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6 Must-See Shows This Summer

Fayetteville no doubt slows down to a leisurely pace in the summertime, but July and August are jam-packed with some stellar concerts coming up.


Fireworks Displays Planned In NWA For 2016

Northwest Arkansas is ready to get lit up in great balls of technicolor fire and celebrate 240 years of sweet, sweet American independence and liberty.


The Brexit and Trump

There’s an inherent irony in Britain’s xenophobia, the leading conservative parties sounding strikingly similar to a certain Cheeto-colored Republican

Advice Advice Goddess

Fasten Your Deceit Belt

Welcome to Moral High Ground, population: you. Wow, so that’s your real weight on your driver’s license?

Legacy Archive

Is Brexit the End of the World?

To judge from a New York Times front-page article that appeared two days after the British vote to withdraw from the EU, the entire post-World War II global financial and political structure that the United States led into existence is now imperiled.