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Tomorrow Is Today

The icon’s day has come and gone, and — oh, the irony — eight people were fatally shot in Chicago on his weekend. Another eight were shot during a Martin Luther King rally and celebration in Miami.


Photos from the Fayetteville Presidential Inauguration Protest

The afternoon of the inauguration of 45th President Donald Trump, a group of as many as 400 people gathered at the College Ave. and Dickson St. intersection in Fayetteville to air their grievances Friday, Jan. 20.

Legacy Archive

January 20, 2017, A Day That Will Live in Ignominy

Donald J. Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th President of the US. If you are a xenophobic isolationist nationalist, this is such great news.


Hagar, the ultimate single mother, comes to Nightbird with poet Mohja Kahf

It will be a homecoming of sorts Tuesday evening when poet and activist Mohja Kahf takes the podium at Nightbird Books to read from her latest work, Hagar Poems.


Letter to the Editor: Some Problems With the Free Press

Thomas Jefferson said “The only security of all is in a free press.” Since then we’ve added radio, television, and Internet. But can the media speak truth to power when six mega-corporations own 90 percent of American media?


Expectedly Unexpected

Here we are, barely a week into the Trump administration, and there is already enough going on to merit an entire section of the paper, let alone a single column.

Cover Story

Frost Fest Beer Festival to Host 40 Breweries

In Fayetteville, even the winters have great festivals.

Making Ripples

What Creates Wind?

Northwest Arkansas received quite a lot of wind recently, and spring will bring more in the coming months.

Advice Advice Goddess

Get Off My Yawn!

So, you just want the security of marriage with all the excitement of dating somebody new — which is kind of like wanting a latex hood and ball gag that are also a comfy old pair of slippers.

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Healthcare Is A Basic Human Right Not A Political Football

On May 4, 2013, I delivered the eulogy for my 33-year-old brother. I’m not sure that our political representatives understand what this feels like when they make decisions to take healthcare away from people.