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Risa's Astrology

Uranus Enters Taurus — New Values & the Art of Living

Tuesday of this week, at the Taurus new moon, Uranus, planet of change, revolution & revelations, left Aries (self-identity) and entered Taurus (values, resources and the Art of Living). Uranus

Cover Story

Throwback Thursday

Flamingo Springs Trailer Resort is a blast from the kitschy past LARA JO HIGHTOWER When the 1950s-inspired trailer resort Flamingo Springs officially opens this June, denizens of Prairie Grove

In The News

Flags Won’t Fly

Rogers High School bans flags from parking lot DAVE PEROZEK Flags no longer are allowed in the Rogers High School parking lot, at least temporarily, following a controversy at

Making Ripples

Helping The Helpless

Rehabbers give time, effort to critters in need AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples We recently received a couple of requests for wildlife rehabilitation — although we are not licensed rehabilitators and


Catching The Community Bus

‘Shelter’ takes playgoers on a journey LARA JO HIGHTOWER When Artist’s Laboratory Theatre’s artistic director Erika Wilhite is excited about something, she talks fast. Really fast. Mile-a-minute, rat-a-tat-tat machine


Peaceful Coexistence

Color finds its place beside corrosion BECCA MARTIN-BROWN In some ways, says artist Gregory Moore, his work has already survived its own apocalypse. “Apocalypse is kind of a theme

Family Friendly

Seven Sneak Peeks

Home tour supports oldest elementary in town LARA JO HIGHTOWER On May 19, Washington Elementary School’s Tour of Homes will continue the tradition — now 15 years old —

8 Days a Week

8 days a week

May 18 (Friday) White Street Walk — Part of the May Festival of the Arts, 4-10 p.m., White Street studios and galleries in Eureka Springs. Free; art will be for

Maker Space

Step Back In Time

Dogpatch lives again in new documentary BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The story has to start way back in 1934, when a cartoonist named Al Capp envisioned a place called Dogpatch. “It’s

Advice Goddess

Waif Watchers and You Had Me At Hell

The Shoo Maker I’m a single dude in my 30s, and I really want a girlfriend, but I keep striking out with women. My female co-worker says that if I