North & South Nodes (Dragon Points) Change Signs

We have a Gemini new Moon Thursday. The new moon highlights a shift and change in the heavens of two important points in astrology charts – the North & South Nodes (Dragon points). The nodes are neither planets nor signs. They are points in space signifying the Moon’s path crossing the Sun’s path. They are like a binding together of two cosmic principles, Solar and Lunar. The North node faces North Pole, the South Node, the South Pole. These points drift gradually through the months.

Every eighteen months, the nodes, always opposite each other, change signs. The North Node represents the Sun, and our present/future, what we are developing in our present lifetime. The South Node represents the past, the moon and our past lifetimes. Each node holds our gifts. The North Node holds the gifts to be developed in the present lifetime. The South Node holds the gifts, talents and abilities we developed over lifetimes.

Each lifetime, throughout the unfolding years, life experiences gather together our past talents and gifts. Each talent and gift gathered (remembered) creates a stepping stone. Eventually, the stepping stones (of past talents, gifts, abilities gathered from the South Node) lead us to the North Node. There we meet our dharma, our present future tasks (gifts) to be developed in this lifetime. The South Node provides us with all that we need to develop our new tasks. The Nodes are part of the Path of Evolution we traverse each lifetime. (more on the Nodes next week)

ARIES: The focus of intention and aspiration this week must be on communication (how) and values (what are they?). The two are linked. The more we value ourselves, and others, the more ability we have to think and communicate with kindness and Goodwill. It would be good to consider yourself a World Server. One who always comes from Goodwill which creates compassionate Right Relations. A new identity.

TAURUS: You deeply influence others. Are you aware of this? There’s a magnetic appeal and charm radiating from you that many are attracted to. You’re like a light in the dark, beauty within chaos. When there’s a problem, when the general state of affairs is disrupted, it’s to Taurus that all eyes turn for direction and understanding. New projects need initiating. However, before doing so, you need deep rest. And to follow the circadian rhythms each day.

GEMINI: Well, Gemini, your month has arrived. We hope for you many things – friends and frivolity, cakes and cupcakes, games, parties and intelligent conversation to celebrate (more than one day is best) your new year. Birthdays don’t occur until we contact our protecting angels, presenting them with a coming-year job description of our needs and ending our day with gratitude for our very life. Happy Birthday, Gem (jewel). Solitude and retreat in community is best.

CANCER: Some group or groups are really vital to you now. They provide the social milieu leading to opportunities where hopes, dreams and wishes can be shared. Over time, new people may come into your life or perhaps community projects will emerge, the work of which only you can successfully provide. Whatever the situation, determine your ideals (what are they?), state them clearly, and move toward them with a one-pointed focused mind. Do not ignore friends.

LEO: You may encounter this month various aspects that include contracts, superiors, officials, parents, work responsibilities. While interacting with important people you quietly receive recognition. All these may come into focus one way or another. If parents are alive, be very aware of their needs. If they are no longer in physical form, recite Ohm Mani Padme Hum (Tibetan chant). Do not disregard orders, authority, your credit or a mountain that beckons.

VIRGO: Reality appears to you in ways different than before. It’s as if veils are removed and your vision altered, becoming more refined. This continues (refinement of thought). Feelings of confusion become the potential for growth within a disciplined structure (money). Be aware of the quality of your communication. Virgos talk, talk, and talk some more in order for them to make sense of their thoughts. Try a bit of reticence (quietude) with purpose. While there, have gratitude for everything.

LIBRA: I know you have many secret talents, hidden behind Libra’s smile and charm. Charm is Libra’s main virtue. However, power is there, too, which many don’t realize or understand. For several years, this power shows itself as discipline, responsibility, and a deep seriousness misunderstood as gloom (which you’re not). A restructuring of your self-identity is occurring. Expanding with prosperity. Conserving strength through relaxation heals what hurts.

SCORPIO: Who are your intimates, allies and friends? Do you have competitors (or are you beyond that)? Are you considering a change of environment due to a shift in interests, a call to a new land? What are others requesting of you? Do you have the strength for this or must you gather different friends and acquaintances to help you? Through daily life demands, you find yourself developing emotional poise. You have it all. Stand proud and tall.

SAGITTARIUS: So much work to do, so little time, so many demands, everyone depending on you for things great and small that your diet and health, the necessities of life could fall by the wayside. At times you feel like a servant working yourself to exhaustion without reprieve. Everything must improve – from surroundings to people to daily work methods to nourishment to stability – a central concern. It’s all around you. Let the veils fall.

CAPRICORN: What are the main objects of your affection? What calls forth your interests, creative talents and activities? What type of friend and lover are you and what constitutes freedom for you? You are a leader. Answers to these questions are important for your identity as leader. When you understand, you can then better promote and strengthen the interests of others. This produces within them a love for you. Including the plants you tend. The devas (beings of light who build form) love you.

AQUARIUS: Everything for a while concerns home and family, children, home, foundations, property, parents and elders and all nurturing things that make up your life. The foundations referred to also indicate later achievements in work. Think in practical ways that will improve all environments you find yourself in. Pay attention to what sustains, comforts and soothes. Provide these for yourself and ask this of others, too.

PISCES: You need communication that is kind and giving, contacts that sustain a home and its comforts, environments inviting your knowledge and wisdom to come forth. Should you find yourself with people and places that do not provide these or understand you, quietly turn away. There’s no more proving yourself, no more offering and giving of self to those who cannot see, understand, hear, or receive. You’re called elsewhere.

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