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Advice Goddess

Having It Tall And Meek My Day!

Having It Tall I’m a 6’2” woman. What’s the ideal way for me to respond when people (almost always men and total strangers) ask, out of the blue, “How does

Male Call

Don’t overreact to being overdressed

Q. Fairly often I go to events and discover I am overdressed. I’d rather not risk being underdressed, so can you suggest solutions besides just staying in my suit, shirt,

Making Ripples

Wasp, Wasp, Go Away!

Tips keep flying visitors away from humans AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples It’s that time of year again when wispy wasps buzz around patios, porches, gardens, sheds or anywhere else they’re



May 17 Carter Sampson — 8 p.m., Black Apple Crossing, Springdale. Ken Weatherford — Brick Street Brews, Rogers. TNT Offroad Tour — with The Lacs, and Charlie Farley. Byrd’s Adventure

Risa's Astrology

Wesak – Buddha Taurus Full Moon Festival

Saturday (May 18th) is the Wesak (Buddha) Festival, the 2nd Spring Festival of the year. Since Winter Solstice, disciples around the world have been preparing for this Taurus festival. It