Mother’s Day, New Moon, Uranus Enters Taurus

Mother’s Day is Sunday;Tuesday is the new moon (24.36 degrees Taurus) and soon after, Uranus (planet of revolution, ultimate change) enters Taurus (stabilizing new archetypes, new ideas). This is a change for Uranus after seven years in Aries (all things new).

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers(whatever gender or species) & to fathers who are also mothers. We nurture and nourish and bring comfort to our mothers today in ways they need and understand (not our ways and needs). Mercury (talk)and Moon (mother) enter Taurus Sunday, too. We speak comforting words and create beauty and the Art of Living for our mothers.

Tuesdayearly morning is the Taurus new moon. Sun/Moon in Taurus – creating a new moon. The personality-building keynote for Taurus is, “Let struggle be undismayed.”It reveals the Ray 4 of Taurus – understanding harmony emerges from conflict and chaos.

The Moon is exalted (works well) in Taurus. And Taurus is the Mother of All Forms. It’s a time of stability, we don’t want change, we don’t want hurry or stress or disharmony. We want a comforting couch to sit upon, to rest; fine foods; quality friendships; art and beauty.

Amidst this kindly scene, Uranus quietly shifts into Taurus (8:16am west coast time, Tuesday). And a new rhythm begins. From out of the darkness of form, a newly awakened perception of Light is “seen”: From darkness to light, the unreal to the real, from chaos to beauty.” (more on Uranus next week)

ARIES: You could feel the need to spend and spend. However, it’s best to restrict this desire. If you must, concentrate on preparation of foods, water, medicines, things needed in case of emergency. I know this may be difficult for a fire sign to concentrate on details needed for this task. However, it may save your life. Be a leader in this. Others will learn and follow.

TAURUS: A growing sense of importance and a new state of self-identity begins to be realized by you along with a new level of courage. Others see this, too, and they call upon you for strength, leadership and knowledge. You have dreams and visions concerning future accomplishments. Soon others will join your visions and bring new Aquarian community ideas into form and matter. Concentrate on vivifying your health.

GEMINI: Your energies are slowly receding to a place of rest and reflection. It’s good to read about communities during this time, considering how you would create community, what community means to you, and what talents you bring to a community you would choose to help create and live in. Turn inward more and more. A spiritual circadian-rhythm time schedule emerges.

CANCER: While the past becomes more visible, especially in dreams, you gradually become more visible in social groups, in the work you’re accomplishing at home and in the world. It’s most important you listen to others without judgments, opinions, taking sides or giving advice. You have many ideas, and much thinking, based on the past. Events now will bring you into the present/future.

LEO: I often tell everyone that Leos need praise and recognition so they can evolve more easily. This is true. There will be upcoming new and challenging work you might consider doing. You will have assistance from colleagues who recognize and respect you and the outcome will be more than good. This will be gradual and take some time. You will develop the needed fortitude and patience.

VIRGO: Your mind is focused on learning something large and important. You are also thinking about teachers who helped develop your mind, providing new avenues of thought, perceptions and creative ideas. You might want to be in touch with what your true hopes and wishes are. And resume studies set aside long ago. You may also want to travel. Desire, independence and aspiration lead you.

LIBRA: Are you concerned with money and finances? It’s important to use your resources to prepare for the future. Not a retirement far-off future, but soon into the future. Let’s consider the following. What would you do without food, power, water or gas for your car? What can you do now that would care for you, loved ones, family and friends should any type of emergency occur? Because you’re the sign of balance, you must balance this reality with previous future hopes.

SCORPIO: Wherever you are, no matter whom you’re with, something fiery seems to pulsate and things swift and moving seem to be on the verge with everything changing minute by minute. These energies are complex and almost not understandable. It’s best to agree with everyone, take yourself far away somewhere, seek the silence of clouds, oceans, sand, gardens, trees, forests and stars. They make everything as new within.

SAGITTARIUS: Money’s something you simply can’t understand at times. Don’t try. You’re experiencing a secret wound somewhere. Being creative becomes an overwhelming feat. There’s so much approaching, you can’t decide things anymore. Try not to burn out with anxiety. You wish for safety in relationship but only sense the past. The only thing left are friends who are serious and responsible. They care for you.

CAPRICORN: This month allows you to be freer than usual, setting its pace according to your needs, calling for you to seek all types of creative art forms, to have fun, and to be a bit more social. Home is the best place to be after a long trip. As you look around you’ll see the opportunities to change its appearance, expanding its comfort and joy and creating art of living there. Your home loves you.

AQUARIUS: Be the family member everyone can communicate with. Reach out to everyone with this in mind. Refrain from solving problems, offering advice, making judgments, stating opinions. True communication occurs, continues, and lasts when listening is the main component. People communicate so they can be heard. They don’t communicate in order to be advised. Knowing this changes our lives.

PISCES: Two tasks occupy your mind. Tending to money and finances; arranging and beautifying your environment. First, either set up a new account or take your money out of the bank and buy gold and silver. Tithe regularly. Create a time schedule for organizing your environment. Set up shelves; give away what’s not being used. Don’t hesitate; be lavish in these tasks. Beauty is at stake. Without beauty, order and organization you simply cannot function well.


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