Virgo — The Blended Dual Light

We are under the blended dual Light of Virgo, sign of the Madonna gestating a new reality. Virgo holds a stalk of wheat and a stalk of corn in her arms. Both are from Venus.Virgo tends gardens, works with the devas; she is Ceres, Mother of Persephone and goddess of the harvest. Sometimes Virgo has a feather in her hand, connecting her to the bird kingdom.

Feathers – symbol of Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) – the feather’s tip shaped for writing, Virgo is the writer, bringing solutions & practical ideas into the world. Virgo gestates new ideas, ponders upon them, hides them away, nurtures them with her purity. Virgo “hides the Soul, in the cave of the heart.” Virgo with Mercury develops in humanity a focused orderly mind, infusing matter with the ideals of God. Ostrich, swan, raven, peacock, owl feathers – Virgo messages.

Each zodiacal sign signifies a different stage of Soul development and Light. Like the Earth’s kingdoms (mineral, plant, deva/angel, animal, human), though on different stages, all kingdoms assist humanity on our journey towards the light.

Cancer & Virgo are the two “mothers” of the zodiac. Each performing a different task of care & nurturance. Both tending the Soul within us. We ponder upon these things during Virgo. We look for feathers.We communicate with creatures that fly – birds, bees, moths, butterflies, fire flies and dragon flies. Devas fly too – with intention, sending love and recognition, from our hearts to theirs. All the kingdoms, except human, live group lives. We will learn group living, too.

ARIES: Since you are an intrinsic leader, making choices on your own with no one’s approval it is often difficult to take direction, to have others above you, to follow another’s authority. As the changes continue in our world, you may find yourself under someone else’s direction. If and when this occurs think of it as a learning adventure. Think of them as learning how to lead. You already know.

TAURUS: You’re attempting to awaken the awareness and bring forth the consciousness of many people through communication, discussion, writing, group work. You find that most people are slow to change, there is an inertia built of habit and not knowing. You are most patient and for this we are grateful. However, you know when you’ve offered enough. Now you step back.

GEMINI: Are the ways you have lived daily life changed in a major way? Is your health in a state of transformation? Are you communicating your real needs and is anyone listening? Is home a comfort, a place to work, a place to leave, a place of safety and a place of comfort and trust? Do you not know the next forward step? Keep walking, moving forward. We pray with you.

CANCER: You are tending to many errands and attempting to accomplish many tasks, here, there and everywhere. Changes are going to occur in your home soon (people coming, going, staying leaving) and all these undertakings are in preparation. Either you’ll move, or family visits or redecoration and a complete restructuring will be planned. In the meantime, begin to plan for your autumn and winter gardens.

LEO: The Sun has been shining with a new and steady golden light. It is your Sun with its heart of Love/Wisdom. A new year begins for you once again. Endings, subtle and internal occurred, opening up pathways for new endeavors. The time for reflection and quiet review continues as your new year is initiated. Gather your memories and have a little celebration.

VIRGO: Virgo symbolizes three levels of the Madonna. Eve and the mental plane holding an apple in her hand. Isis, weeping and seeking her husband Osiris. And Mary, holding the holy child to her heart. These signify the three personality levels of humanity – mental, emotional and physical. They represent intelligent action, love and wisdom brought into the world. These are your tasks, too. When concentrating on these things, notice a shift into lightness and love. It’s very subtle.

LIBRA: For the next several months there will be a shift and change of emphasis in your relationships. It is all about love discipline. Libra is much like Capricorn, only softer. You will grow up more, become more disciplined and structured. You will ask the same of others. With Saturn in Capricorn, one often loses weight. The bare bones of reality come for a visit and stay awhile. You realize that “love underlies all the events in your life.”

SCORPIO: Notice your communication with others has deepened. You’re more serious than usual, your thought processes more structured as you delve into mysteries and things unknown. Scorpios are often surgeons, alchemists, mystery school teachers, deep-sea divers, funeral directors, and tenders of other people’s money. Whichever you are, more discipline has entered your life, and more responsibility. For a long time to come.

SAGITTARIUS: Something good is (or will be) occurring professionally. Others are attracted to what you do because you do it very well – with detail, order and organization. Money continues to be an ongoing issue. It’s not that you don’t have any. But what you have seems to elude you in terms of how to use it with practicality. It keeps disappearing somehow. Along with how you value yourself. All of this is changing. In good time new values emerge. You are valuable.

CAPRICORN: Have you been thinking and/or communicating about money? Are you wondering about your position in the world, asking if you’ve climbed enough steps to the top? There will be a thoughtful restructuring as to how you’re seen in the world. More disciplined, more orderly, serious and conservative. These are good ways to be. They define a leader of the people within the culture helping to create the new civilization.

AQUARIUS: You will seek more travel and adventure in the coming months and years. Although your entire life seems to be an adventure, there are many parts of yourself that are very traditional. Tend to money and resources carefully so you are able to finance all you must do. As you travel you will seek where you truly call home. This will be the task of your heart.

PISCES: Contacts are being made, decisions, too, that affect the coming months. As I have mentioned to Aquarius, tend to money carefully. It may feel as if it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Begin to reorganize your life, from the bottom up and sideways. Much needs to be eliminated, sorted, ordered, filed and then protected. You’ll find you need less and less. Tend to your health with immediate carefulness. People will come to you with questions.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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