saint of Right Human Relations. “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.”

In our mothers’ later years, they will need to look to us for guidance. Let us promise this to them, safeguarding our mothers with understanding, compassion and love.

ARIES: Careful how you interact with others. Do not rely only on possessions and monetary realities (though tending them is important). Rely also on instinct and then intuition to direct and guide you into knowing the quality of a person, event, resource, choice and investment. You will be called to act and speak with courage, a virtue of the heart. Allow a deep calmness to rest within, the results when sone knows all is well. Because you made it so.

TAURUS: Be aware that you make impressions on many, leading them to follow your every thought, idea, action and move. Therefore, it’s important to act always with ethics and complete all plans, agreements, promises and agendas. You’re attempting to initiate new projects impacting life far into the future. You may be one of the few able to accomplish this. The future of humanity awaits. Carry on through any obstacles or hindrances. Call forth Mary to untie any knots (barriers) keeping you from spiritual work

GEMINI: You may feel a sense of tiredness, exhaustion and needing rest. You may also be dreaming at night with your head in the clouds during the day. Both are important. Have you begun your Esoteric Journal, Dream Journal, Retrograde Journal? To record your experiences each day. Over time messages concerning your life direction emerge. Maintain a light, fresh foods diet; eliminate anything excess; drink pure water; love more, and look to the stars each night for direction.

CANCER: It’s important to maintain close connections with like-minded friends who share the values you find important. See all interactions, even uncomfortable ones, as opportunities and attempt to understand what the hopes, wishes and needs of others are. Know that no matter how life is now, greater community will be available to you and your family later. Careful while walking, lest you stumble.

LEO: Career matters assume new dimensions; co-workers need more care, you want to improve your health, create new work methods and tend to the necessities of your life. Big jobs! You realize this takes balance so you go slower than usual, foregoing adventure in order to create a long-term plan of practical goals. Your greatest success is acceptance of everything present in your life. Then everything harmonizes.

VIRGO: You may be traveling to teach and/or to study far away this summer. You may be planning meetings, conferences, classrooms and/or curriculum. You will definitely be communicating with others on a large scale, either personally or through writing, speaking, teleconferencing, conference-calling. Some or all of these will occur and all the while you gain knowledge, happiness and goodness. You have an adventure.

LIBRA: Are you harboring a secret, perhaps one or more? Is there money or resources you share with another? Is everything clear and aboveboard in this area? It is time to arrange your finances so that debts are paid quickly. These times call you to be frugal, economically prudent, thrifty and careful, thus being able to conserve resources with confidence. Be prepared to teach others very soon in these ways. You will be efficient, informative and illuminating. Your smile lights up dark places.

SCORPIO: Relationships are primary now so listen very carefully to what others are communicating and have the intentions to respond with deep listening, care, interest and emotional equilibrium. Should you be uncooperative imbalance will ensue and you will feel you have neglected a responsibility. Direct attention toward others now. Because only from you can they feel a special care, nurturance, love and safety. Then it’s all returned.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be creating many and various lists consisting of tasks and errands – cars that need tending, accounts that need reckoning, travels that need considering, responsibilities that need completing, and problems that need easing. Spending time alone will help you complete incomplete projects. You may dream more at night as you travel about in the ethers. Record all dreams. Over time, dreams offer a clear message of your direction in life.

CAPRICORN: Setting out each day’s agenda and assessing priorities allows you to have more control, more wisdom and brings a clarity and focus to all that you do. Try not to criticize yourself or anyone. Compassion tells us everyone’s doing their very best while at different stages of development. New opportunities appear at first as philosophical ideas. Then they become goals. Rest more so you can imagine more. And then create more. Life is magic.

AQUARIUS: Home, family, property, community and parents become very important. Give them attention, attempting to improve relationships with family while also improving the beauty and organization of the environments you find yourself in. Do nothing that unsettles your safety or security, challenge no one, and calm tensions with exercise, prayer, vitamins, minerals and herbs. No storing them!

PISCES: It’s best to set time aside to gain better health. A new sense of feeling better and self-identity results. Often you work with the shadow side of your health (things hidden). As well as your Sun side (things apparent). You feel the need for better health, clear direction and resources that provide stabilization, constancy and the right sense of home. Sometimes there’s simply the need for silence. Inner and outer silence. Then we hear these words, “Rest for a while, O Pilgrim along the Way.”

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