What We Bring to the Thanksgiving Table

Thursday is Thanksgiving – feast of gratitude and of giving. Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon. Libra is Right Relations with others. Libra brings Goodwill to the table on this day. Libra has three rulers – Venus (uniting opposites); Uranus (new ideas); and Saturn (the Teacher asks us to have manners) Working with astrology, we can bring the energies of the planets and signs to the Thanksgiving table. And thus bring heaven down to earth. Love of Venus, new ideas of Uranus and manners and tradition of Saturn. Sag loves and appreciates food. Often they are both chefs and musicians.

Turkey, corn (or maize), pumpkins and cranberry sauce represent the first Thanksgiving foods. In 1988, a Thanksgiving ceremony took place at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (NYC). More than four thousand people gathered on Thanksgiving night. Invited were Native American tribes from all over the country and descendants of ancestors who had migrated to the New World. The ceremony was a public acknowledgment of the “first people’s role in the first Thanksgiving 350 years ago.

On Gratitude – from the Tibetan Djwal Khul (paraphrased). “Gratitude is a scientific and occult releasing agent. It is a service. Gratitude releases us from the past and direct us toward a future path- to the new culture and civilization and to the rising light of Aquarius, the Age of humanity, friendship and equality. The Hierarchy lays great emphasis upon gratitude.”

Advent begins Sunday. Advent means “something’s coming.” Tuesday is the new moon festival, 8 degrees Sagittarius. Sag’s keynote – “Let food be sought.”

ARIES: There’s so much in your life to be thankful for. This week it’s that your mind can go here, there and everywhere, filled with goals, plans, ideas, aspirations. You hear a call to travel, to wander and to be in places far away. Music and culture is needed in your day by day. But then you feel responsibilities. Fret not. Something will come and take you away. It’s intelligent, loving and shifts you into the future.

TAURUS: You continue to work day and night preparing for the future. Some Taurus’s are focused upon the well-being of their community, not wanting to have a future lacking basic needs and comfort. You are sensitive to all the needs of others (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Money may be needed soon for a spiritual endeavor. Know the cosmic law that when we serve others the resources to continue that serving appears unexpectedly. Carry on gratefully.

GEMINI: Are you planning to flee somewhere? Are you and a partner or colleague, friend or close associate thinking of moving or is there discussion concerning travel, goals, spiritual or philosophical needs? Is there love or disagreement? Know that flurries of conflict are purposeful. Tensions create new understandings. Heated discussions and conflict help the mind seek harmony. Keep discussing. Connection is the groundwork for gratitude.

CANCER: Cancer’s moods change following the tides and phases of the moon. Soon you’ll be seeing what’s undone and swing into action tending to this and that. However much you want to complete things, you may become overworked and overtired. Should pain or inflammation flare-up, remember Turmeric (in caps) and cayenne (sprinkled over food) are natural anti-inflammatory. Begin new habits now. Be grateful that you can.

LEO: The personal planets (Sun, Mars, Mercury) are in your sphere of creativity, of big plans that bring forth beauty. So now you must learn how to make a home through rebuilding, reconstructing, and redesigning. Notice how you are speaking these days. Your words are to have love and kindness and the fragrance of kindness. These stabilize you and everyone around you. Give thanks ceaselessly. You need a party with friends from far away.

VIRGO: A depth of creativity emerging, from inward outward, is about to begin. While family and friends gather your mind works overtime with goals and philosophical ideas. These you attempt to communicate but notice that some understand you and others don’t. That’s OK. Focus only on gratitude and seek to bring love and harmony (through intentions for Goodwill) to all interactions. Wounds then heal. People listen.

LIBRA: Whenever you communicate in coming weeks, many will be listening in order to learn philosophical and spiritual truths. You are the steward of this opportunity and now. Your words will be able to deconstruct the past, offer new information about the present/future, help people feel sustained, and offer pathways of harmony for those deeply seeking direction. You’ll do your best. Venus stands with you.

SCORPIO: The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are partners these days so profound messages stream through your mind uplifting you to another dimension. Messages continue to be given. Do you hear them? To tend to financial issues, we must ask permaculture questions concerning money: who is your banker, where do you bank, and what is your money used for? The answers demonstrate our values. Make a list of all resources. Attach words of gratitude to each.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday, Sag. It’s a very good time for you. Actually, because of Jupiter it’s always a very good time for all Sags. However, if you’re on the Path it may feel rocky at times. But behind all the shifts, filled with challenge and obligations, toward the mountain of Initiation there is always joy. Joy comes from the Soul. Happiness from the personality. Understand the differences, recognizing when they occur. One sings, the other…well, is learning.

CAPRICORN: The weeks have been rather frantic, filled with preparations, plans, people, and perplexity at times. The coming weeks are slower, calmer, filled with more repose which you need. Choose comfort, solitude, a prayerful state with self-care. Pluto, bringing complete transformation has been affecting your life. Bringing thoughts and experiences of dearth. You are in a state of life as profound. Power has arrived too, in all forms, but especially from within. You did your job well this week.

AQUARIUS: The planetary energies are focused in your sphere of friends, future, hopes, wishes, and everything you’ve ever wanted to be and do. So, who are your friends, how do you see your future, what you do hope and wish for, what are your visions and dreams, and what do you need? I wrote need, not want. Needs are possible. Wants are secondary. And most importantly, what are you thankful and grateful for? Then the key turns.

PISCES: You’ll either be called to religious life or assume more professional responsibilities in the world. This leads to greater discipline and recognition. Swim out from under the water lilies, allow yourself to be seen and heard to those seeking direction. Confidence grows with each step, statement and word. Use your focused will(ingness), your love and intelligence. To assist others. You have prepared for this for lifetimes. We are grateful.

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