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A Conversation with Alrick Brown, Director of 'The Forever Tree' at Bentonville Film Festival

The pioneering black historical fantasy short film, The Forever Tree, premiered Tuesday, May 2 at Bentonville Film Fest.

Legacy Archive

Is Trump Running A Kleptocracy?

The Trump budget—pure profit for Pentagon corporate contractors. The Trump tax “reform”—massive tax cuts for the rich. Really? We are going to stand for this?


Praise Be 'American Gods'

My expectations were high for American Gods. It’s adapted from one of my favorite novels by one of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman.

Making Ripples

Nature’s Brain Ticklers: What Do You Want to Know?

Over the years, this column has featured various topics from making a difference to information on ecology and sustainability, such as energy efficiency, wildlife, plants, water, transportation, stars, weather, gardening, green building, and much more.


Foam Fest Planned for May 13

Beer enthusiasts unite — it’s time to sample all the best of the craft brews in the region and even try that weird sour beer you were once too cautious about.

Advice Advice Goddess

Don Yawn

Ever gotten new carpeting? The first month, it’s “No shoes and no drinks whatsoever in the living room!” A few months after that: “Oh, we don’t use glasses anymore. Just splash red wine around and drink right off the rug.”

Risa's Astrology

Preparing for Wesak – the Buddha Full Moon Festival

This Wednesday Mercury becomes stationary direct. It takes Mercury three days to begin to turn around and move forward.


Promotion Offers $20 Tickets for Select Walmart AMP Concerts

A week-long promotion is offering up $20 tickets to a few upcoming Walmart AMP concerts.