Scorpio-the Struggle from Death to Immortality

The autumn festivals of Light begin soon with Halloween when veils thin between worlds. We are in Scorpio now, deep, dark, mysterious and so often misunderstood. Scorpio, very complex in all of its deep watery darkness, is humanity as Hercules toiling away each day within the Twelve Labors. Scorpio is Ray 4, the Ray of Humanity – the Ray of Harmony emerging through conflict and chaos.

Ray 4 (Scorpio) is the struggle of moving from “darkness to light, from death to immortality.”It is the struggle of spiritual growth (Evolution) – to move forward and not to “fall back into old beliefs, systems and ways of being.”

Scorpio calls humanity to Discipleship. In Scorpio there is a great battle and nine great tests given to us by Mars. The personality enters into battle with the Soul. The Disciple and Soul must emerge “victorious.” The battle is not easy. The path is filled with dangers, hindrances, obstacles. The personality wants direction from the Soul, yet it doesn’t. In Libra, the choice was made to enter the battle. And so, in Scorpio the war begins.

Scorpio is not just to do battle. It is not enough that the pairs of opposites, polarized in Libra, now meet. Scorpio must create within the self and in all environments, a Path of Harmony. This is Ray 4 – a new level of harmony emerging from conflict and chaos.

Therefore, Scorpio must know both, transforming the difficulties, vicissitudes, conflicts & chaos into a new state of Harmony. In Scorpio the three lights meet – the personality, the Soul and Spirit (permanent spiritual atom). After the great battle is over these three must reintegrate, fuse and blend.

This is the secret of Scorpio and the “Fourth Way.” In all these things written here, Scorpio battles daily. Scorpio is the turning point, the reset, and the reorientation. And so now we know. (Daily Studies with Risa on FB – Risa D’Angeles FB page)

ARIES: Assess if there are any needs you or a partner have that are unspoken, unknown and perhaps hidden, only coming to life when conflict and chaos arise. Asking about values and needs are good questions to ask in all relationships (with self and others), and especially now. Are there legal situations you must tend to? Carefully make plans for later implementation.

TAURUS: It’s time to teach others what you know. You protect, hide and shield information until the right time comes forth, and now is that time. You cannot do what you’ve been doing alone for much longer. Are you asking others to help you? Asking them what they need in return. Clear communication is the sign of the disciple.

GEMINI: Is there difficulty with concentration, communication or making contact with others? With the stars? Write down by hand what you value most in daily life? Make it into a journal. When expectations are placed upon you, explain you’re working slowly now as life has taken a sideways turn. You’ll be doing things not quite to your liking – an exercise in sacrifice. Go slow. Call an old intelligent friend.

CANCER: Are you sleeping? Your appetite may increase. Something slips into your life that makes you happier, creating a surging forth of determination and courage and a new sense of

creativity. You’ll be inspired about how and where you live.

Prepare for a new life to appear. You have become orderly and organized.

LEO: Should you feel you cannot possibly leave home, remain there quietly for a while. Tend to personal issues, things domestic like cleaning and clearing, gardening and cooking, allowing yourself also time for research. Contact previous friends. Is there a misunderstanding to be explained, something or someone needing care and tending? Someone moves.

VIRGO: Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B (complex), A & D, calcium/magnesium. Your appetite and feelings for food may change dramatically. Drink water with marigold flowers and mint. Monetary situations continue to unfold. New ideas stream into your mind and you ponder many ways you are creative. How many journals do you have now?

LIBRA: Be sure your finances are in order. Assess them carefully. What goes in, what goes out. Balance it with a thought to savings. Finances affect emotions and health. When researching investments, think gold, silver, platinum, consult a precious metals professional and don’t succumb to a situation or person that may confuse you. You may need more rest.

SCORPIO: Suddenly your life assumes additional intensity and, being very private, you’re unable to hide the effects. To ease the discomfort of this concentrated powerful state, maintain consistent exercise, and then double it. A new self-identity and a new sense of strength is forming. Your heart petals are opening. Sometimes this hurts. Set your sights on new and distinguishing goals.

SAGITTARIUS: The new life structure you’ve sought is forming within your sphere of daily work and service in the world. Discipline yourself in the right use of energy and time. Don’t waste these in emotional endeavors. Stay behind the scenes. Work on your own. Plan for future endeavors or perhaps do nothing at all. Don’t dabble in anything hidden.

CAPRICORN: Don’t take on excessive tasks lest exhaustion begins to affect your immune system. You’re capable of holding the entire world on your shoulders, but soon this becomes too heavy and quite unbearable. Create a manifestation list with your hoped-for goals and priorities, forming a magnet of energy around you. Delays are normal. Don’t fret.

AQUARIUS: You feel and understand humanity’s needs and sorrows, and thus bring forth new ideas, with a message of balance and harmony (and a bit of fun). You have tremendous potential to bring into form your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Focus on specific goals. It’s an excellent time for future planning. Maintain all close friends and contacts.

PISCES: Piscean teachers, travelers, publishers, writers, adventurers and religious leaders are busy with schedules, plans, travel (careful!), cultural and/or religious aims and endeavors –remembering to maintain harmony and balance into daily life. At times Pisces can feel isolated and isolating. You need a stimulus package of direction and hope. Safety is important. Find a warm pool to swim in. Know you are a focal point for saving grace.

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