Preparing for Wesak – the Buddha Full Moon Festival

This Wednesday Mercury becomes stationary direct. It takes Mercury three days to begin to turn around and move forward. As Mercury moves slowly forward, the New Group of World Servers, women and men of Goodwill everywhere in the world, along with great cosmic Beings, prepare in silence and contemplation, for next Wednesday’s (May 10) Wesak Festival.

The yearly Wesak Festival is a consecrated time in which the Buddha enters the Earth plane (for eight minutes) and distributes the Will of God the Father to humanity. In this most important eastern festival the Buddha brings with him the Wisdom, Knowledge and Insight (Taurus enlightenment) humanity seeks.

The Wesak full moon Buddha Festival occurs next Wednesday, May 10th. The festival is actually seven days long – three days before (days of preparation), the festival day (Day of Dedication and Blessing) and three days after (Days of Safeguarding).

The Wesak (Water Festival, the “waters of life for thirsty humanity”) is a time of deep concentrated effort to bring illumination and wisdom to humanity. Everyone aware of this festival is striving and in service, preparing to become transmitters for the Taurus light-filled energies released into the world during the actual Full Moon days. Meditation and visualization are a part of this process.

The Wesak festival is held in a hidden vally in the Himalayas. Special ceremonies (ritual movements, chanting, blessing and distributing of waters) occur in order to contact Shamballa (the Father’s House where the Will of God is Known). From the Light of this contact inspiration illumines the mind of humanity. At the moment of the full moon, after much preparation we inform the Buddha, “We are ready, Lord Buddha. Come!” (more on the festival next week, at & on my FB page.) (287)

ARIES: Something’s (everything about you) exalted, there’s an abundance of physical and emotional energy. Your moods swing into a rhythm following the stars. You seek to understand, then protect values, possessions and are tenacious, like a Taurus. Although fluctuating, financially you’re prosperous. You feel sentimental, kind and loving. You wonder about your new self.

TAURUS: Watching you these days we see activity, forcefulness, courage, leadership. You’re free and independent, always lead by imagination and vision. Your creativity asserts itself everywhere. Enlightenment is your purpose. Nothing obstructs this, not even close relationships. You pioneer new enterprises. You say you found your Path and need no one (or so it seems). Yes you do.

GEMINI: You move into a reflective phase, becoming more sensitive to the needs of others. At times, you will be drawn into the mysterious and mystical through prayer, and to the occult through meditation and visualizations. What are you reading these days? It is good to stay behind the scenes, study things like forgiveness, apocatastasis (a Greek word) taught by St. Gregory of Nyssa. What does it mean? The world this week is being sanctified. Where is your crystal bowl?

CANCER: Enlightenment this week and month come through family, social groups, friendships, organizations and/or communities seeking to reform and revolutionize society. You will ask what are the collective objectives as you define future hopes and wishes. If they are not practical you will make them so. New ideas become ideals, illuminating your mind. You have a muse.

LEO: You seek enlightenment and illumination of thoughts through achievement in the world. Concerned with reputation, honor, recognition and fame, you learn how to influence others and be an enlightened intelligent loving authority. Assuming more responsibilities helps you learn how to lead with both power and love. When one is without the other, leadership is hollow. Leaders learn through suffering.

VIRGO: Your high ideals seek justice for everyone. You attempt to remove the blindfold from the eyes of Lady justice. You aspire for more education, deeper consciousness and true wisdom. You want to expand your mind through travel, religion or philosophical endeavors. Few see your spirit of adventure. Find and carve out of redwood or willow, oak or cypress, a sacred staff.

LIBRA: You look to others, seeing how they live their deepest values. You contemplate aspects of death and regeneration. You see the phoenix-like qualities found in those with great courage. You seek a deeper level of intimacy with the mysteries. Some Librans enter into detective work, diagnosing mysteries. You will engage in conflict for the purpose of creating greater harmony. Many won’t understand. Carry on.

SCORPIO: Enlightenment comes through seeing partners, intimates and those close to you with new eyes. Eyes not of judgment but of unconditional patience, love and understanding. You will find harmony through cooperation, balance through diplomacy, and peace through negotiation. This sounds like the United Nations, which is also Scorpio. The Great One is always knocking on the door of the U.N. And your heart, too.

SAGITTARIUS: You will enlighten and illumine others, just like the Buddha would, by being practical, neutral and always seeking wisdom; by tending to necessities (personal and professional); by assisting and serving others which creates a holy order of things; by tending with composure to daily health and details of daily life. All with a neutral attitude. Then you walk the razor’s edge gracefully.

CAPRICORN: You’re often very dignified, and more so this month as the Buddha’s blessings shower upon all of us. Your dignity allows others to see you as noble, poised, self-possessed. You’re also creative, expressive and very entertaining (very funny sometimes), dramatic (in a good way), romantic (hidden) and playful. If anyone acts proud of themselves, praise them. They will find your response remarkable. You understand pride.

AQUARIUS: Enlightenment occurs this month through family, acknowledging the foundation of your life and how you’ve adapted, embraced and understand early learnings. As you grew you sought new sources of happiness. Where are your loyalties now? Nurture and shelter your origins. Give thanks for your early years. They refined the goodness you experience within yourself now. Build your home on these.

PISCES: Perceptions are heightened concerning the environments you find yourself in. You seek to improve and enlighten them. This provides you with tasks and purpose, two things you need in order to feel comfort and a sense of beauty. Contact siblings, close friends, walk through neighborhoods, take short trips and listen to kirtan, learn Sanskrit. Draw the Diamond Sutra. This way you reach into the Light.


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