Planetary Shifts, Movements, Retrogrades and a New Moon

Sun enters Taurus, Wednesday, sign of illumination. Around midnight, Sun joins Mercury in Taurus, offering an important message. Early Thursday Pluto stations retrograde and Mercury retrograde re-enters Aries. We’re being influenced by four major retrogrades (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto), turning us deeply inward.

Pluto retrograde means lots of investigation (personality & political), reflection upon power and control (over, with?), and the elimination of things no longer useful. Pluto, as it stations retrograde, squares Jupiter. Jupiter brings us advancement, expansion and progress, but only if obstacles (greed, excesses, incorrect thinking, ideologies & beliefs, etc.) are recognized, overcome & removed (Pluto’s task). Pluto then transforms what’s hidden into light.

Mercury retrograde re-entering Aries means we begin once again to communicate & think about ourselves, seeking as we talk, to understand who we are. Mercury is retrograde ‘til May 3rd.

Friday, Mars enters Gemini and all of a sudden everyone is passionately debating again, we can be angry, sharp-witted, talking over others, edgy and fired-up! We assume one side or the other of the debate and hang onto it. Gemini gathers and disperses information. We need to make sure our information isn’t opinion, judgment, criticism, but well-founded facts.

Mercury trines Saturn Monday. Our thinking becomes orderly and organized. We have clear and realistic communication. Our conversations are kind. We seek friendships with others. Trines are harmonious, uplifting us to the Kingdoms of Beauty.

Wednesday is the Taurus New Moon festival. “Let struggle be undismayed,” says Ray 4 (the ray of Taurus). We are urged to learn the lessons of form and matter. We learn about duality and discrimination. Meanwhile, the NGWS each day prepares for Wesak, the Buddha Full Moon festival, May 10th. Prepare with us, everyone!

ARIES: You are developing a greater awareness of self as you continue to experience personal, political, inner/outer change. New ideas and revelations appear, coloring your experiences. A sense that a fire burns within, like a heart wanting to give warmth to the world. You feel bright and brilliant. You are. You’re responsible for providing this fire and ideas to the world. Are you ready?

TAURUS: Most likely you’re not going too many places these days. It’s possible your vehicle(s) is/are experiencing breakdowns, battery failure, or flat tires so you can’t go too far. A state of contemplativeness has entered your life and all you can accomplish is gardening, slow walks, reflection and hiding from events, phones and people. You’re a leader whether this is acknowledged or not. You’re in preparation.

GEMINI: Deeper revelations of divinity are occurring, possibly in sleep, but definitely while serving the world. Here are mantrams and intentions we recite each morning in meditation (which you’re welcome to join). “Assume a new and fresh attitude of community and hold it during the hours of service which lie ahead each day. Guard with care all thoughts and speech. Call for those you will work with to help build the new culture and civilization.” There’s more. When you ask for them.

CANCER: Slowly you’re building a reputation and gaining achievements as you carefully re-enter the world. So often you’re hidden under a protective shell for safety and shelter. Often you’re working toward goals we don’t see or understand – not until they’re offered as nurturance and to serve others. You’re ambitious but no one can tell. You’re a leader. And you hide this, too.

LEO: Restlessness often overtakes Leos. You need a change of environment, of scenery, perhaps a change in friendships. You also need to communicate what you’ve learned to those with curiosity and the ability to understand more expansive heart-centered ideas. In our daily morning meditations we thank our Teachers – past, present and those to come. You are a teacher.

VIRGO: You’re focused on the horizon with goal – oriented ideas as high as the mountaintop under which the coming May full moon festival takes place. You’re proud of what you know. When using your knowledge with humility and Right Attitude, others learn from you. In turn you must want to learn, too. Your lower mind information must be turned into true knowledge. Your love into wisdom. Are you ready?

LIBRA: There’s a sense you must enter deeper in life, including dying and regenerating like a phoenix in your most intimate relationships. Yours is the Path of the Warrior, going into battle with desires and aspiration, seeking the virtuous way, increasing the demand for change, compelling others to change also. For rebirth to occur, something from the past must be relinquished. It’s a hurt you hold. It can be let go now. Can you be ready?

SCORPIO: As we grow older, our true self emerges. I remember my art teacher telling me, a young art student, “As we age we become more of our rising sign.” I didn’t understand her. But I do now. The inner essence of our rising sign shows us our Soul’s purpose and as we grow in age and experience, our Soul comes forth to direct our personality. This becomes our foundation. Is it time yet?

SAGITTARIUS: You’re proud of your family, heritage, religion, education. These constitute your private life. You are careful with your privacy. Only those you trust may enter. There are others in your life who wonder if you are trustworthy. Trust is something based on truth, ethics, understanding and knowing you will work for the good of both self and others, too. Are you ready to be identified as trustworthy?

CAPRICORN: Be very careful with communication and thoughts. Communication can be difficult and misunderstandings occur – Neptune in Pisces in your house of communication. Begin each day with intentions to think and speak with a loving heart. This cultivates a joy that brings strength, courage, revelations and great creative ability. For gardening follow the biodynamic planting guide. Plant borage, bergamot and a fig tree.

AQUARIUS: You feel restless perhaps. More than ready to make change in your home and the way you live and work. You sense a deep need for independence. This is how you must move about in your world. It’s important to be flexible, adaptable and to have mental agility allowing you to communicate clearly to everyone who comes your way. New values, a shift in resources and a deep need for nesting appears. Pray to the devas for what you need.

PISCES: As a child, it was difficult to build or even understand solid secure foundations. As an adult, a secure foundation is most necessary. However, it’s difficult often for Pisces to build it. Begin by identifying what you value, what you love and need and what is beauty to you in terms of a home. Gradually over time, you have become the solid and secure foundation you always sought. Summon daily what you need. Make ready.

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