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Fayetteville High School Students Bringing Their Lit Mag To Night Bird

Members from Connotations, a student-produced lit mag out of Fayetteville High School, will take the podium Tuesday, April 25, at Nightbird Books, for a round of readings.

Family Friendly

Pop Up Festival Aims to Unite Non-profits

If you’ve been curious about how to get engaged with making a difference in the local community, this Saturday’s Volunteer Pop Up may be your best shot at finding out.


Huge Lightning Strikes Back: Fayetteville’s Comedy Festival Returns April 20-22

The comedy forces of Northwest Arkansas and beyond are coming together for three nights of improv, stand up, storytelling, music and general hilarity this weekend.


Free Weekly Cartoonist Recognized As Pulitzer Finalist

Jen Sorensen, The Free Weekly’s contributing cartoonist, received the honor of being second place Pulitzer finalist this year for her witty, biting and powerful editorial cartoons.

Advice Advice Goddess

Caveheart: What to Do When You’re Dating an Introvert

Taking an introvert to a party can be a challenge. On the other hand, if it’s a Fourth of July party, you know where to find him: hiding in the bathtub with the dogs.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Planetary Shifts, Movements, Retrogrades and a New Moon

Sun enters Taurus, Wednesday, sign of illumination. Around midnight, Sun joins Mercury in Taurus, offering an important message.

Making Ripples

Discover Green Cemeteries For Earth Day

Earth Day is a popular time to “green” our lives, but there is also the option of a green death.


Anxiously Awaiting Nothing

You know that feeling you get when you reach the top of a roller coaster?