“I Have Seen the Promised Land”

On Thursday, Mercury slowly moving forward, re-enters Capricorn. All communication becomes practical, matter of fact and may sound harsh. But it’s not. Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day –We know his Capricorn (the mountaintop experience) speech,

“I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!”

We have a full moon festival this week. Planetary activity accelerates with the first full moon of the year, the solar fest in Capricorn (22.27 degrees). Capricorn is the Gate of Return offering rest after a long journey (from Aries to Capricorn). Reaching the the top of the mountain we become unicorns, magical mystical and spiritual.

The meditative seed thought for Capricorn (symbol is signature of God) is “Lost am I in light supernal, yet on light I turn my back.” In Capricorn we hear the sufferings of humanity and choose to leave the mountaintop. Returning to Earth, we “serve” in Aquarius and “save” in Pisces.

During 2017, the planetary influences help us become more earnest and attentive to responsibilities while creating realistic goals. We will learn how to “preserve wealth”, realizing true wealth comes from family, is spiritual, and must be kept local for humanity’s survival. When we understand true wealth we understand how to create the new sharing society (now only a vision). We will more and more adapt to changes occurring everywhere. Adaptation is our spiritual task. We will learn to have Kindness & Mercy, Patience & Compassion….to create the Promised Land.

ARIES: You may feel your thoughts are afire with ideas and goals. “All things new” is your mantram as multiple desires, aspirations and information are impressed upon your mind. You seek outlets for enthusiasm and joy as you recognize more and more your talents and gifts. You will be recognized for your abilities. In time. Go to the mountains.

TAURUS: You, more than any other sign, understand the shifting currents of the economic system. You feel the need to prepare, know something’s coming, need to put food by, buy gold and silver, and tend to safeguarding resources. You ask others to join you. Many don’t understand, thinking the economy will turn around. You know better and so you, alone protect the future. Future children thank you.

GEMINI: How you see yourself reflects on how others see you. Who do you feel you belong to and with? Who are your “people?” What do you share with others and how close are your ties? I ask these questions so you can identify your community, who you learn from, who learns from you and where and with whom you can share your life. Often you inform others. Now you are to be informed.

CANCER: Even though you want to run away somewhere seemingly better than where you are, you turn to those in your environment and find comfort, a way of life reflecting your deepest sensibilities (even though it’s been a struggle), and you introduce change that everyone needs. Follow your heart, your impressions, your intuition. Make a record (journal) of these. Tend the garden.

LEO: Spend time with the one you love (a love affair perhaps), with children, with gamblers, coworkers, animals, plants or with a highly creative project that brings forth a deeper self-identity. Through these a sense of self-achievement and pride emerge. You realize again you are a creative force, life begins anew each morning and you can be forgiven and forgiving.

VIRGO: Go to your family, whoever that is, and rest there. Be for others as you would like others to be with you. Be the mother. Provide security, nurturance and emotional safety. These are then provided for you. When you tend to others, when listening, recognizing and responding to their needs, you feel how and where you belong in the universe. Prepare foods for everyone. Fulfillment follows.

LIBRA: You have so many tasks and errands, from library to bookstore, from neighbors to co-workers, from artistic endeavors to finding newer and more inviting arrangements for your parties and collections. You may experience various vehicles for travel, contact relatives and siblings, always moving towards what makes you feel safe, stabilized, and listened to. Remember to practice ahimsa at all times. Now and forever.

SCORPIO: The full moon and the Sun/Pluto are affecting your communication with others. Something, fulfilling and expanded, clearly identified, and very valuable has or is presently being revealed. A new message of practical importance changes your values. This is the first step toward your future which you often feel is shrouded in mystery (clouds of unknowing). It takes a starry field to reveal things.

SAGITTARIUS: What was written for Scorpio applies to you, with the addition of (you’ve heard this before) a complete transformation down the road. This is good. You’re impatient. Next year you won’t recognize yourself as you are now. A new identity is being forged and there are no words to describe it. Only astrological symbols. Mercury, June, Saturn (new structures) in Sagittarius. Contemplation reveals.

CAPRICORN: Are you exhausted from endeavors you’re pursuing, perhaps work or ideas or people or expectations of others? The stars reveal it’s time for you to have solitude, retreat, quiet, where you can understand perspectives and contemplate changes. Within all your discipline and structure, do you have a consistent spiritual or religious practice? Do you pray and ask for help? These sustain you. Your Capricorn angels, loving Silent Watchers, are always nearby.

AQUARIUS: You inspire others; you write excellently, your ideas are original and important. How do you envision your future? Do you think about it? It’s possible that it will be exciting and expansive, more than you can imagine. Think community, gardens, village, green buildings, arks and Buckminster Fuller geodesic domes. The only question is where? Rest when you can. Keep hopes high. Safeguard your money.

PISCES: Revelations have been occurring. A new identity has come about and perhaps for the first time you identify yourself as alive, capable and creative. Absorb this new information quietly and slowly lest you lose its reality. New aspirations are unfolding as you realize your exceptional gifts and abilities. Call forth, in silence and waiting, your next expanded level of expression and its appropriate time, place, resources and setting.

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