Signs of Summer & Chiron Retrogrades

Beginning at summer solstice, and for 72 hours after, the Sun remains still in its northern position at the Tropic of Cancer. After three days the pole of the Earth slowly begins to tilt in the opposite direction, sunlight begins to decrease, the days grow shorter, the nights longer. An imperceptible change (of light) overtakes the architecture and atmosphere of our Earth at the solstices.

Summer’s here. The life force, rushing into spring and creating tall leggy green growth in the plant kingdom, settles down in summer into an unhurried, lazy, dreamy subdued heat. The human kingdom, expressing heavenly energies, seeks, instead of long overheated laborious work, more mellow activities – leisure, rest, relaxation, vacations. Summer, we hope, will be easy, sunny and fun. If we watch carefully, we notice the plants begin to grow differently as they prepare for harvest. Newborns in the animal kingdom become teenagers.

The signs of summer are Cancer (Gate where Spirit enters matter), Leo (the Heart of Love is all that Matters) and Virgo (pregnant Madonna preparing for birth at Winter Solstice). In the Catholic Church’s liturgy, after Pentecost & Holy Trinity, we begin preparing for Advent (1st Sunday in December, preparing winter solstice). Under heaven’s influences Earth’s kingdoms are always in flux. The light of the stars, planets, suns and moon chart daily rhythms. The wise ones knew this. We are to be the “wise ones” now.

Thursday, the UK chooses to stay in the European Union (or not). Monday, Chiron (the wound that is also the healing, restoring us to wholeness) retrogrades at 25 degrees Pisces. Chiron was in this sign and degree during the 1960s. President Obama has Chiron in Pisces.

ARIES – Something new concerning family, property, real estate, home materializes in the coming year. You may buy or sell, create family property, move, form community, create a collective. It is good to look forward to various and different ways of living. Something about family develops, increases, expands. You find yourself at times staying closer to home after traveling here and there. Family becomes everything (again).

TAURUS: In the coming year, you must begin to travel, enter school, study, publish or begin a long adventure. Everything faraway is interesting, even destinations others would never contemplate. At times you’ll consider lands different, far away and foreign. Bear in mind this needs deep reflection. The exotic is not always comfortable. However, a new journey of the mind is what you need. Call forth daily, for liberation’s sake, new archetypes of thoughts and thinking

GEMINI: Do you feel in conflict? There are so many avenues calling your attention. First is the idea of remaining behind the scenes in a state of retreat. Then there’s the demand facing you concerning work. Then there are all the people seeking your advice, inviting you here and there to be part of their vision. I need to ask, what is your vision of success? Because success calls to you in many guises.

CANCER: It’s time to reflect upon the past year in preparation for your new birthday year. Review all actions, choices made, things produced, brought to flower, people spoken with, promises made, dreams that did (or did not) come true. Consider what was happy then and what would be joyful in the coming year. Notice the different words – happy and joyful. A new year brings new endeavors. What would you like to happen?

LE0: New people, new confidence, new groups eventually beckon to you, extending invitations. Friendships blossom and you find yourself mingling and networking, interacting and sharing. Are you avoiding anyone? Step into their world, learn who they are, what they like and need. Hopes, wishes and dreams fill your mind and heart. Create a Hope, Wishes and Dreams journal. Don’t lose it!

VIRGO: The area of life called relationships becomes full of opportunities, personal and worldly. Something deep and profound occurs with someone close. It’s important to consider creating or expanding your professional work. Ask loved ones for help. They can be of great benefit if you are kind and grateful. Be focused, determined and analytical with finances.

LIBRA: The most realistic time is our lives is each moment. Most moments quietly slip by as we seek what we don’t have, wonder when vicissitudes will end or when the rainbow will appear. However, should we be aware of each moment, they begin to feel like blessings. This conscious perception of time allows us to be more authentic, spontaneous and free. For the next year, careful with diet, eating only what vitalizes and touched by the Sun.

SCORPIO: The surprise is a new creative talent comes forth from within, a creativity greater than previously experienced. It will make you explore all areas of the arts. This builds a new sense of identity. Careful of illusion if entering a new love affair. You might find yourself with many tasks to perform this summer. Protect your hands and arms with gloves. Check the car, too.

SAGITTARIUS: New ideas, thoughts and thinking accelerate, life moves into the fast lane, new people enter your life, and you seek the world of art, music and culture. People notice you’ve become more optimistic. That dark night of the soul approach is exhausting. Certain situations at home seek detailed attention, tending and organizing. Give away everything not used in the past months. Someone else needs them.

CAPRICORN: Perhaps in the past you felt the need for more self-confidence. In the coming year, self-confidence, self-reliance, and the ability to know more of yourself and your abilities will emerge, expand, and fill you with self-assurance, poise, dignity and grace. Wherever you find yourself, that’s where you’re to be. Whatever you’re called to do, act with the highest intentions. Then the world around you becomes a blessing.

AQUARIUS: New archetypes (patterns) concerning money and values appear for the rest of the year. Afterward, looking back on how you made, used and worked with money and what your values were, you see the changes made. It’s most important to create strategic plans for budgeting, accounts, savings, tracking all finances in detail. Should you consider investing, land is a lasting and true resource.

PISCES: For a long time you’ve adhered to one particular path, following those you love without discrimination. Love came first, always. A good ethic and value. Now, however, something’s changing. Too much is uncomfortable. You seek to realize what makes you happy and joyful. You’ll need courage to face the truth, courage to set yourself on the path (a journey) toward happiness. A mantram for you. “May reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.”

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